Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

    1. Something like this?

      Honestly, pretty much all she ever wears are her heel feet. Scratch that, sometimes she wears her heel legs ;)
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    2. That's incredible!! How pretty she looks!
    3. @Girrl she looks amazing in that outfit!
      Is that dress something you made or did you purchase it?

      Either way, the tailoring on that outfit is very impressive and shows the sculpt off very nicely :D
    4. Va va vah VOOM! Wow, gorgeous doll, @Girrl but that dress is amazing!
    5. Thank you all!
      I did make her dress :blush I based the design off the 1936 pattern I used for my wedding dress (best picture of the dress, me, not so much...)
      I keep trying to decide if I should have another go at the pattern, I feel like there's a few things I could have done differently/better
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    6. Oh you girl is beautiful! I really wanted to buy the same body and make a hybrid with another head :D
    7. The shape of that body with the little tummy, is just so perfect for that dress! Just gorgeous @Girrl
    8. Thank you! You should totally get one of these bodies, they pose like a dream!
      Thank you!
    9. A new discussion thread: Part 4 !