Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 4

Jun 30, 2019

    1. The beautiful dolls everyone always posts in here makes me feel guilty I still haven't given my boy his faceup. I suppose that is the downside of really liking the sculpt. Usually I dislike the way dolls look without the depth of having a faceup, but I enjoy his sculpt so much I don't mind him bare. It is really adding to my laziness. I did order some eyes and a new wig, so maybe when they arrive they will kick me into gear.

      ------ Added notes ------

      This is Loongsoul Doll 1/3 doll discussion thread.

      Loongsoul website: loongsouldoll 龙魂bjd
      Introduction of Loongsoul Doll

      * LoongSoul Doll Announcement (Warning about Copied dolls)

      * DoA Wiki: Loongsoul
      * DoA database: Souls of a Dragon

      * Resin and size comparison thread: Link

      Skin colors comparison:


      Previous discussion threads:
      * Part 1
      * Part 2
      * Part 3
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    2. New thread spam!
      Old picture, but still cute.

      I love that new girl that was released recently, but I'm on a dolly diet for at least several months...
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    3. All aboard the new thread!
    4. Like @IzabethS old photo for the new thread, this time it's Cesare
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    5. Hey guys! I am waiting on my Anhais Studio Jupiter head to come back from the faceup artist to see if I may order him a LS 73 cm body. In the mean-time, I have three beast boys I adore!

      I got zinged on the last thread for too many pics, so this may be a re-post for the new thread:

      [​IMG]Loongsoul beast boys by Alicia Helton, on Flickr
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    6. Oh gorgeous doll, @IzabethS !
      Cesare is adorable, @Girrl
      LOL, @Alicat we all get zinged once in a while, man he is scrumptious!

      Has anyone gotten the B-G63-01 body? I'm curious to know if the hip joint helps in posing at all, or if it's totally unusable like so many other hip joints out there? I love the expressions of this body :D I see it comes with more than just a hip joint, but also thigh joints. Are these only for twisting? Or do they also pull out to lift the leg up in a seated position? Thanks for info :D
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    7. if they work anything like the thigh joints on the 69cm girls and 73.5cm guys they also pull out for more adventuresome posing. That's how I get all my big dudes to squat (which they all can, like freaken champs!) and how I managed this picture of Julius skateboarding
      That's all him, no photo witchery or hidden supports, oh, and the skateboard is fully functional and kept rolling on me while I was trying to pose/photograph him
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    8. Amazing! Thanks @Girrl ! Hope I can get one of these boys soon as well! I love my 58cm bloom girl body (the many jointed one) she's amazing! She's also supposed to be a skater, where did you get that board? It doesn't look like a handboard???
    9. that's because it's not a handboard, it's actually a skateboard 3D printed for BJD. I got it from Craft4dollsShop on Etsy (and it looks like she's got a few more in stock)
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    10. I love this! I can't wait to try out some posing with FeiHuaDeng and WeiYueJin (and Upsilon), hnnng.
    11. My girl finally arrived!!


      I'll post a box opening soon.
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    12. She looks great! Did Loongsoul have a backstory for her or say what her name meant? I just got one second hand (she looks like new) I thought I would use the body for another head but..I like the XinLan head!
      Her promos just have a sort of.. Playboy Bunny theme? I thought maybe a moon rabbit might be what was going on-- but there is really no ad copy.
    13. Thanks!! I didn't see a backstory for her on the website, which is totally fine by me. Xinlan is absolutely the prettiest doll Loongsoul has, but I'm very biased.

      I feel like all of Loongsoul's 69 cm girls are giving off either playboy bunny or victoria secret model vibe in the company photos.
    14. My favorite ones are the traditional fairies, but I think most of those dolls are shorter except for XiGui.
      But Xin Lan really does have the sweetest face! I love the casual cool style yours has.
      Mine is wearing a scarf because it was supposed to have a FL head on there XD The resin is really nice and it's such a good clean cast. I think you got the "higher intelligence" eyebrows --Pinkie looks a little surprised, along with pleasant.

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    15. I love the fantasy fairy style! The props absolutely make it. Love all the flowers. Like a garden sprite!
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    16. Thank you! I think most of my dolls are secretly garden gnomes ;)
    17. or not so secretly ;)

      Drive by spam of Cesare (Hao Tian) in the deathflake cardigan I just finished knitting
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    18. WOW :o :o
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    19. Thank you!

      Also, more drive by spam, this time of Mari (LianPian) getting her lounge on in my mom's pool
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    20. Love her bathing suit! She looks like she's having the perfect summer afternoon.