Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 4

Jun 30, 2019

    1. I had forgotten now awesome Mari is! And how long her legs are :o

    2. Always seeing your boys, I didn't realize you even had girls, LOL. Oh man she is so pretty!

      so are everyone else's photos.

      I may have a head that I like for the LS bloom body I got, but chances are the head won't fit. We'll see if I can get it to work, but I'm excited as this sculpt reminded me instantly of my YT character from snowcrash!
    3. Thank you! she had the right idea, it was crazy hot
      so loong! but then, long legs are kind of my jam ;) it would have been nice if LS had offered the smaller busts when I ordered her, so she could fit in more shirts, but she is pretty awesome as is;)
      Girls in general, or LS girls specifically? I've kind of got a lot of girls, a lot a lot of girls, but most of the sweaters get knit for the fellas and they tend to hog camera time too :roll: (that's what they get for having easier to knit for bodies and posing so well!)
      I'm excited to see your LS hybrid. put her together and show her off!!

      eta- totally forgot to include yet another Mari picture :doh
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    4. LS girls I meant :XD:. Although I am not crazy about huge breasts because they give me nightmares of what they were like before I got rid of mine :doh that there is a gorgeous body ;) I especially love her hips and waist, they are nicely proportioned.

      Also, @Girrl , don't let me get on your nerves. My memory is getting bizarre and I am prone to forgetting and repeating myself. :doh I might forget who what when where why, but not because people and there collections aren't memorable but because I got a lemon when they handed out brains prior to being born. God apparently gives no guarantees, LOL
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    5. @IngieBee not on my nerves at all! Now that I'm not doing photostories regularly (ie, at all anymore, really, need to work on that) lots of the dolls aren't getting much camera time. Besides, I'm absolute rubbish at keeping track of other people's collections, so I'm really just flattered when anyone remembers any of mine
    6. LOL, I say that in general, so people know, yes, there is something wrong with me, LOL. I guess I'm a bit self conscious about it, but at the same time, I laugh. Anyways, if I had money, I'd be ordering a Min Yan, I just adore him, but times have gotten tough again :P Lack of money sucks! LOL
    7. (Gives high five for fellow absent minded person <3)
      You are never a problem! Repeating is good since some of us can't remember either ;)
      And yes, we need a money tree! It would save so much trouble!
    8. A money tree would be nice right now, especially one that gives a lot of shade (it's too hot here and the more shade, obviously, the more cash). Anyone have a $100 seedling? They're easier to harvest I hear? :whee::lol:

      In the meantime, my fantasy shopping cart at acbjd keeps growing and the total has no meaning for me anymore, LOL
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    9. How much prior notice does Loongsoul usually give before releasing a new doll? I'm very interested in the new doll they've recently released pictures of but I'm worried I won't have the time to save up since it doesn't mention the order period. > <
    10. All doll companies get a readout of your bank account. When it is close to zero, they will release the doll you always wanted. There is no prior notice. ;)
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    11. It certainly seems to work that way!
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    12. Not sure if this make sense, but how yellow is Loongsoul yellow? Like compared to Ringdoll normal and Volks Pureskin. Not trying to resin match but seeing if which yellow spectrum Loongsoul yellow fall under. Light yellow, or really yellow/normal skin look like volks or darker?

      I want to order Eleven Jr before his preorder period is up in a couple days but not sure if I should try the yellow or stick to the white like my other Loongsoul dolls. I generally like the light normal skin (similar to Ringdoll) but not wanting him to be yellower/darker than my Volks Pureskin.
    13. I have the normal yellow, and it is very light IMO.
    14. I agree with @IngieBee , it's a light normal skin slightly on the yellow side. It's lovely and I'm not a fan of yellow skin! Their body blushing is awesome! I didn't get it on my first doll and I wish I had!
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    15. Sorry for the double post, but this is my oldest LS yellow dude, who had been in stock for a bit at MoC when I got him in March 2012

      He's got some faint "tan lines" from dozens of long car drives in the hot summer sun to visit my relatives, but LS resin is remarkable stable and he hasn't darkened that much at all, especially considering how not careful at all I've been about yellowing with him
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    16. Thank you everyone! It does look fairly light so I'll order him in normal skin.
    17. Sorry, it's me again lol

      Anyone know if the 69cm female head will work on the 63/62cm female body? I love the 69cm body but they are so big. I prefer the 60-63cm size.
    18. I can try to do a headswap later tonight or tomorrow for you. I have a TanYue (69cm body) and a Chloe (58cm body), so I can put TanYue's head on Chloe's body. They both have fantasy feet, but the upper body proportions should be normal at least.