Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 4

Jun 30, 2019

    1. That would be great. Please and thank you!
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    3. I figured I already have the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyway. But, does Loongsoul sell heads separately? I'm interested in Goumang, but find the 68cm body to muscular for what I have in mind and the 62cm to short.
    4. Write to Alice of Alices Collections and ask! I know sometimes they sell rolling heads but I am not sure what the circumstances are.
      LOL I wrote "Go Ask Alice" at first which is something completely different.
      Contact Us : BJD - Alice's Collections - BJD Dolls, BJD Accessories
    5. Thanks, I'll do that!

      lol Is that like one of those "Dear Jane" types of advice columns?

      On another note Yun Zhong Jun is absolutely gorgeous.
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    6. Oh, yeah from the White Rabbit song.
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    7. Why are Loong Soul dolls so gorgeous?? Every time they release a new one, I go, "Oh I NEED that one," even though I 1.) Do Not actually need them and 2.) don't have the funds to buy them anyways. I can't stop looking at them though!! I missed Zhu Zao's fullset unfortunately, but every time I go back to Alice's website and look at the Loong Soul dolls, it almost feels like Goumang and Yun Zhong Jun are taunting me....I think I might regret it if I don't go for Yun Zhong's full set, but I'm also not sure I can justify buying another doll right now....hormphs I will just. Look at them. For now.
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    8. Good luck with that @kibokyana :mwahaha:sneaky the only thing that stops me is lack of funds, I'm that horrible! Lord have mercy on my gluttony!
    9. Haha thank you!! :lol: And honestly, you're so valid and No Money is a huge mood. Maybe it's for the better though, because at least we won't end up broke LOL :shudder
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    10. @kibokyana I know what you mean completely! I have one additional limitation: space! But Loongsoul keeps tempting me!
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    11. @kibokyana Goumang and Yun Zhong Jun are the two dolls tempting me right now as well. I'm not as interested in their fullsets, but man are they pretty.

      Anyway, I asked AC about LS selling only heads, and they said they don't.
    12. I like the full sets but I was looking at faces and Wolf has a very interesting face.
    13. Ditto on Loongsoul dolls being gorgeous. I mean, dolls in hanfu is my preferred look, but there's something about Loongsoul's sculpts that make them look perfect for Hanfu. They've been the biggest drain on my wallet so far, considering that I ordered Su Huan Zhen (because I'm a casual Pili fan), Goumang, and Zhuzhao from them as fullsets, and I'm sorely tempted to get Yun Zhong Jun as well, except I'm about to become unemployed, so I'd better conserve my funds instead...
    14. Wow, I just saw Yun Zhong Jun. He's so handsome. :love Definitely added to my wish list in an instant.
    15. Woah, just saw the news announcement by BJDivas. Apparently Loongsoul decided to abruptly discontinue a bunch of sculpts including some bodies! ;o;
    16. Yes. And I think there's no notice period. It's literally effective the day they announced on September 27? I'm sad because I would've wanted an Ivan or Morgan somewhere along the line...
    17. Wow! The discontinuation notice time was literally non existent! I wonder why they purged them so suddenly and quickly. I suppose it's always nice to clear out old inventory and start fresh, but that was seriously kind of out of nowhere. Although looking at the discontinued sculpts, it's quite clear that the sculptor's style has changed drastically over the years and maybe they were just ready to move on. Although, a bit more notice certainly would've been nice :huh?: Sorry @fionvarre that you weren't able to get the doll(s) you wanted! Maybe one of these days, Loongsoul or another sculptor will make a doll that will catch your eye the same way :)
    18. Haha, it's OK. Loongsoul has taken a fair share of my wallet since I started this hobby TBH. Currently looking at both Chehou Helian Rongying and YunZhongJun and trying to decide which one of them attracts me more. Helian is really limited and they won't be selling the basic doll after order period, so currently leaning more towards him, But I do so love YunZhungJun's half-lidded eyes look... Choices, choices.
    19. Oh you have GOOD taste my friend. Yun Zhung really attracted me too, he’s just absolutely gorgeous. But I think Helian’s expression has more versatility. Both are still super solid picks though!

      On another note....that 15% off sale Loongsoul is having is really, really tempting me.... This could be bad news bears (for my wallet) :o

      (Made a small edit: removed a misplaced emoji haha)
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