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Luts Delf and Senior Delf - Differences?

Apr 26, 2008

    1. What is the difference between Cerberus Project (Luts) Delf and Senior Delf?
    2. I belive this is best illustrated with a picture, these are from the comparison pics Luts poted in their Q&A board (I've uploaded them to my Photobucket):



      Delf and Senior Delf are made from different resin types as well, so their coloring does not match.
    3. Hi!

      I feel kinda stupid when I ask this.. but
      What's the difference between delf boy body and Senior delf body ?

      for example, I recently bought a delf el, can I place his head on a Senior delf body ?

      Thanks for answer ^^
    4. You could, but the color of the head and body would be different, because the Delf line and the Senoir Delf line are cast in different types of resin.
    5. You can see some comparison pictures here: eluts comparison of Delf and Senior Delf.

      If you want to make your El taller, you'd be better to get him a Fairyland Feeple body, as the resin will match better.
    6. Oh, Thanks for the answer !! Didnt saw it untill now :'--)
    7. Whats the difference?
      The height is the same on Luts's website, am I missing something here?
    8. Ah, thank you!
    9. This really helped me a lot. I was debating on whether to get a Delf of a Senior Delf, but I'm still a little nervous about the clothes sizing for other stores. I'll figure something out one way or another though...THANKS A BUNCH!!!
    10. I think the sizes are SD and SD-13 in contrast towards other doll brands. It took me forever to figure this out. I feel so dumb for not realizing this sooner...
    11. Can a senior delf head be put on a regular delf body?
    12. @AlexMeow Absolutely. At least the new delf bodies they can. The heads are a little bit bigger but not awful~