Luts Honey Delf Discussion part 3

Dec 18, 2013

    1. old pic but tiera demanded to make it onto the first page and i didn't have time to take a new one. (besides i love this one of her)
      a parade by onebluestocking, on Flickr
    2. Wow, we haven't had a new thread in a long time!

      auntbear Tiera is adorable. I love that silly hat with her serious little face :)

      I have been really remiss about taking pictures of my two little girls, but I have this one of them together (that I took in MAY! Can't believe I haven't had them out in that long! More signs that I have too many dolls...) But here are Tigwin and Amelia for their first page spam too!

    3. Sorry for just popping in, but I wondered if anyone would know where to get very cute and pink clothes for my girl? Thanks in advance! [​IMG]
    4. you could try searching for yosd sized clothes on etsy. there should be lots there
    5. Merry Christmas from my Girls (sorry only two are from Luts but they wanted a group picture!
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    6. Cute, angeldoll! love group pics like that :)
    7. Oh new thread~~~ :XD:
      Hizaki welcomes our new thread~~


      Call her, maybe ? ;) Hahaha~
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    8. lovely holiday pictures! we didnt get a chance to take one, but merry christmas anyway!
    9. They finally put up more photos of the new body!

      I'm pretty sure the model is Pretzel, but could anyone confirm that? It's perfect because Pretzel is who I'm saving for!
    10. Ah, the body is fantastic! It makes me seriously consider getting another HDF. But perhaps this time with no default faceup...Luts's faceups tend to look quite different on white skin.

      The model looks like Pretzel to me, as well. S/he has a very unique mouth.
    11. Yeah, I just received a littlefee and the YOSD size is definitely for me! I love Pretzel's smile, & even though his/her faceup is quite dark I like it too. I like the NS dolls anyway, though I think I'd consider getting Pretzel in the brown...
    12. Oh I adore littlefee's, definitely makes you love the size xD

      I haven't liked Luts's normal skin lately, it's so unfortunately yellow :/ Nut their brown skin is incredibly beautiful! I think Pretzel would be amazing in brown :)
    13. The only Luts doll I have is from 2009, but I kept her in a box for a long time so she's still a pretty normal colour. I can see that the resin has far more of a 'yellow' tone to it than Fairyland's NS though. I haven't ever really been attracted to the brown/tan skins, mainly because the companies face-ups always seem to me like they wouldn't look nice on the darker skins & I can't do my own! But now I think that Pretzel's dark faceup would suit the brown skin, and I'd like to have some variation in skin tones other than yellow-pink & red-pink :3
      I just have to save up now! That's the hard part, ahaha.
    14. that's a really interesting hip joint on the new body. i've never seen one like that before. i wonder what it poses like?
    15. I hope the new hip joint works well, I'm planning on getting a Pretzel in the tan skin (with a custom faceup) and I think I'm going to hold out for the new body for her!
    16. The new body looks like its designed just like the new KDF girl and boy bodies, with the leg peg (which makes centaurs possible.........) so it should pose really nicely! I have the new girl body and it's quite good, and all the new changes look just like the ones on the girl body. I'm very happy they're releasing this new body, because hopefully that means the HDF line will get a little more attention from Luts now!
    17. so the new kdf bodies have the same hip joint? i hadnt been paying attention, my kids got new heads lately but they still have 6 year old bodies. unfortunately i just got a new honeydelf this year when they had the last sale and i got my tan lolly (since they had the free tan upgrade) so i didnt have any plans for a new hd any time soon. too bad, but i look forward to hearing how they compare to the old bodies in terms of posing....and maybe if they come out with new sculpts one will demand to join my crew ;)
    18. When I read this whole thing about the new body...
      It makes me think, should I get Hizaki a new body or not... (_ _)~

      Anyway, early happy new year from my Hizaki~ :)


      ^^^ click to see her with her uncle XD~
    19. i'd beafraid to get tierra a new body, she's been with me so long i'm not sure the resin would match. but speaking of her body, i noticed she was getting a little floppy yesterday, and was thinking it might be time to consider restringing her, then her foot unhooked while i was changing her shoes and the elastic shot up into her leg! so.... since i'm going to have to take her apart anyway to fix that, i was wondering if anyone had restrung their honeydelf and what size elastic to get?