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Luts Honey Delf Discussion part 3

Dec 18, 2013

    1. Guys your honey delfs are really cute. I am jumping on the ban wagon :lol:and getting a Honey delf Coco in real normal skin.

      So can l ask for Coco Spam please:love
    2. Hey guys! Does anyone have pictures of Brownie they could share? Thanks in advance!
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    3. Bump for Coco spam
    4. I don't have a Coco but I do have Candy! She's a rather new addition to the family

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    5. To the person above your picture didn't show up.
    6. Why are all the pictures broken??
    7. vertefae your girl is cute.

      Hi guys has anyone done a review on the honey delf 31 body and how is the posing also clothes and shoes fit.
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    8. Hi! Does anyone have an owner pics of tyltyl? If you do, please spam :D
    9. I'm waiting on my Honey Delf Tyltyl Elf centaur (zebra) at the mo. She's in processing, so I'm hoping it won't be long before she arrives :)
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    10. @Donna80 congratulations!!! :D hopefully she'll be on shipping soon!
    11. Sorry for the double post, just a quick question. Does the type 5 body have the same notch system in the shoulder as the type 3?
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    13. Hello
      Ohh these honey delfs are soo pretty. I am considering a Lolly or Raphael? Please does anyone have a Lolly or Raphael they could share pictures of? Could you show her next to a 40cm MSD if possible?

      May I ask the age these dolls are meant to be? I have a 17cm Myou Fenlinger and I'm hoping for this Honey Delf to be a big sister to her with Myou Delia MSD (44cm) as a Mum. Really sorry to mix brand names on the thread but I'm having such a dither on which doll to be the big sister to the family I have.

      Please do you have any tips for a newbie to Luts? What to expect or not to expect?
      My doll fam is listed in my signature, to see who she will be joining, as you can see I'm still new.

      Thank you so much.
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    14. She's darling! :D May I ask where you got her outfit and unicorn horn? I'm looking for something similar for my Lio.
    15. I'm also wondering if anybody received their Honey Delf 31 yet and how does other 1/6 clothes fit on them.
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    16. I'm curious about that this too :)
    17. I saw a video here

      This kind of compared the honey delf and honey delf 31 girl bodies/clothes, but I wanted to know about boy body/clothes too!
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