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Luts Honey Delf Discussion part 3

Dec 18, 2013

    1. I'm also wondering if anybody received their Honey Delf 31 yet and how does other 1/6 clothes fit on them.
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    2. I'm curious about that this too :)
    3. I saw a video here

      This kind of compared the honey delf and honey delf 31 girl bodies/clothes, but I wanted to know about boy body/clothes too!
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    4. @asatou thank you for posting this!!!
    5. My Honey 31 Delf girl arrived. I don't have any info on clothes because I made my own, but with shoes they fit fine. Any YoSD size shoes will fit.
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    6. I bought it from Taobao, her dress comes with the horn as well > <
    7. Thank you, I guess I'll go take a look around. ^^
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    8. I'm super excited! My luts order shipped on monday and tracking says it'll be here tomorrow! I ordered a Madeleine (along with a sdf65 and a body for my ly) and a cute little outfit for her. I've never owned a honey delf before so I'm anxious to play with her! I've decided to call her Macadamia to go along with my other fruit and nut themed kiddos. <3 <3 <3
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    9. Does anyone know if Luts would fix a faceup that they did?
      My HD Brownie has had a chip on his lips for years and I'd love to get it fixed. He has the default faceup for his sculpt.
      Does Luts have a system where I can send his head to them to get it fixed or redone? Or do I just have to find some other artist?
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    10. Hullo I'm a newcomer to the YoSD size, but I saw that Honey Delf Pegasus and promptly dove for it. So quick question if I ever want to get the regular, human Bory- does Luts ever do any good sales events?
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    11. They usually do events for new year, spring, summer and winter. Though not necessarily all of them in the same year. And it changes between order x amount of $$$ and get (insert free item) or some % off certain purchases. They also do coupons sometimes too.
    12. Thank you for that answer. That's straightforward, I guess I'll wait around to see!

      I noticed in my superfast internet googling that Luts Honey Delfs seem to be less well known than Fairlyand Littlefees, which is a shame, because they are at least of a comparable cuteness. Maybe..... Littlefees are older? Shrug. I'm just here to say: Wow, Bory Honey Delf is very cute and I need to say that. I'm surprised because it's not a style I usually go for. :love
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    13. Honey delfs used to be called cutie delfs and they were around much longer than littlefees. But fairyland used to be part of luts before they split. :)
    14. Huh, that's interesting. And.... explains more than I thought : p
    15. Hi everyone :) :whee:
      After not owning a BJD for a few years (had to sell mine :pout:) I am looking into buying a Honey Delf. I am in doubt between a Real Brown skin Lolly or a Real Brown skin Pretzel. I haven't seen these in Light tan either :eek: so if anyone has pictures of these dolls in these skintones I would LOVE to see your pictures. It would help me choose.
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    16. I'm so excited! I just bought my first Honey Delf & she arrived today! Muriel is the one & I've been having tons of fun playing with her this afternoon. Discovered she's really a blond & doesn't look good in red. It fights with her face-up colors. Wish I knew how to post pics here using Flickr as the host. I've gotten what I need to trim for the Marketplace but have no idea what I need to do on other forums.
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    17. @Gwydion Wow! Congrats! She sounds adorable. For Flickr, after you click into the picture you want to share, you will find a curling arrow below and to the right of the picture. That’s the share button. It will give you a pop-up with options. BBcode will be what you want to copy. I hope that helps.

      Here is my Honey Delf:
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    18. Thanks Brightberry! You don't have to trim any of the BBcode? I know for the Marketplace, you have to trim the code.

      Your Honey Delf is beautiful. Which one is she? I'm loving these little dolls.
    19. Gwydion: Please post Muriel!