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Luts Honey Delf Discussion part 3

Dec 18, 2013

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    1. `
      Thank you! She is a Madeleine.

      You can paste all of it, but I usually take out the title and name.
    2. As soon as I figure out to I will. I just took some photos today.
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    3. Okay, I'm trying a photo/ Here (hopefully) is Fancy, a Honey Delf Muriel.

      [​IMG]Fancy close by tamlin baby, on Flickr
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    4. Aww! Fancy is adorable @Gwydion ! I can't wait to finish my girl's faceup and wig so I can share her too!

      @brightberry your Madeleine is adorable! I just love that sculpt <3
    5. Thanks Zavrinas! I bet your girl will be fabulous too.
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    6. @Gwydion She’s adorable! Your picture looks great.
    7. Thank you! She's my first Honey Delf & I love her. I've been having fun here looking at everyone's dolls.
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    8. Which body type does everyone prefer? I only have the type 5 and I'm really curious!
    9. I have the type 3, I think & it's great.
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    10. So cute! I just ordered my first centaur and honey delf the other day. I'm so excited!
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    11. I've been waiting for her new wig color here she is!

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    12. She looks so majestic ! Love that wig, it's just perfect for her. :love
    13. @SidneyDR Thank you! Yea, it took so time to find the “perfect” wig.

      @stellarphenomena Your girl is really cute. I love how she looks like she might giggle.

      @Zavrinas Your girl is cute too. What a sweet pout.
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    14. Hi everyone, does Luts not sell Honey Delf heads by themselves? Like, you *have* to purchase the body, too?

      #976 Peppermintsheep, Jul 17, 2019
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    15. I know that sometimes they have event heads. But I haven’t seen any option part honey Delf heads like they do for kid Delfs. You can always ask. I’ve found them to be pretty good about answering emails.
    16. Ah thanks! I just think the Honey Delfs are beyond cute, and I’ve narrowed it down to about ten Must Haves... but I can’t justify buying 10 full dolls. Plus, I don’t have the space for it! But maybe 2 full dolls and a collection of interchangeable heads... that’s a bit more do-able, right?

      Thanks for the info! I’m sure Luts would be willing to sell me a few Honey Delf heads if I email them, but hopefully they’ll make that an option for everyone to buy, too.
    17. I grabbed a load of heads at the last head event. I think they tend to do it once a year or so, so it's an easier batch job :)