Luts Honey Delf Discussion part 3

Dec 18, 2013

    1. Ug I'm so frustrated! My doll was supposed to arrive Friday but the post office messed up! I wont be getting her until tomorrow. I'm so excited but also sour that I COULD have had her even sooner :|
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    2. I've had that happen with Usako.:hug: It was so annoying. I even went to the PO with the tracking # and they responded with "there are a lot of packages".
    3. @Meggiekarp Well with any luck today is the day <3 Yeondu Elf Centaur incoming!
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    4. @TheKidAbroad oooo a centaur! You're sharing pics, right?



      LUTS has released ita bags that can fit HDF31! :love Along with some badges to decorate them with
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    5. Just wanna ask is anyone received / seen the new launched Honey Delf with ANI head / makeup? Can't found any photo about HF ANI til now :atremblin
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    6. Made Macadamia new pajamas last week, cause I was going to take her to a Faire with me. She ended up staying home, but at least she was comfy with her fox buddy!

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    7. Does anyone have HDF Tyltyl or Millefueille? I'm torn between these two scuplts, and the HDF type3 +HDF31cm bodies.
    8. I can't wait for my doll to arrive.
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    9. So I got my mom to utilize LUTS summer event and she's getting her first bjd :) She ended up picking one of the sets with Honey Delf Azu and I can't wait to see how she will react to it once she's there. Knowing LUTS she'll arrive right around my mother's birthday too! (And maybe I can like... visit and play with her too :> )
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