Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 15

Apr 26, 2017

    1. Joining in with my Kazuki (KDF Peach) in her new kimono!

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    2. And here's my Manaru (KDF Carrot), cozy for the winter!

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    3. Your girls are so sweet! Im especially envious of your Lolly :) Ive always wanted one, but they were not available when I first started collecting.

      But yeah, I really love how sturdy and great at posing the KDF bodies are, but the arms do have a rigid look to them, even though they can do some amazing things. I'll give ya that.

      This conversation brings to mind some crazy poses I tried to do when I was making my posing comparison guide for DoA. xD

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    4. Your dolls are so sweet, @Shougi :)

      Every time I see a Carrot, I kinda want one more. :P
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    5. @wherethelilacsbloom Aww, thanks. She was actually my first bjd. I'd been mooning over Luts dolls for about 8 years, thinking that I could never afford one, but then Untold Story Lolly came out while I was in college, and I decided that getting her was worth spending a decent chunk of my savings at the time. I have never looked back. Getting one now is definitely not that easy, since I've only ever seen Moonlit Song Lolly show up on the marketplace. The Moonlit Song version is still super pretty, she's just a little happier looking than the Untold Story version due to Luts tweaking her lips.

      Honestly, if Luts were to just release new, more ergonomic elbow joints that I could replace the old ones with, I'd snap them up in a heartbeat. I love the KDF bodies' poseability, but when I look at those rigid tootsie roll elbow joints in comparison to my Volks Origin Body's really natural-looking elbows, I cringe just a teeny tiny bit.
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    6. Your girl is suuuper cute!
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    7. @Shougi Ah, I love your pair, they're the cutest! Well, really everyone's KDFs are adorable.

      @brightberry I forgot to mention, I have a Bory and a Ttori on the girl Type 5 body. I'm coveting @Snow White 's Bory tho. I can never have too many...
    8. Hello all, I hope this is the right place to post this! I'm considering buying a boy Delf Darae from eBay. I'll admit he's not my first choice of Delf (sorry to all the Darae fans out there!), but I still think he looks cute!

      Just wondering what people's thoughts on this sculpt are and wanted to ask another question - the one I'm looking at has some blue dye markings on his head from a wig, does anyone know if that would be easy to remove? Also what would be an acceptable price for a second hand Darae with staining?

      This would be my first male BJD and I've been looking to get a Luts for ages, so finding him on eBay was pretty lucky (I've confirmed he's legit)

      Thanks all!
    9. I think Darae makes a super cute girl. The only boy Darae I have a good memory of is the La Sirenita Darae, which included a dreaming version of the sculpt. (You can look at the old listing here: Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company ) I think that as long as you dress him up nicely and pick a cute wig, he'll make a great doll.

      I honestly wouldn't worry TOO much about the dye stains on his head, since they'll be covered up by a wig, but if they bother you that much, you can try going at them with a magic eraser first, and if that doesn't work, you might try using benzoyl peroxide and sunlight/a UV lamp. (I know that works well on vinyl, but I've never tried it on resin, so definitely be super cautious and just try it on the headcap. And no, a few hours of sunlight will not magically make your doll super yellow.) As for a price... it kind of depends. If it's a La Sirenita Darae, which was a limited doll, you might pay a bit more, especially if it still has its default faceup, the dreaming head, and the fullset outfit. If it's just a regular ol' standard boy Darae, which has been possible for years now, I wouldn't pay a single dime over $200, personally. You can have a brand new boy Darae blank for about $40 more, and if price is that big of a concern, you can always set up a layaway over at FFD.

      EDIT: I went and found the listing on ebay, and I must say that is some very inconveniently placed staining. With it being across the forehead and even into the eyebrows, it's going to be very difficult to remove without also wiping the faceup that's on there. Granted, that faceup is gross and needs to be removed too, so there's that. The base price the seller is asking is okay. I doubt that you'll have a lot of competition, but considering that the faceup needs to be redone and the staining is inconvenient, I wouldn't pay over $180, and that's just if I really wanted it.

      My question to you, really, is... why go for a doll you don't really want just because it's secondhand? What sculpt would you rather have?
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    10. I think he's just a regular Darae head on a male body. He still has the default faceup though I believe and comes with eyes but no clothes or wig or anything. He's currently at £100gbp plus postage which is... Maybe fair?

      Thanks for the advice regarding dye! Whether or not I get this one, that's super useful to know for the future :)

      As for your final question, I had a feeling this would be asked and I've been debating with myself about this for a while... I'd kind of like a Bory or one of the bigger Delfs, but they're just so expensive :(
      I've been checking second hand markets for ages to try and find a boy doll at an affordable price, and this is the first one I've managed to find that seems to be an ok price and looks cute. Part of me feels that I should just wait or save up for a sculpt I'm 100% invested in though...
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    11. Well, as I mentioned, there is always layaway to help make things a little more affordable. If $130-$150 is about your price, and you have some form of income that can make another payment possible, you can split the cost in half. I don't know where you're located, but if you need something in the UK or EU, I believe both Angelesque and Think Pink carry LUTS dolls. I'm not 100% certain of their layaway policies, but they should both offer them. There are also facebook sales groups that you can join that'll give you access to more secondhand dolls. (You can also go through the foreign side of things and try looking on Yahoo Japan Auctions or Mandarake. LUTS dolls occasionally show up there, even though they're Japanese sites rather than Korean.)

      Personally, I'd probably shop around and find a sculpt I'm super invested in rather than settling for whatever's cheapest. I mean, you COULD end up loving that Darae to pieces, but if you're uncertain that that'll be the case, then I'd keep shopping. There's no point in wasting money on a project that you're not even certain that you want.
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    12. I am indeed in the UK :)
      I've just had a look at Think Pink, but I think it's gone out of business... I've had a look at dolls on Angelesque before but never tried to buy one, so it may well be that they do layaways, I'll look into it more. I do have a job so it would be easy enough to pay if the price is right, but it's just trying to justify the large expense to myself.

      I'm part of a few Facebook groups too which I admit I've been checking almost every day. The problem is that a lot of them are outside Europe which means large import fees /taxes :(
      There have been some good ones which I found but by the time the sellers get back to me they're always sold. A part of me thinks I'm considering the Darae out of desperation more than anything.

      On the other hand, the Darae is pretty cute looking haha. I have some time before his listing ends so I'll think on it for a while. Thank you so much for your answers and suggestions ^_^
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    13. You're very welcome. I just had a look myself and Think Pink did indeed go out of business. Which is a shame. They'd been around for years. I'm in the US, so my favorite place to go is Fabric, Friends, and Dolls, because the owner, Iris, is really nice, willing to work with you on getting the price down to what you can manage per month, and she'll happily split even a Kid Delf up into 6+ payments if necessary. (It has totally been necessary for me at certain points.) But if you bought through a US dealer with a more lenient layaway plan, then you'd still get hit with those import taxes, which sounds like a miserable roadbump.

      Your other option is to wait until you have marketplace access here on DoA and look through the listings/place a WTB ad. I don't know how far you are from that though, so that may be too long of a wait.

      If you think you're feeling desperate, I'd take a step back from shopping period. I cannot stress enough that it is better to keep your money in your pocket than to spend it on something you are going to be unhappy with, because it wasn't what you actually wanted.
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    14. I'm still very new to the site so marketplace access is still a long way off for me unfortunately :(
      I know you need at least 40 posts, do you know how most people normally go about that? Is is just contributing to discussions etc?

      I think you're right though, I may take a step back for a while and think harder about what I want... If only it weren't for import taxes, everything would be so much easier.

      Thank you again for your help / suggestions. I think I'll be able to think a bit more clearly now :)
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    15. I think you just have to wait it out. These dolls are very exciting, but so much money. I think stepping back is good advice because with enough time to save, you’ll get what you really want in the end.
    16. @Clawdiuzz
      Waiting totally sucks, but if you're into a specific sculpt (and especially one with as much market presence as Bory) you'd be better off waiting. I know for a fact there's a Bory in the MP here on DoA. They turn up like bad pennies, you'll likely find one the moment you get MP access. Also, layaway is your friend! I've bought most of my dolls (except my Bory) on layaway so it's a helpful tool for those on a limited budget.
    17. I'm glad to hear that Bory is more common than I thought! You're all right, I think it would probably just be best to wait it out and keep my eye out for lucky deals in the mean time. I'm still very very new to the hobby, so I should just pace myself and not get too overexcited haha!

      I'm still a while away from marketplace access but one day I'll get it hopefully... And then I shall return with a Delf in all it's glory :D
    18. @Clawdiuzz Bory is a bit like the MNF Chloe of Luts...(that can be good or bad) Very popular sculpt in all sizes, very versatile and the sculpt people are most likely to buy and then "get over" for something else. Except me. I will never not love Bory and everything that looks like a Bory.
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    19. Very true. Bory is basically their #1 doll across all sizes. That's why s/he exists in every single size except for Honey Delf and Tiny Delf. You can literally have any size Bory you want. The extremely flooded Bory market is actually why I was never really interested in one, but if Bory's your sculpt, you've got options.
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    20. Interesting... I wonder why that's the case? Is it just because s/he looks pretty cute? All I know is I saw a picture of him on eBay from an obvious chinese fake seller, googled the image and instantly wanted one haha. It may well be there are other sculpts I'd like too if I look around a bit though!
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