Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 15

Apr 26, 2017

    1. Definately look around before buying. One pastime of mine is to google sculpts and see how people customized theirs. I think Bory is a beautiful sculpt. I don’t have one because I love so many sculpts and had to make tough choices. A tiny Delf Bory would be amazing though... especially with elf ears.
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    2. There are just so many cute dolls it's hard to choose :(
      I really want a boy doll though... They all look so pretty to me. An elf Bory would be super cute!
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    3. Bory actually has had two different types of elf head at this point. You can see both of them here: Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company They're pretty cute. I always liked Dreaming Bory best of all of the Borys, but I'm also rather partial to dreaming sculpts in general. Someday I'd like a dreaming Lolly (which doesn't exist) and a dreaming Aru (which totally does, but was limited).
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    4. Wow, that's a lot of elf ear! I think the dreaming sculpts looks quite nice too, but I worry I'd get bored of them always having their eyes mostly closed... They do look pretty though!
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    5. I like them more as option heads rather than the only head. I own both a regular Kid Delf Lolly and a Kid Delf Aru, so having dreaming versions would be nice for photo setups and occasions where I just feel like having one of them close their eyes.
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    6. Ah right, that makes sense! As someone still very much clueless about all of this - do they often offer dreaming heads as an add on of some sort if they're available?
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    7. I’m not sure. The time I bought one was offered as either one or the other. They do have a section called “option parts” where there are some Kid Delf heads available. There is one Cherry dreaming head.
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    8. It depends. Sometimes they're offered individually, sometimes they're offered as part of the fullset, and sometimes they're offered as an extra option. Both of the La Sirenita dolls (Darae and Pine) came with both heads (Darae had a dreaming and open eye head and Pine had a human and elf head), while the Breath of God Zeus Bory let you pick any combination of the three Bory heads offered. However, at the same time, Breath of God Poseidon Kelp only gave you an option of one, even though there was both an open-eyed head and a romance head. (Hades Maska was the same. I didn't care too much, though, because the romance head offered was a human head, and I wanted the elf-eared head.) Luts is very inconsistent with their dreaming/romance head offerings, at least in comparison to places like Fairyland, which offer a dreaming faceplate as a standard option for most dolls. I'd personally love it if they could offer dreaming heads for all dolls as a standard option. I'd at least jump on the standard dolls I have like Aru and Muroo.
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    9. @Clawdiuzz Bory's popularity is probably part image saturation and part sculpt flexibility. Like Fairyland Chloe, you can do consistently good work on the sculpt because it has consistent, cute, features. And like Chloe, everyone has or had a Bory so there's a lot of them on social media (I think Deviantart is the spawning ground of pre-Instagram Bory-brigade). Mine used to belong to Malice and Spite, the wigmaker.

      I've since fallen for other sculpts, but none quite so hard and thoroughly. I used Bory to shell a very important OC of mine and I think there's a much stronger sentimental attachment (for me) to him than to other adorable sculpts I want (Like Apple, Nana and Muhwa).

      If they made a tiny Bory sculpt (at any of the tiny sizes) I'd be ded and done. I've been looking at other, not-Luts tinies and YoSDs for that particular little moue and though I've found one I like, it won't be the same.
    10. @Mizukichama - Thanks for the info / explanation! It does seem a little inconsistent. This is all still a little confusing to me, but I'm enjoying learning a bit more about it all; it'll be super useful when I finally decide to buy a doll brand new ^_^

      @A Wee Tiefling - He does seem like a very versatile sculpt, and he is indeed very cute! As I say, the moment I saw his stock photo I was iinstantly drawn to him for some reason. I imagine using him for an OC would definitely increase the attachment to him. I hope to do the same with a doll myself at some point.

      As an aside - I've decided I might go for the second hand Darae after all. The more I've looked into him and the more I keep seeing him, the more I've decided he's actually rather cute looking :P
      I know I said I'd wait a while and step back (and your advice is all super appreciated!) but I think I've started to like the look of him over the last few days.
      Nothing confirmed yet though, I'll just have to see how it goes...
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    11. Bory has the nostalgia for me :lol:
      It was the first ever kid delf I saw and I found it cute. Though I nowadays find the sd version cuter than the msd sized one even though they are basically the same.

      May I ask more pictures of Hodoo if anyone owns any?:D
      Hodoo was my first doll that I bought when joining this hobby. I still have him, and next April he will turn 10yrs old!
      I've only seen 1 other in my country and they seem to be rare elsewhere too. But I love the melancholy this scuplt has among with its button nose.

      Here is mine, called Varpu ^^
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    12. @Tuulen AHHH what a cutie! Look at that rosy blush!

      @Clawdiuzz I'm with you on Darae...that sweet little smile. That's such a precious thing! You could do a lot with a little smile like that! Whatever you go with, you'll know it's the right one because you get a little spark of joy whenever you see it.
      (Ahhh, my poor Bory. It was his stock photo that did it for me. I immediately saw my OC and I could not unsee it, even though realistically he'd look very different.)
    13. Here's my Hodoo, Suzuna. She's just a floating head, but hopefully she's what you want to see. [​IMG]

      Hmmm... I think I mentioned earlier in the thread that Lolly was my first doll, and that the only Bory I'm particularly fond of is the dreaming one... Well, I actually first found out about BJDs through Deviantart waaaay back when I was a freshman in high school in 2004. At that point in time, the only dolls you saw anywhere really were Volks dolls and CP LUTS dolls. (There were other dolls out there, but you just didn't see them like you saw Volks and LUTS.) I immediately gravitated towards CP and LUTS in general, and I'd haunt their website, dreaming of the day that owning a $500 doll would be possible. Despite that, I didn't really pay much attention to the Minifees or Kid Delfs at the time, because I was convinced that I would be ordering a Delf Soony and they didn't offer Soony as a minifee or a KDF. But then, one day at some point after I'd graduated, they came out with Youth in the Dark Bory. I was eh on the open-eyed face, even though it was cute, but I was really fond of the dreaming face. Now, I'll admit, I was way more enamored with the youth in the dark outfit and wings than with Bory's face, but Bory was still the first Kid Delf that I seriously looked at and considered trying to buy. It ended up not being financially feasible, because I had little in the way of savings at that point and didn't know about layaway, so I ended up waiting until I was 22 instead. I'm honestly glad that I waited, because I got a doll that I positively adore even 7 years later, and considering my current ambivalence towards Bory in general, I can't guarantee that would've been the case had I been able to afford Youth in the Dark Bory.
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    14. @Mizukichama Oh my, she looks cute! I love her vibrant eyeshadow!

      @a wee thiefling Thank you ^^ His faceup is by the talented asilehbackwards on instagram
    15. Here's a new photo of Kanna, dressed in a new outfit~ :blush But, she probably won't be in it too long, because it's very pink... :sweat

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    16. @brightberry
      Thanks. It's supposed to be a split complement with yellow-orange, blue-violet, and a blue/turquoise-ish color. I find that when I want fun, interesting colors, it's always a good idea to utilize a bit of color theory.
    17. I love the outfit! She looks so pretty in it!!! :D
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    18. @Snow White I like the overwhelming pinkness of Kanna, she looks like a luminous pink fairy.
    19. [​IMG]

      Guys, the Darae arrived today! He and my girl are still trying to get used to each other...

      I've only had the girl since December herself, so hopefully she won't get too jealous! She's called Bobbi and I've decided to call the new boy Lua~

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