Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 15

Apr 26, 2017

    1. Hi everyone. Long time I didnt posted anywhere. He is still incomplete. Will redo his make up and redesigne his costume. [​IMG]IMG_20190118_141307 by Mariya, on Flickr
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    2. @Clawdiuzz SO CUTE! Aww, look at that Darae smile! I can't wait to see this pair finished and ready for adventure.

      @Akai_Hana A were-kitten! Event head?
    3. Thank you! :whee:

      Thanks! :aheartbea

      Thanks! I suppose so~ haha. :XD:

      Aww! They look super cute together! And, Lua is such an adorable name! :aheartbea

      Is that a Maska? He looks awesome! Please share the new make-up. We don't get to see many Maskas around here! :blush

      I just ordered a Kid Delf Berry boy! I have been wanting a Berry forever and now I will finally have one! :cheer He's just too cute~ I couldn't resist! But... now I am totally broke. :sweat
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    4. Kinda of)) Nope, he is Maska from the first release. Jusr added soom cheshire parts.
      Yep, he is) I hope Luts will re-release him once again and I can get one more:love
    5. @A Wee Tiefling Thank you! Now I just need to find him some hair and proper clothes! Not too sure where to start looking but that's part of the fun ^_^

      @Snow White Thanks! I chose it because his page said Darae meant "child of the moon" so I looked for other words for moon and Lua sounded cute :D

      I've decided the two of them will be siblings (albeit adopted I suppose). They look so cute together!

      Also Delf bodies - OMG! I don't know if it's because I'm used to Bobbi's Resinsoul body, but Lua feels so sturdy and heavy and he poses excellently! I'll definitely be planning to get more Delfs in the future if I can!
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    6. *swoops in like a vulture* Did someone say Maska? :sneaky


      I'd personally love it if they'd rerelease Maska properly as a girl. Hollis there is technically a girl and I just ignore the parts that you can't see through her dress anyway.
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    7. I've got my Yul Elf and Yul Romance Elf heads ordered for the PNW expo, and someone was sooo kind as to offer to pick them up for me. I am over the moon at the moment!!! :D
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    8. More PEACH love~ :aheartbea Here's another photo of my Kazuki! :whee:

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    9. I never thought about looking up the meaning of their company-given names. Very interesting! :XD:
      As for Delf bodies, they are amazing! Although I have only owned LUTS dolls, I have seen other dolls from other companies at a Fabric Friends and Dolls trunk show, and to me, their bodies didn't seem as sturdy as LUTS'. But, maybe I'm just bias... haha. :sweat

      Wow! Your Maska is so pretty~ I love the contrast of dark and light between your dolls! :blush
      I agree... LUTS doesn't always allow choice with some of their limited release dolls. :vein

      Lucky! During the event, I missed out on the Romance Yul Satyr. At the time, I could only afford one. And, I ended up ordering the Yul Satyress, for not only was she really pretty, but I already had two boy dolls and had been wanting a girl for a while.
      Please share, when you receive them! :blush

      Kazuki looks gorgeous, as always! :aheartbea :whee:
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    10. I will :)

      There's still one more day left for ordering though btw.
    11. Sadly, I cannot afford another doll right now. Before they released those heads, I had ordered a Kid Delf Berry. I could not wait any longer for a cute boy, so I ordered a Kid Delf Berry--whom I had my eyes on for a while. Maybe they will release Yul Romance again in the future. If not, I will enjoy looking at owner photos! :whee:

      Sharing a recent photo of Kanna with her new golden ribbon~ ;)

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    12. Ah no. :(

      I was already over-stretched but I was worried this could be my last shot so was forced to take the plunge. I just love those ears :)
    13. Those ears are too cute! I'll definitely jump in, if and when LUTS releases another! ;)

      Here is my Bory remolded. His name is Henry. I think he looks better like this. :blush


      I decided to keep him, because honestly there is really no point in selling him, if he won't sell over $275~
      So, what do you think? ;)
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    14. @Snow White I think your Bory looks much better now. He looks shy and uncertain, which I think works really well.

      I've owned dolls from several different companies, namely LUTS, Pipos, Dollzone, Volks, and a French-Canadian artist company called La Compagnie des Radis. Of my dolls, the one with the sturdiest body that poses the best without restringing or sueding is actually my Volks SDM Kira. She's chunky in comparison to LUTS dolls, but her limbs have a fullness that LUTS dolls don't, she has a single part torso (instead of a two-part) so she sits up ridiculously well, but can't arch her back, and her resin is quite weighty. I honestly had no idea how fond I was of Volks' modern doll engineering until I had one of their dolls in hand to play with. Probably my second-most sturdy doll is my La Compagnie des Radis Raclette, who is a 16cm mouse doll. She's from a singular artist who doesn't have in-house casting, but her body is full and sturdy and poses like a dream. After those two, I'd place LUTS and Pipos as sort of a tie for sturdiness. The fullness of their limbs and the weight of the resin is similar. I like how LUTS strings their dolls better, but actual resin weight and quality is similar enough that I think that someone who'd only had one or the other could buy from the other company and be pleased with what they got. The only doll I've ever bought that I really, truly abhorred the engineering of is my Dollzone Lily. (Also a 16 cm mouse doll.) I don't know if it's just the 16cm Dollzone body that's the issue or if it's a widespread issue with Dollzone dolls, but the way they engineered the thigh joints makes it nearly impossible to get her to stand. The thigh joint is kind of a soft diagonal, so they constantly want to twist and fold and just.... not work like legs. With that being said, the resin isn't particularly thin or delicate. It's fine in that regard. They make it thick enough to work well, I'm just... not a fan of their joint engineering.

      Anyway, even if LUTS dolls aren't the sturdiest of my collection, I absolutely love them. They have beautiful faces and bodies and with a little help (restringing, sueding, and inserting kips) they pose really well.
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    15. @Snow White : Thank you! :blush Kanna looks adorable as always! :aheartbea And I love your BORY's new look! :D He has great character!
    16. Thank you! I think he looks much better this way too. :blush

      I have heard Volks was really popular. I thought about ordering a doll from them before, but I hesitate every time. I guess the idea of spending a lot of money on a doll from an unfamiliar company scares me; thus, I have stuck with LUTS. But, I really want to own a doll from another company, so your input was very helpful! Thanks! :whee:

      Thanks!!! :aheartbea
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    17. @Snow White The problem with Volks is that even their "basic" dolls are technically limited, and there is no possibility of layaway unless you buy secondhand from someone that will give you a layaway. (Which is actually what I did.) They're popular, because they were first and because at this point, the company is large in comparison to basically every other doll company. That said, they really do have excellent doll bodies. I have no regrets buying from them. I know that it can be hard to explore new options, especially if you're on a budget and don't want to waste money, but it's important to remember that if you really hate something in this hobby, you can always sell it for something reasonable to recoup your losses.
    18. I have only used layaway once, for I prefer to pay in full; so, no problem there. Volks' limited dolls are lovely. Maybe I'll order from them next time. After all, you're absolutely right. As horrible as I feel when I can't bond with a doll, I can always sell it. ;)
    19. Haha, well I'm pretty bad at names so I need to look for inspiration where I can get it! As an aside, Lua finally has some new clothes and his hair arrived today (he's just missing shoes!). The only thing is I can't decide if he's cuter with brown or black hair!! Was wondering what others might think, so here's a few snaps I just took with his new hair ^_^ (he's so cute!)


      Still can't get images to upload directly for me :(

      I'll do a proper photoshoot with him at some point then share more of him if people like him :D
    20. @Clawdiuzz The brown matches his eyebrows better, but the gray one looks better with his overall aesthetic. I vote for the gray/black one.