Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 15

Apr 26, 2017

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to buy more.
    2. Oh she looks so sweet!!!! I want to go back and find more now!
    3. @DollieLovex3 Your Muhwa looks so cute! She's exactly what I'd want in a Muhwa (the resin, the pastels, everything)
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    4. Aww thank you so much! I fell in love with her stock images on the LUTS website and I already had a vision for her; she came out to be just what I imagined. Although I have a few more dollies on my Wishlist, she was my grail and my first doll, so she will be a hard act to follow. <3
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    5. @DollieLovex3 My grail was (and always will be) Bory, so I know the feeling. There's something so charming about the KDFs, and they tend to look so cute in different styles. Thanks for recommending clothing brands too, I can dress my Ttori girl much better now with the info
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    6. It was a hard decision, Bory is on my list as well (Yoko needs a boy friend :) What body type did you go with? I chose the newer Type 5. Its a bit chubbier than the previous ones and I really like it! I hope you enjoy the clothing too, I was so happy to find it.
    7. @DollieLovex3 My Bory is second-hand but he's on the classic boy body (Type 1, I think) with single-jointed knees. I have a type 5 girl body Ttori with the small bust and she's very cute but she looks like the big sister of my Bory. It's so weird that the difference is so big.
    8. I KNOW! I was really surprised as well. I have an MYOU girl who is 44cm and I intended for the two to be sisters, but the difference is enough for them not to even look related Lol. Muhwa's head can fit the same wigs, but her head and face is so much larger and with larger features than MYOU's dainty faces. The resin is a lot lighter brown than I thought, too.

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    9. @DollieLovex3 While I see what you mean, I think they look like sisters! Similar aesthetics and lip shapes...though the scale is a little silly! oh 1/4 dolls, you are the strangest mix!
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    10. Lol they definitely are a silly mix I have a lot to learn, but I am having fun along the way. I decided to make Miyoami the imaginary friend instead of the sister haha. But Im sure to have more Kid Delfs in the future, so they all should be the same size :P
    11. I’m worried how the sdm f40 doll is gonna look next to my borys when she comes... all the head molds are different sizes even if it’s just from the luts kdf line. Speaking of which, the summer event is happening and I really want that wig luts is giving out for the summer event but I don’t plan on getting another doll :(
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    12. I really hope they re-release kid delf romance nana again soon.
      but I think i'd DIE for kid delf romance irus.
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    13. Same. I'd have to save up around $600 to order again from LUTS..and right now it is not happening *sadly*
    14. I'm gonna die for the RIKA sculpt, I'm planning on reshelling my fox girl into her on a model delf body!
    15. I had the issue with my 2 Borys. Ended up having to sell the model delf because the Kid delf to Model delf Brother Dynamic didn't work for me. the heads were such a difference. x.x;
      I still have amodel delf Cian in my MSD group that I pair with my romance Kiwi but... yeah, I wish his head was just a smidge bigger. C'mon luts, make him a kid delf mold!
      Thankfully he went to a good home. ;) (A wee tiefling here bought him! :D) And I got to meet them in person which is even better!
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    16. I totally understand your feelings! At first, I was really fond of the Model delf size..but I don't like ANY of their Model heads..They are SO tiny compared to the kdf. I am glad they have a MyChoice option, but of course none of the kdf heads have that mature look that the model heads do. Poor us! Lol

      On another note, has anyone seen the new sculpts LUTS just released? I am already in love with RIKA! (Probably because the facial features are shaped a lot like my MYOU doll) and FILO I think would make a cute boy!!!

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    17. @Fate
      I'm going to get a pic of my KDF Bory next to my shiny new MDF Bory (on his weirdo soulkid body) and see if having a different body helps with scale. Tho methinks there will be much stylistic clashing.
    18. I like the new Rika kdf doll too but I don’t really like the official face up so I guess money saved but man is anybody ordering enough to get that pretty wig.... i wonder how all the kdf heads look in the mdf body, I feel like it doesn’t match right
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    19. I agree, I like the darker smoky eye look and a lot of the company face ups I have seen are either reddish brown or kind colorful looking. I mostly see darker brows on the "boy" faces...but I am all about fluid genders for my doll (just in case I change my mind down the line). As for the heads, I really like the larger rounder head on the model body. I saw a photo comparison on the old website:

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    20. I have a kid delf romance Kiwi on a model delf body and I actually love how it looked together.
      I have a kelp head on a boy body and I love the frontal look but he has a baby side profile so that's sometimes weird lol. Probabky because he has the super muscle body.
      Luts kiwi on Model delf Luts kiwi on Model delf