Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 15

Apr 26, 2017

    1. She is stunning! I love the hands of the mdf too <3
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    2. That being said I have Male and female model delf bodies, so if anyone needs specific hybrids of kid delf I own, hit me up xD

      the model delf hands are beautiful! I wish kid delf hands were just slightly smaller for the romance bodies
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    3. @DollieLovex3 I guess depending on the KDF in question, it'll be a really cool look to have them on the MDF body. I don't know about the opposite. That MDF head on the KDF body is giving me strange wrong Volks they're trying for a Volks look and failing
    4. Haha yeaaah I dont think I'd like the opposite.

    5. OMG your kiwi is so lovely!!!!!!! Is it breast type 2?
      How does your romance kiwi look like in the original body compared to the mdf body?
      Girl dolls seems like it's a great match, what about boy kdf heads on mdf body?
      Does it look ok with clothes on? I've seen some pictures of just the body without clothes and it looked out of place...

      I would love to see how your kdf bory looks on the mdf body!!!! Both with clothes on and without clothes XDDDD which type did you get for the mdf body?
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    6. It never crossed my mind that there would be variation between all the KDF heads O_O Ive gotten so used to the whopper head that Yoko has, I loved the look of it an assumed all the KDF would have similar head/face size. Now that's something to think about.
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    7. There are definite variations between the heads.

      My new doll hasn't come home yet but her new outfit and wig got home first...
      So I got Mochi to try out her outfit, the dress is a bit too small on him and the wig a bit too big but overall, I do like the whole look.
      The dress is such a pain to wear and take off tho ;_;

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    8. Wow it is beautiful! Yes, I have some clothing items that can be a pain too, but once it's on I'm so pleased with how it looks I forgot all about the struggle =^_^=
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    9. The struggle is too much sometimes because I always take off their clothes after wearing it, sometimes I wish I could just not worry about any staining at all and just let them wear the nice clothes for a long time. But even with putting on and taking off clothes immediately, I find that some clothes can still leave a dark spot even just in the process of wearing it that sometimes I wonder why do I even bother =_=
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    10. Haven't been on much, because work has been hectic... *_*
      Wish I had the time to comment on everyone's dolls more often. :(
      Everyone's dolls are absolutely beautiful, as always~ :aheartbea

      So, I finally received my BASIL today! Her name is Ruby.
      Currently, she is wearing my YUL's hand-me-downs~ So, I'll have to do some shopping. :whee:
      I love the color of her wig, and definitely like her with short hair; however, I'm thinking about finding a wig in the same color but with a little more length... What do you think? ;)

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    11. Basil/Ruby's wig color looks super nice! Which wig is this? I think she might look really nice with a long style but in the same wig color!
    12. Thanks! It is LUTS KDW-05 (Crimson). I don't have any long wigs to try on her at the moment, but I'll think about it! :whee:

      Here is a better photo of Ruby~ :whee:

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    13. Aww, I love the pose! :aheartbea And her outfit is cute, even if it is a hand-me-down~ :XD:
    14. Thanks! :aheartbea
    15. @Snow White That second picture really looks good, the wig style and position are so flattering. If you go with a longer style, it'd be cute but I like this style too.
      Congrats on your new girl!
    16. Arghhh!!! I'm sorry you guys... somehow I dropped off the end of the earth... :( lots of unfortunate things happened rl but finally my Corni is here!!! I'm very very sorry for the horrible phone photo... I'll take proper ones once I'm able to work on her faceup... I hope you've all been doing well!

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    17. @Soenatte She’s adorable! Love the ears. Can’t wait to see what you do for her face-up. <3

      Wow, I had no idea Basil was so cute. That shade of red really works for her. I also like how it looks short. It really frames her face.
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    18. Ohhh she's so cute !!! I'm happy you finally got her, congrats!
    19. Hello! I haven't had time to post my new boy, but he's here finally. Though, don't know if I love him as much as I thought I would... Not very happy because I requested face-up A, but I think they gave me face-up B... I'll try to see what to do with him.

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    20. Thank you! I will try a longer style when I receive my new order--which qualified me for the free limited KDF wig. ;)

      Wow! She's adorable! I love the way you styled her! :aheartbea

      Thank you! Basil isn't a very popular sculpt, but she is cute! :whee:

      That's upsetting... But, he's still cute. ;)
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