Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 16

Aug 19, 2019

    1. @xyuemoto KDFs are between 42 and 45 cm depending on which body you get (I have a classic KDF body and a Type 5 girl, the girl is 45cm, the boy is 42cm)



      ----------- Added notes ----------
      This is the discussion thread for Kid Delf (Luts). :hug:

      What Wigs fit...
      What eye sizes fit...
      What Shoes fit...
      What Clothes fit...


      Inside Kid Delf head

      How to put a Kid Delf head on Minifee body:
      Kid Delf head on Minifee Body Hybrid'


      Places to buy Clothes/Shoes/Wigs
      DollHeart, by
      CheeryDoll - BJDoll OutFits, SD,MSD,UNOA,Serendipity,Dresses,Casual,Shoes,Accessories
      VOLKS USA, Inc.
      Leeke World
      Welcome to Nayana Webmail

      Who fits What:
      Who Fits What | Den of Angels

      Kid Delf Girl / MiniFee Girl Comparison:

      DollZone MSD Fei, AOD Mini Lan, and KDF Bory comparison:

      DoA Kid Delf Database:
      DoA Wiki: LUTS

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    2. @A Wee Tiefling - Thanks a lot for the info and comparison. Would you happen to know if the type 2 body was 45cm or 42cm?
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    3. I don't know for sure about type 2, but I do know conclusively that Type 5 (girl and boy) appears to be the 45 cm (and have more childlike proportions)
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    4. So beautiful :D I love how you matched her jacket with her eyes :)
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    5. Omgsh! Your boys are so cute!!! :whee:

      Your girls are so beautiful! :blush

      Very handsome! :love

      Thank you! :blush
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    6. Hello! Here’s an update of my kdf (carrot, peach, and jamong), along with my sister’s/@Snow White (yul, berry, and basil)! :whee:

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    7. Lovely photo of our kids~ :aheartbea Thanks for sharing! :whee:
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    8. Your doll family looks so cute altogether!!!!
      To be honest I had thought I would only ever have two but then a third one got added... feel like it’s very hard to not want to get other dolls XD
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    9. You’re welcome! :blush

      Thanks! :whee: Exactly! I had two—a boy and a girl. I thought that would be enough, but then I wanted another one, though, in a different skin tone. And now that I have a RSB (Real Skin Brown), it’s so lovely that I want a RST (Real Skin Tan) too...:sweat
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    10. So I think I've finally decided on what BOY I want...and Bory is it! I don't know why I fought it so hard, but ultimately Bory is a great boy sculpt. I guess I didn't want to immediately go for the popular boy sculpt...I wanted to view other options. Honestly though, none of the faces are quite as mature as I'd want (and I like the size of KDF head on MDF body). Now...the saving begins!
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    11. I’m glad you found the boy you want. Bory is a nice sculpt.
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    12. Don't stone me, but I've already changed my mind..

      Somehow, I got to browsing in the Delf and Senior Delf 65 section of the websites.....AND ALL THESE CUTE BOYS!!!! X_X
      I had never really considered getting a doll larger than MSD size, but I am quite smitten with Senior65 Gray. If I can find more owner pictures/videos of him, I'm pretty sure his fate will be sealed!

      I wanted to be sure about what doll I get next so I know exactly how much to save for. *fingers crossed*
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    13. I've done that so many times before! :XD: I'll find myself looking through all the Delf and Senior Delf sculpts for that older look. In fact, that's how I found Senior65 Delf GRAY~ He's on my wishy; I am planning on purchasing him in the near future, so that my Tokuji (Delf ARAGORN) can have a brother! What skin tone are you planning on getting? I'm leaning towards Real Skin Light Tan. Also, my first bjd was a Senior Delf and they are amazing! You should definitely get one! :blush
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    14. I feel the same way, I also want a Bory light tan.... maybe someday I’m gonna get another one XD When I got real skin brown I thought the shade was slightly off for me but we rarely see tan KDFs. Maybe because they cost extra money for the skin tone.
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    15. Aragorn is so handsome! I really like the darker goth / punk look. The contrast with the lighter skin tone and dark face really strikes me, so I'll probably go for the Normal skin tone. If I was going for the Senior Delf Noel or Bory, I think I'd like him better in Light Tan. I'm pretty sure that 65cm is as large as I'd want to. (Lets hope so, cause my pockets really can't take any more LOL I always like to get at least 1 full outfit, wig and eyes with my that's an easy $100-200 on top of the doll and shipping so I have to be mindful...)

      I was looking for a "boyfriend" for my KDF but uh, he's definitely going to tower over her farther than I'd like. At this point I don't even care if he fits into my mosh pit of a story right now, I WANT HIM!

      I thought it was just me, but I find the Real Skin Brown is odd too!!! Its a lot more yellow looking in person and I don't care for it at all. When I ordered my Muhwa, I was going by the company photos of the tan girl. I didn't know Real Skin Brown wasn't the one in the photo, so I was a bit surprised at how light she was when she arrived. I honestly wouldn't get RSB again on any other doll, but I instantly fell in love with my girl so I can look past the resin color. I think the skin tone is why I have a hard time finding suitable wigs for her. Most colors just clash oddly for me, so the dark brown/black hair makes her skin tone look less yellowy to me.
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    16. Actually real skin brown was the one in the official photo, at least they labeled it that way for Bory but the picture just comes out much darker than how we see it in real life. I think I had more problem with the faceup than the skin tone lol. Somehow the brown Bory end up looking really feminine instead of boyish. Although it’s true that it’s harder to fit the right wig. I’ve noticed that certain colour do look nicer on Brown Bory than my real skin normal Bory tho.
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    17. Another thing I noticed (just now, as Im literally stalking the LUTS website...smh) is that most of their dolls have major body blushing. I just seen one doll that probably is RSB but looks way tanner because of the there is that.

      On another note, @Shougi I just found a comparison of the Senior65 vs the KDF, there is NO way the couple duo will work with that big of a size difference :( The Senior65 is almost two KDF tall! O_O ...welp I might be back to the drawing board on this search after all.
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    18. All this talk about tan skinned dolls is making me jealous... I was set on my next doll being a light tan or tan Kid Delf, but ever since LUTS released Senior65 Delf WINE, I’m so torn! I really want him! He’s so gorgeous! :love But if I were to get him next, then I would be getting another light skinned doll... :( Ugh! I’m so confused... *_*
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