Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 16

Aug 19, 2019

    1. @DollieLovex3 I had a Senior65 Delf a while back, but ended up selling him, because he was too big and his legs were super long. :( But I loved holding a large doll, so I decided to purchase a Delf and now I prefer the Delf size. The body is more youthful and the legs are perfect. :3nodding: Though, if you’re looking for a boyfriend for your KDF, I do think it’s a big difference in height... I have a hard time taking pictures with a KDF and a DF~SDF together. Actually, I have a picture I can show you. This is my sister’s BASIL with my ARAGORN. I hope this helps.


      Well, WINE is absolutely gorgeous, so you should definitely get him and share pictures! :aheartbea Besides, I am most likely getting a tan next~ :3nodding:
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    2. @Shougi I love the photo!!! :XD: So, I’m still thinking... I will definitely get WINE, but I just don’t know when. And, when I do get him, I will definitely share! :blush I really do need a gorgeous tan doll though... You have one already and planning on getting another and I have none... not cool~ :|
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    3. @DollieLovex3 If you want a more mature looking boyfriend for your KDF, then MDFs scale pretty nicely, as evidenced by my pair of Borys (Annix and Yuki). Though TBH I'm sad you won't be joining the cult of Bory, gotta go with the sculpts you like! Luts has some beautiful sculpts that really don't get enough love. I'd add more KDFs and MDFs in the future if I could, from Luts those are my favourite sizes. A Wee Tiefling on Instagram: “Borys go beach #legitbjds #bjdphotography #bjdstagram #dollsofinstagram #kiddelfbory #modeldelfbory”
    4. Ok all hope is not lost, my friend! So this is what I have figured out....

      The only suitable pairing for Yoko's height (in my preference) would be another KDF or Model Delf. So Bory is most likely going to be her BF Lol. He has a sweet face, but the MDF Bory still has enough of a mature look for me to live with :D Yay! Bory gets cuter in every size it seems...

      My Gray Senior65 doesn't quite fit in with the crew..but Im Ok with that. I really like him so it doesn't much matter. (I don't think he'll play into the story)

      I'm sure you won't regret it. I actually wanted a lighter toned doll (since I already have a brown and a tan) but somehow...I keep getting roped back into tan Lol

      Thank you for sharing this truly helps a bunch! I think, in terms of a companion for my KDF, a Model delf boy will be just right ^_^

      I am still absolutely sold on a Senior65, or a Mychoice with my Gray's head. I think its so funny how they just extend the legs for these dolls sizes, but the torso proportions stay the same ROFl. I don't mind it though. Your boy is so beautiful!
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    5. @Shougi @Snow White Your family of KDFs (and others) is adorable! The sisters who collect together have fun together!
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    6. @DollieLovex3 I think it’s a great idea to get a MDF. Plus, a lot of them look really good! My favorite is MDF Black, but Bory is cute too! :love And, thanks! I’ll try to take more photos of him with my KDF. :blush

      Thanks! :blush It’s fun to share this hobby with someone so close. We are able to offer suggestions about our dolls, as well as share accessories; plus, there are more dolls to play with~! :XD:
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    7. Thanks. It’s just so hard to choose sometimes... Especially when so much money is on the line... :sweat

      Thank you! :whee:

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    8. Found another photo of Aohime, my Basil~ :whee:


      I'm going to have to take another photo of all of my babies again, because LUTS gave me an update that my ZUZU Animal Delf KONG will be shipping next week! Yay! :XD: I ordered the Melon Deer because he looked so sweet and I am kind of obsessed with deer. :blush

      Now, I'm just waiting on my Honey31 Bory Romance. But, he probably won't ship until September, hopefully...

      Ugh... I am so broke... LUTS just had to release a Romance BORY... Unfortunately, my WINE will now have to wait until at least the end of November or early December... :atremblin
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    9. That bunny shirt is so cute~!!!

      I also wanted to get a honey31 ann or bory but... still trying desperately to stick to one size because I know how crazy I become with assembling all of their outfit/wigs/other accessories!!!!

      Maybe in a couple years, I can afford to go to different sizes.
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    10. I thought about the Honey31, but after seeing a video comparison decided against it. The original HDF body is a bit chubbier, and I like that! Im starting to learn I like the thicker limbs vs. Slim MSD too. I think that's mostly why I put Miyoami up for sale. I'd really like to work on getting a LUTS boy next.
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    11. Save up for a Volks doll if you like chubbier dolls! Their 1/4 sized dolls are chubbier than kid delf. I remember that kid delf used to say the size of the sculpt for the head but since they created new site, it doesn’t show all the detail measurements anymore?
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    12. Being the current resident Bory obsessive, I'll probably bite on the honey delf Bory eventually. The regular head is non-limited so I don't feel too badly about missing the romance head (though I lobed Breath of God Bory...sigh)

      @DollieLovex3 She was a cute doll, though she'll be well loved where she's going. Myou dolls have a loyal following.

      I've been doing nothing but posing my Borys around and they're getting nice and floppy so they slouch like the gwumpy teenagers they are. Makes me feel even worse about ignoring my Ttori. She's so cute but she's chonky and harder to pose with her stiff stringing.
    13. Thank you! :whee:

      I understand how crazy it can be, but I can't help myself... :sweat
      Not only are some molds limited to one size, but having different sizes just makes things less boring--in my opinion.
      I could never imagine having only KDF. Although, I do envy those who are happy with owning just one size. :blush
      I'm sure it makes things a lot easier. :XD:
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    14. @A Wee Tiefling I think you're right. The new owner and I had quite the lengthy [excited] discussion about MYOU brand and Alice's Collections upon setting up the layaway Lol. I'm happy she's going to a nice new home. I still love MYOU, but possibly their big baby line only...I just like the thicker limbed sculpts. She wasn't a slim MSD compared to minifee..but she wasn't chubby either like LUTS Type 5, either.
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    16. @Snow White Your girls are gorgeous! :love I love their new outfits! And I adore the size of the Honey31! :D I plan on getting one in the near future! If it weren't for GRAY... I would get one sooner! haha. :lol:

      Oh, here's a new photo of my JAMONG! I think I'm liking the blue and blonde look!


      And a photo of my PEACH with a new outfit~
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    17. @Shougi Thank you! :aheartbea I really do like the Honey31! The pose-ability is amazing! :whee:
      Omgsh! Your boy is so handsome!!! :D
      And your PEACH looks super sweet in her new outfit! :XD:
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    18. They’re so cute! Can you post a pic of them standing together to compare sizes?
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    19. @Snow White @Shougi

      The adorable family of KDFs strikes again! I think the coordination and styling between all these dolls is super cute, really works to pull them together. Plus I get to see rarer KDF sculpts (like Jamong and Peach)
    20. @Elomina Sure! My YUL doesn't stand very well (which is why I had her sitting in the first photo), but somehow I was able to get a quick shot! :whee:


      @A Wee Tiefling Thanks! :aheartbea
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