Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 16

Aug 19, 2019

    1. @Snow White That size comparison is adorable! The Honey31 makes a perfect younger sibling for a KDF. :aheartbea

      @A Wee Tiefling Thank you! I wish there were more PEACH sculpts out there... :roll: She's so pretty. I always question whether I should change her, because she can be so versatile. I remember seeing a blonde PEACH before, and she was gorgeous! But, I don't want to change mine, because then I think I'm changing who she is... Is that weird? :sweat I think that's the reason why I always tell myself I want more dolls, so that I can keep my dolls looking the way I created them in the first place. Anyway, here's an update on my girl! It's a quick change from the other day, but I think I prefer clothes with warmer colors on her. :3nodding:

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    2. @Shougi Wow! She's gorgeous in pink! :D And, to be honest, I love your PEACH the way she is! ;) Nothing wrong sticking with one look! I've sort of grown attached to a particular look my dolls have as well~

      Although, I did change my YUL's eyes again... haha. :sweat But, I think I'm really growing fond of the mint green. Her other eyes did not stand out as much as these ones (and they were a little too sparkly).:XD:

      Here's a photo of her with her new eyes!

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    3. @Snow White Thanks! :blush And I love your YUL's new eyes! They seem more natural! The green especially looks pretty~! :aheartbea
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    4. Thank you! Looks like I’ll have to put one of these shorties on my wish list!
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    5. [​IMG]

      New picture for my Bory twins, honestly every time I see them together, I want to change Saku's official faceup to something that looks similar to Mochi's... but I also feel bad about wanting to change it ack....

      Saku always looks so much better in girl clothes and long hair for some reason... maybe I should just get a separate light tan bory in the future....
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    6. @Shougi I think a blonde Peach would look fabulous, right out of a shojo manga! Something about her sculpt is super elegant.

      @asatou I stopped fighting my urge to force poor Annix into silly and/or uncharacteristically girly outfits a long time ago. I'm so glad he's not alive because I'm sure he'd be kicking me in the shins for putting him in the girls clothes all the time. Bory makes a very pretty genderfluid sculpt for sure! Your Saku is super cute in his genderfluid state! Curls!

      @DollieLovex3 I've been trying to treat my Ttori girl right and put her in nicer outfits because I love the way you've styled your girl. I felt so guilty about trying to sell her.
    7. Seeing everyone’s beautiful kid delfs inspired me to get one of my own! I’m super excited today since my Yuz just arrived. Right now he’s in limbo waiting for his very own wig, eyes, and clothes (he’s borrowing from another doll).

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    8. What a cutie! Congratulations and welcome to the Luts family!!! Have you decided on a "Style" of clothing for Yuz yet?

      @A Wee Tiefling Aww I am glad I could inspire you! I often think about getting Yoko a new face up but then I wonder if she'll have the same 'style' after ..ya know? Maybe I should leave well enough alone Lol
    9. Oh that's such a nice colored wig! I also really like the purple shirt and necklace!
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    10. Heres Yoko's latest look! She is sporting a pair of eyes I made her to enter the Temporary Doll Eyes contest for Newbies ^_^ Im pretty proud with how they came out. I've never made anything for my doll yet, so maybe I should start soon.

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    11. Thank you! He’s exceeded my expectations and I think I’m bonding well with him. I’m trying to decide who will be my next purchase now.:love

      I’m located in Florida so we just were bombarded for the past week with news of the most recent hurricane. I decided to name him Dorian thanks to that and plan to give him my own interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” I’m thinking I want to have him wear clothes with a more Victorian styling.

      Thank you so much! He’ll be giving those up once his own wig and clothes arrive since I have them set for another doll who hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll happily post some picture of his new look though!
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    12. Those eyes are so pretty omg! How did you make them!!!!
    13. @orenjiina That is such a clever way to name him; I like it. The fashion style sounds like it will fit him well with that name :) I can't wait to see! Haha I was the same way when Yoko arrived. I immediately thought about buying another and who I'd want to save up for next. They're like Pringles....

      @asatou Thank you! So this is basically what I did (copied from my photo entry text...)

      White Playdough
      Nail Polish (Blue & Clear)
      Iridescent Glitter
      Clear School Glue

      STEP 1: I started out creating two round balls from white play dough. I gently squished them down on a scrap piece of watercolor paper to make the backs flat. I used the round end of a closed ink pen to make an indention in the dome shape for the iris color. I placed a droplet of colored nail polish into the indention until it was covered. I let dry over night.

      STEP 2: Using finely milled iridescent craft glitter, I sprinkled bits into the indention, on top of the colored nail polish. I poured droplets of clear nail polish inside the indention until filled. Let dry for 1 hour.

      STEP 3: At this point, the eyes weren't drying fast enough Lol The clear polish also dried a bit hazy so it was hard to see the glitter. A dried crust was forming, but I could tell it was still mushy underneath. To do damage control, I patted a bit more glitter on top of the clear polish dome. I mixed water and a bit of clear craft glue to coat the entire eyeball so it would *hopefully* dry crystal clear but still show the glitter. It worked for the visual, but the texture is still a bit mushy. (It may be completely hard and dry in a couple days)

      Overall this was so fun and I think I will attempt it again in the future and see if I can make it work...
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    14. Would’ve never guessed the materials lol. Hope you won some prizes!
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    15. @DollieLovex3 Those eyes look amazing and that's a pretty cool way to start crafting! I know I have eyes to make for my big 'uns but maybe in future the little 'uns will get some new eyes too. I love Yoko's face, she gets more alive and expressive every time I see her. She's so cute, especially her little hands!

      @orenjiina Yuz is a gorgeous sculpt, especially as a boy. Such a serious little face! I can't wait to see what you do to make him more Victorian/Edwardian (I'm an Edwardian fan myself but only because it's just about the weirdest era of the last century)

      So I guilted myself into keeping my Ttori, but I'm absolutely sick of her factory faceup. I want her to look more lively and she's just about the most serious little grumpus on my shelf. It's so not her.
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    16. I feel like I don't pay enough attention to my kids anymore ever since I decided they were twins. Here's my Yuli (Yul) and Thorn (Berry) looking like a couple of peasants. xD
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    17. @asatou @A Wee Tiefling Thank you! I did, actually. I'm pretty excited about them =^_^= Here are the pairs I won:
      I can't wait to see what Yoko looks like with them. If they aren't fitting, I will probably hold on to them for my boys-to-be. :)

      @Cap'n Your twins are such cuties. What do you think is holding you back? Lack of interest or just busy with life?

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    18. @DollieLovex3
      Nah, I just like bigger dolls better so I neglect my MSD. >.<
      Those are some adorable eyes! :o

    19. These eyes look so pretty, i'm excited to see how your doll looks in them!
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    20. @Cap'n Ah I see. I wonder if my interests for MSD will change once I finally get my Senior boy. I saw one on sale in Marketplace with the faceup I planned to get for another Luts sculpt. Omggggg this credit card is burning my hand, I want him so badly and he's pretty much 1/2 the price Id pay for one from LUTS (plus no wait time!) Eeeekkk Idk what to do...:eusa_pray

      @asatou Thank you!! I can't wait to see for myself too, these are some interesting colors. I really like the copper pair (bottom) but we shall see if I can make them work since their 12mm and she usually takes 16 or 14mm.
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