Luts Kid Delf Discussion part 16

Aug 19, 2019

    1. @DollieLovex3
      That's how it happened for me. Had two KD before I got an SD. I currently have an SD65 and a SSDF plus 3 more luts heads who need bodies. I want at least one more luts body and right now I'm eyeing either a Senior Delf or another SD65. >u<
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    2. [​IMG]

      I got matching hair for them, except they don't look matching at all...

      Also it's impossible to get brown Bory's skin tone right on picture... it always look yellowy for some reason....
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    3. They both look so cute!
      The brown skin does have quite a bit of yellow in it, even when freshly caste, at least to my eyes. You may have to do what I sometimes do with my yellowed dolls and change it just a smidge in a photo editing program. I am no expert... and multiple skin tones in one photo makes it harder (at least for someone like me with no clue as to what I am doing really), but sometimes a mild tweak helps.
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    4. It might also be a mixture of the wall color behind them plus indoor lighting that's making him look more yellow-toned. Is he RSB or Tan? I have an RSB head and he's more of a dulled tan than anything.
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    5. He is RSB, ya to the eyes he is a very dull coffee -ish kind of color but it’s like impossible to take a picture that shows that color.

      I tried all kinds of different filters and nothing worked on making the brown skin one look like his exact color XD
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    6. @asatou I don't have an RSB luts doll but I do have a coffee-tan Resinsoul and I have found natural light outdoors (during the Golden Hour no less) is the closest to RL for pics. Coffee colour resin is hard because it's an olive base. Though my red-based tan fellow is even worse in artificial light. He looks like a lobster.
    7. My JAMONG is Real Skin Brown. His skin appears grayish in cool or normal lighting, but a little yellowish in warm lighting. It's so difficult to take a picture of my boy without his skin looking different in several photos. haha.

      Here's a photo of my PEACH, Kazuki! :whee: I really like her in pink~

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    8. I know right???? Real brown skin is impossible to photograph without color distortion ! XD

      I’m thinking of getting my dolls some red eyes later but I recently just purchased some green eyes. It’s sitting in storage with my proxy right now... probably not gonna get those until way later.

      Are you guys gonna take any Halloween themed pictures? I don’t realky have any Halloween stuff for my dolls but I guess they could just dress up in maid or military-ish outfit....
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    9. Red eyes are always fun! And Halloween themed pictures sounds interesting! Maybe I’ll consider making a costume! :3nodding:
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    10. @asatou
      I'm taking Halloween pictures, most of my dolls have costumes AND we're hosting a Doll'O'Ween meet in October where I'll be providing props. Though I haven't been sharing my KDFs lately they're my favourite dolls to get pics of.
      I have fantasy eyes in most of my dolls. They're cool and more subtle than I imagined, considering my Ttori Ramona has blue galaxy eyes and her BFF has pink heart eyes. I like how eyes really seal a doll's look in

    11. Oooh I hope you post your halloween pictures later! Doll'O'Ween is such a cool idea XD
    12. @Shougi Your Peach looks gorgeous as always! :aheartbea

      Oh! Halloween pictures sounds fun! I'll try to make something for my dollies too! :whee:

      And, here is an updated photo of my Utsuki.;)


      I bought her some new eyes. I think I like these best.
      As much as I liked the green, the warmer tone seems to look better--in my opinion. :blush
      I also put her back in my favorite dress. I buy her new clothes and then end up putting her back in her old one...
      I don't know why... I just bond better with her when she is dressed in my favorite look... :sweat
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    13. Hi guys, I'm pretty positive that I'll be ordering a Kid Delf within the next couple of months (because I've become very fond of Filo's sculpt), and I'm trying to decide between the type 5 body and the type 2 multi body. So, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how they compare to one another, like how well they stand and sit, whether or not they have any difficulty doing certain poses, etc. Any information you'd be willing to share would be very helpful and greatly appreciated, thank you! :chibi
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    14. Hi I have both type 2 and type 5 boy body.

      Type 5 sits better but Type 2’s legs are better in that type 5’s legs can kick up/dislocate quite easily whereas type 2’s legs have specific ridges to hold it in place and for different poses.
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    15. Those eyes kind of look like the shiny eyes that ur sister’s Jamong had. I like the sparkly look too! Matches the hair bow tie a lot :D
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    16. @Snow White I love the sparkly eyes, they're so cool and attractive.
    17. Aww! Filo is cute! How exciting! :XD:
      So, I have never owned Type 5, but my sister (@Shougi ) has. It is definitely chunkier than Type 2, but still very cute. :whee:
      My Kids are all on Type 2 and I love it. But~, it definitely has both pros and cons. :roll:
      The body for both boy and girl is beautifully sculpted; however, the chest piece on the girl makes it quite difficult to pose.
      The joint is below the breast--not in the middle/stomach--which makes it very difficult for her to bend forward.
      The legs are definitely a lot better than the older Type 1. Type 2 legs have very good pose-ability to that of which it can be adjusted in many different ways to hold a particular pose.
      I hope I was helpful to you. :)

      Thanks! Although they look similar, they are different. My sister's were P Glass eyes from LUTS. These ones are from Alice's Collections. ;)

      Thank you! :whee:
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    18. @Snow White Thanks! I do love that dress you have on Utsuki--and she fits it perfectly! :love

      @swanlings I did have the Type 5 body. I only sold it, because I wanted a different skin tone and size for that specific doll. :sweat But it was super cute! :aheartbea It is a definite if you want your kid to be on the chubbier side, like I did (at first, before changing my mind)! And I believe the posing was better because the body was sturdier. The only con was that some clothes were a bit tight... I plan on getting one again in the future. Right now, I have several Type 2 bodies. The Type 2 is fun when it comes to posing the legs, but not the chest and abdomen. For the girl, there's no bending the abdomen and, for the boys, the abdomen always seem stiff to me. I hoped I helped!
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    19. @Shougi Thanks! I think so too!:whee:

      Oh! I forgot to share an updated photo of my Aohime. I changed her look too. She’s now borrowing her sister’s (Utsuki’s) dress. I think I like her better this way. :blush

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    20. @Snow White

      I still remember seeing Utsuki in that dress! I like the short wig with the bow but I wonder if a lighter brown long wig with brown eyes would suit this look better!

      Also which maker is Utsuki's pink wig from?? The color is so pretty, I feel like I asked before but don't remember the maker lol.
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