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Sep 1, 2006

    1. Do not bid on any of the auctions of this scammer:

      They stole the pictures and description of a doll of mine that my sister, riversoblood, is selling for me, and posted a fake auction on eBay Spain. The theft is so blatant, they even took the picture that shows a lot of my bedroom and copied my description word for word!

      Their eBay name is lixiuna343 and they are based in China.

      They have definitely stolen the descriptions and pictures of other people's dolls. They have two white cat Chris dolls up! Does anyone recognize the pictures and descriptions for the other auctions so we can report them too?

      ***edit*** I was able to report it to eBay Spain also! Yay!
      I have reported my particular auction to eBay USA, does anyone live in Spain who can report them through that site?
    2. wow. steal alot of pictures @@ Zero feedback = =
    3. I'm currently working on reporting every single one of those auctions by finding the originals first. The scammer didn't even bother changing the listing titles!
    4. Okay, I found all of the original auctions and have reported the copies to eBay. I found all of the BJD ones, but I couldn't find the originals for two others: "Tete Jumeau Bebe Doll~1885-1899 French Antique Doll*NR" and the " Polly by Annette Himstedt 2003" , though. Maybe they closed.
    5. You're selling the Paper Moon Chii?? Why??
    6. I'm not allowed to discuss that here since Chii got banned for not meeting the BJD criteria. You can PM, though. :(
    7. Oh! I loved your doll, I always thought she was incredible :( Thanks for alerting on the scammers, I hadn't noticed those auctions.
    8. Wow that was very useful info. Thanx for sharing that!
    9. What a horrible scammer! :(
      Thank you very much for this important info!!
    10. i hope that person gets banned from Ebay. u were lucky to find that. hopefully no one gets scammed
    11. Some nice person in Spain actually emailed it to me. I am so grateful to them! :)
    12. unfortunately these sort of scammers have been doing this for a while, I've seen it happen alot with the high end dolls in the antique catagory and now looks like they found the BJD market too :( they will just come up with another ID. Some in the past when you hit "watch this item" would redirect to a fake sign in page. Please be careful browsing ebay.
    13. geez that sucks! people are so awful somtimes
    14. eBay took down all the auctions and banned the user. :-D I hope no one "won" any of those auctions and that the scammer didn't get any money. I hope they won't resurface...
    15. AUGH! They're back with a new ID. They've stolen my same description and SAME pictures, and are also scamming dollfies and regular dolls!! I have reported them AGAIN.

    16. Wow...thanx for the heads up!
      They had the nerve to re-post the same dolls with the same info?
      What a looser!
    17. Hrm, SERIOUS red flag on that one? The BJD's they're selling are WAY WAY WAY below normal pricing.. :/ .. I hope they perma-ban them. >.<
    18. I just did a worldwide search on eBay in the advanced options and found that there are THREE more scam auctions of my particular doll! This scammer has LOTS of separate IDs!!
    19. The three IDs I see now are: ggs5fn, ynghieg7mg and lzlu4d.
    20. i seriously dislike some people on ebay T_T