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Mangorevolver: Transaction outcome (Sellers, beware!)

Jun 26, 2007


      I was in a doll transaction with mangorevolver in may, and during the time I left for vacation she vanished. It's now been a month, she never notified me of her absence, and I still have a doll and no payment that needs to be finished. x_x I know she'd been having troubles checking DOA but she also hasn't signed onto msn or appered to check her e-mail at all.

      If any of her friends have any leads or can contact her for me, that would be great, as I know she really had her heart set on this doll and I'd hate to sell it to someone else but I am running out of time.

    2. Bump. Help Please. X.x
    3. Bump. Still No Contact.
    4. she's dissapeared... even i cant get hold of her and i tried texting her... when i see her online or if she texts me back i'll let her know that you're looking for her >< hopefully she's ok and this can all be sorted soon :)
      I left her a offline message as well for you and a link to this page ^^ so hopefully she'll be back soon ><
    5. Hi Sae! Is There anyway for you to call her? im really worried about her, she was fine before i left and just vanished.. she hasnt been on msn at all and i have emailed her six times, at least! i just hope lone's ok!!
    6. i just found out shes got some problems and is stopping the doll collection for a while >< she's selling most of her dolls again :(, she would of told you but she hasnt had access to the internet for a while, so i think you might wanna put him back up for sale.. she's sorry and hope he goes to a good home
    7. Oh dear, I hope everything is ok with her!
      The last time I spoke with her was on the 21st, and I sent her another email 2 days ago. She purchased a doll from me and I shipped him out, but then he was held in customs for a while and eventually returned to me from the UK.;_; Now he's sitting at my post office with a large fee attached to him.D: She said she had spoken with somebody on her end that told her they would take care of it and no one would have to pay again to have him shipped back out, so I haven't taken any action yet. ^^; Can you please let her know that I am trying to get a hold of her regarding this? Thanks so much!
    8. Im very angry about this.. i was extremely generous and overly patient to now be told i have been strung along for almost two months. She was going to have me ship it to someone in the US, and every single time I asked her to pay and get me the shipping money later, I was put off.

      I just lost my job, I was desperately depending on this sale to get me through. I understand depression, but it is unfair for her to not complete this sale now and for me not to take action against her.
    9. morbidollz i'll text her for you >< and try and get her to do something about this -______- *sigh

      confession i cant do anything about this... i'm just the messenger... Just put the doll up for sale again.. i've texted her again to get her online.. but thats all i can really do now
    10. You can tell her to contact me and finish the sale. both you and she are being unfair by telling me to just relist it. its now been 3 days since i listed without even a bite. she made me wait TWO MONTHS. she should complete this transaction, even if she were to turn around and resell him, at least that would be her cross to bear, not mine. i feel taken advantage of not only for my patiencebut my money and my time and i want this sale completed. i would like to see how either of you would feel in my shoes in this situation. i understand depression, but she has no right to string me along and then drag me into her mess when i am desperate to get rid of this doll and get the payment i need. you may be the messenger, but i have no way to reach her as she ignores my emails and avoids msn. please assist me in trying to finish this sale. the burden of her feelings should not be placed on me now.
    11. Ok, thank you, Sae! You're so sweet for trying to help out. =) I went to the P.O. the other day to see if anything can be done, but they just told me if I didn't collect the package by next weekend, it would be destroyed! It looks like I'm going to have to find some way to pay the fee and pick him up.): Once he's safely back in my possession, we'll work out how to send him back to her. If she no longer wants him, I can try to sell him for her, but I need to know if that is indeed what she wants to do. *sigh*
    12. confession dont take it out on me... i've done you a favour, i could of just ignored this so dont have a damn go at me... i didnt know she did this to you.. i cant seem to get hold of her anyway, out of kindness i've tryed to call her and text her but she has not got back to me... i aint doing anymore, if i'm going to be had a go at...
      do what you want but i cannot help anymore!!!
      Also i've been in your situation where someone wanted a doll of mine and didnt pay in the end (i waited from january to just reciently)... I just relisted him and let it be... yes its annoying but life is like that...

      morbidollz - i really hope she comes online soon and sorts this out :( thanks for being so understanding. and i dont mind helping out :) I will keep you updated if she texts me back
    13. I'm not trying to take it out on you - I apologize for my curtness, I had been updating that from my phone e_e

      I have no way to reach her either, so your assistance is needed since she is your friend and you can text or call her. If I had the number, I would have texted myself, but calling is impossible as the fee alone would eat me alive. I've been emailing now since May and haven't a single reply. I'm sorry I'm short, but what would you like me to do? I was quite kind as well to even try to continue to work this out with her, but now I am out 900, and I can't even pay my bills this month, and this doll is showing no sign of selling.

      I shouldn't have to "just relist it", she should be the bigger person and finish her end of the deal - and not hide behind her friend, making you the person that has to communicate with us!
    14. i know she should be the bigger person >< she should sort this out, but i done what i can now
      all i can do is nag her to get her butt online and reply to both your emails and whatnot...
      will try and keep you updated as much as i can... but i have done all i can.. -__-
    15. I know, and I really appreciate you even trying to call her. If you do reach her, maybe just pass along what we've said - because while she hasn't exchanged money with me, she has put me in just as much of a pickle as morbid - I'm out money now also, and who knows if I will resell this doll, and if I do, I might have to take a huge loss, all because she couldn't be the better person. :/
    16. pm'd you and morbidollz
    17. thank you, I replied right away and pmed morbid as well.
    18. My “transaction” with this user is currently over, at this point. She has once again stopped communication, and I am still stuck with the doll, no payment, and a nonpaying buyer. This is my first and hopefully last time I have ever had an experience like this, and unpleasant is putting it in the lightest of words.

      The transaction began early in May when I was selling a mod chiwoo, and we settled on the BIN of $910 with shipping. We had excellent communication almost daily on msn messenger, and often discussed things other than dolls. She told me she wanted me to ship the doll within the US instead of to the UK to save money and told me I needed to wait until she got the information. She was informed I was going to be on vacation over 3 weeks in California and the Carribean and my communication would be limited. I attempted to finish the transaction several times, but she would not mail me the money first and send the shipping when she found out the shipping. She had plenty of time, and was unable to reach her “friend”.

      When I returned from my trips, I contacted her June 8, June 11, June 16, June 24. and finally June 28 before I posted on den of angels. User Sae replied saying she texted and attempted to call her and would let her know. I was finally contacted by Mangorevolver who apologized and then informed me of a sudden house building which she completely neglected to mention in any of our conversations – even just to tell me they were trying to get it, or hope to move. At first when she spoke she was very pleasant offering to try and help any way she could. She then progressively tried to back out of the sale by telling me she is now financially strapped, and could no longer afford the sale. While I felt sympathy, I was also contacted by other sellers who were also put out money, and when I confronted her about not only Sae’s texts and calls but the words of the other sellers, she immeadiately felt I was out to get her, and her story conflicted not only what she had told me prior, but what others had as well. I finally gave her the ultimatum that she would complete the sale with me, or I fully intended to warn other sellers in the future of her behavior, and post my emails. With no reply for days now when I confronted her finally with the condemning information from another user, I am ending this tirade and am posting the emails. Overall, this was a very aggravating experience, and I highly encourage sellers to avoid this buyer at all costs.

      Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 11:48:01 -0400
      From: xxx
      To: xxx
      Subject: Re: test
      I now posted for you on DOA and still havent gotten a reply. I am starting to get concerned, and may need to relist the doll if I do not hear from you soon. Please get back to me.

      On 7/1/07, Lone Star <xxxx> wrote:
      Oh my goodness! I am SO sorry for this craziness and not getting back to you sooner I feel AWFUL. I really am terribly terribly sorry! I haven't had internet since you went away as we finally got planning permission on our land to build our house so home is a bit of a building site right now! I got a call from my friend Sae earlier who told me you and morbidollz were looking for me so i rushed over to a friends to find out and found a ton of emails. I cannot apologize enough! If you look at my profile on doa i haven't been on since i spoke to you. Everything has just been so hectic and i'm afraid dolls were last on the agenda. I completely forgot. I feel absolutely awful as the last thing i want to do is let anyone down but financially now the build is underway I really cannot justify such an expensive purchase but letting you down seems so incredibly unfair and makes me seem like an absolute pig which is also the last thing i want to appear to be.

      After many huge problems with parcelforce getting dolls into the UK is proving impossible. I was awaiting a doll i paid for back in april from morbidollz. It seems like parcelforce couldnt be bothered to send me a letter to pay for my customs charges despite the fact i called them daily and eventually he got sent back to canada. Anyway.. since they;ve been so useless both me and morbidollz are reluctant to send him back and once she resells him will be refunding me the money (i think... this is still in discussion) so I could send you the money then. I don't know how long that would be and you could probably sell him quicker in the meantime. As I don't have internet communication will be slow and i don't want to mess you around more than i have done.

      Once again I am so sorry and I will do anything I can to help you out.
      Here is my email address for my work. (xxxx)
      Sae informed me that this has gone public on doa as a couple of people were looking for me (they've all been sorted now)I'd appreciate it if we could sort this out privately now since I can't access doa or anything easily

      Sorry again, Hugs

      On 7/1/07, starz in the reject <xxxx> wrote:
      I am surprised about the house as your friend Sae told me a different story - that you were avoiding her texts and calls, and had fallen into a depression and were selling off your dolls.

      I at first was concerned for you, as our discussions on msn were more than friendly, and often had nothing to do with the transactions, but at this point now, I feel as if I was lied to, as if I was lead on and gave you so much time only to have it thrown back at me. There was more than one occassion where I gave you the paypal address and asked you to go ahead and send the money and then give me shipping information later, but you never did. For a doll that you were so in love with, you never mentioned the house situation before, nor did you mention not having the money at any time.

      I understand not being able to justify purchases, but I do not understand how you can justify damaging your buying reptuation by ending a transaction after leading me on for two months, knowing the likely hood of selling for the same price is very slim, considering how I had told you I had problems in the first place listing him. Compound that with the fact that I have now lost my job due to complications and have credit card bills, and the fact that you did not contact me for well over a month and led a transaction on for two months only to try and break away with no responsibility leads me to be very unforgiving about the matter. I understand hard ships, but you are not the only person who needs the money and has problems.

      I do not know the details with morbid dolls, nor do I feel comfortable accepting money that is not in your possession for a deal that is not currently completed. Her situation is seperate from mine completely other than the fact that we both are out of money at the moment due to dolls being the last thing on your mind, as were the sellers patiently waiting for you.

      I did go public on den of angels, and as a result was notified of another seller from last year who tried to sell you a doll and was given the same reason of depression when you backed out of the sale. This was the final straw for me which has made me lead up to my current decision of how I wanted to handle the situation. I understand keeping this private, but considering the options I am left with, taking action is one of the few cards I have left, and one I am still willing to play.

      The only way to sort this out left that I am, willing to do, is either for you to complete this transaction within one week, or for me to be compensated for my time. I do not care if you turn around and resell the doll, at that point I have my money, and it is no longer my cross to bear.

      If either of the options is not one you can do, I will end this transaction by posting the outcome on den of angels and will leave you negative feedback since it was not an overall pleasant transaction. I hope to hear back from you shortly.
    19. On 7/2/07, Sophie Russell <xxxx> wrote:

      Hi again Meg.
      I have absolutely no idea what Sae was talking about. I did have a blippy period before we got the consent to get our build going since we’d been waiting for months and i was sick and tired of home being nowhere, i’m really upset that she’s telling people i’m “falling into a state of depression” I have done before but i’ve certainly risen above that and I am most definitely stronger for it now. I really cannot understand why she did not mention the build since I even sent her messages with its progress and she claims I was ignoring her calls? I’m hurt!
      I didn’t have to contact you and let you know the situation, I could have just ignored the fact sae told me you had been looking for me but I didn’t and I wanted to get to the bottom of this and not leave you in the dark or lead to to believe that I am someone i’m not. The last thing I want to do is cause upset especially when it seems that life is crazy for the both of us right now.
      I understand your upset and feel like i’ve been ignoring you purposefully but that was most definitely not my intention and even though i’m not in the best financial predicament right now, out of fairness I still said I’d try. It was wrong of me to disappear but i’m sure even you know that life can get a head of you sometimes and things like dolls really do slip your mind and seem completely irrelevant.
      I never said i’d sell the doll either, so once again i’m very disappointed in Sae for spreading such petty rumours. I was planning to let one or two go a while back but I never said I was selling them all due to a depressive state of mind. I really am insulted by what has been relayed to you. I never ignored her calls or text messages – to tell you the truth I didn’t receive any, not even an email to my work address.
      As for morbidollz the doll never even got to me, that wasn’t problems on my part, that was UK customs needing her to talk to them and Parcelforce UK’s negligence. We have sorted things out now and she’s going to resell the doll on my behalf since she does not want to risk sending him back and upon sale - refund the money back to me. She had the choice to contact UK parcelforce or refund and we both agreed that Parcelforce were too incompetent to handle this.

      I do not want to upset anyone and will try my best to see the transaction through should you want me to, although I would still be relying on the sale of the doll that never got here to fund this purchase so I cannot guarantee a speedy transaction within a week. I wanted to give you the opportunity to get a faster and easier sale (since shipping to the UK is a complete nightmare at the moment – hence the doll being returned to morbidollz) and no doubt that should cause yet more hassle.
      As for den of angels and feedback, it makes no difference to me since I cannot access DOA now anyway, (blocker at work and won’t have internet for a long time) As I said I really don’t want to upset anyone and will try my best to smooth things and make them easier for you.
      I had no idea of your job loss and I really do sympathize. I really want to thank you for being so patient in waiting for replies but in all honesty I had only read your emails yesterday, I suppose it is wrong of me to have forgotten about you and this transaction but real life comes before dolls eh?
      Once again, I apologise and hope that we can find an agreement somehow since I agree on the fact our chats on MSN were more than friendly. I suppose it’s hard to mention the house when we had been waiting for planning permission for a long long time and did not know if we would even granted consent!
      I feel absolutely awful for this and I really hope we can find a way to sort this out rationally. I apologise once again.
      Sophie (Mangorevolver)

      On 7/2/07, starz in the reject <xxx> wrote:
      What bothers me about the entire thing with Sae is I had another user on den of angels contact me, saying you used the same excuse Sae was giving when you backed out of a sale last year on a limited volks head. Since hearing this information, I'm a bit more cautious of who I want to believe, and am treading my waters carefully for obvious reasons.

      Actually yes, you DID have to contact me. If you read the den of angels rules, number 12 specifically refers to you:
      "#12 Please do not begin a transaction unless you plan to complete it. Backing out of sales or asking people to hold items that you do not fully intend to buy is very rude, and also will gain you a bad reputation as a trader."

      It is your responsibility as the buyer of the item to keep me informed on what is going on. I don't care how irrelevant dolls are, real life is finances, and real life is putting someone out, which you have done for two months - my problems are absolutely no less important then yours nor do they deserve to have "slipped" your mind. I have never and would NEVER suddenly forget I am in a $910 transaction with someone and not contact them for such a long amount of time.

      At this point I am uncomfortable taking the money from morbid dollz, because that is not my transaction, has nothing to do with me and I do not want to get involved with it. Since you cannot guarentee me a speedy sale within one week, your other option remains: I want to be compensated for the time you wasted of mine. I turned away others after you had made an offer, and since you backed out, I have had to drop the price even to get someone to send me an inquiry (which was never responded to). I will NOT be making the same amount on this doll that I was to with you, even with the extras I threw in for you out of kindness that I cannot even sell seperately now.

      If the feedback makes no difference to you, you would not have asked me to keep this quiet and off the forum. Clearly it is nagging you somewhere. You already have upset me, and I have given you the options to smooth things and make it easier, and I reccomend being the bigger person and attempting to do one or the other, because not only are you breaking the rules of the forum, you are looking like a terrible buyer, and are to put it bluntly - are screwing me royally.

      Again at the not mention of the house, I find it strange you did NOT bring it up. When I was moving in October, I told everyone who could listen about my new house. Since Sae did not mention a word of this again, I am forced to tread waters and hope what you are telling me is the truth, and hope you will do the right thing.

      On 7/2/07, Sophie Russell <xxx> wrote:
      Of course you can believe what you want to believe, hell you can even come and see my site where I am building if you like! I can send you a ton of pictures if you would like to see.
      Maybe I phrased things wrongly in my last email but it seems that its drilled into your head that i’m out to screw you over so no matter what I say – i doubt it will make a difference. I did fully intend to buy him but a lot more important and bigger things turned up. You can’t plaster a bad name over someone whose got more important things than dolls. Although it was a $910 transaction with you i’m currently going through a $600,000 - $750,000 house build! So obviously it could quite easily slip my mind, especially since we’ve been waiting months and months and months for planning permission and this is a dream. You seem to think I enjoy starting off transactions only to back out at the last minute – what would the point in that be? I’m not a nasty person nor am i spiteful which is why i’m trying to arrange a way to get payment to you, but if you don’t feel comfortable, sell to someone else and leave me negative feedback. I can’t say I didn’t try! During the build I have no internet access so I don’t see how it can hurt me.
      You said you want me to compensate you for the “screwing around” the whole reason I cannot buy this doll no matter how much I want to is because of the finances. If there is any other way i can make it up to you I will do my best, but with the expense of this bill its going to take a while. I’ve sold numerous times on DOA and been messed around so many times but I won’t hate people and flame them because their life has gotten in the way, no matter how hard things are for me at the time.
      As I said before, this move has been going on a long time, last year we acquired our land, hence my loss of expense last year, its taken this long to get planning permission. I can email the papers if you wish!
      If you want, tell me how much your really losing on this doll and ill see what i can do to keep the peace, even if i am not on DOA for a long time, its still not nice to have nastiness floating around the forum after im gone. Once I get my refund from morbidollz I can probably send you something if your really going to be like this. I’ve never heard of people paying compensation on DOA but if it stops the drama so be it. Oh! And also, morbidollz would refund the money to my paypal and THEN i’d pay you so you wouldn’t be taking the money from morbidollz J
    20. On 7/2/07xxx <xxx> wrote:
      Actually, I was told it was not the house that hurt your finances last
      year, but a sudden surgery. I may seem like I have this in my head,
      but I find it hard to believe you did not once check your email or
      attempt to contact me previously at work. I sympathize with your land
      fund, but for me, the money I have lost is worth the same. I do not
      have alot, and I have many bills. I am not causing drama, and if any
      seller just backed down after a transaction like this I would be
      astonished they gave up so easily. I am losing $100 excluding the
      shipping, as I have him at 800 and am at the verge of dropping to 750
      out of desperation. I have one person interested but can barely afford
      him at my base offer. I wont make what I should have been. I have
      heard of compensation- it is why people have nonrefundable deposits,
      so if a buyer backs out their time is compensated. I wish at this
      point, I had done this with you. I do not know what you wish to do,
      but please understand my skepticism at wanting to wait longer.