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Matching outfits for you and your doll?

Aug 31, 2019

    1. I can sew so I was thinking it would be fun to make something for myself to wear that I can also make for one of my dolls so that we can match.

      Have you tried wearing matching outfits with your doll?
    2. Yes! One time I found a dress that looked just like mine for dolls that I bought for my girl. It’s always been my wish to dress like my doll for some photos or just to go out together but I haven’t had the opportunity yet.

      What kind of outfit were you thinking of making for you and your doll?
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    3. I would love to be matchy with my doll! Just need to get better at sewing lol. I think theres a thread around here somewhere with pics of people matching with their dolls.
    4. The first day at a doll con I wore my art on leggings by Bombsheller Jade Gordon on Instagram: “Wearing my #bombsheller leggings ” (no longer retail, just a manufacturer. :( ), then the second day I saw that someone had gotten doll leggings with my art that had been printed via Spoonflower Jade Gordon on Instagram: “WHUT!!! Doll leggings with my fabric in the wild! Also the mid-sized scale! (I have the tiny print with me right now! And also wore my…” . I wish I'd known so I could have synced up! It was such a fun coincidence!

      (Whelp, I didn't know links did that weird full text inclusion... sorry!)
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    5. I remember it used to be popular to make or buy matching lolita dress. But that was almost 10 years ago
    6. Lakin and I own the same Nirvana t-shirt! Zander and I have the same checkered Vans slip on shoes. I think it ends there, though. I don’t tend to look good in the same things my dolls do.
    7. I'm looking to customize a BJD as a specific character... who is ALSO a character I happen to cosplay. :D As a result, we should wind up with identical outfits when I'm done. I've been saving the leftover fabric from my cosplays so that we can match. :)
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    8. My doll has a sailor costume that I bought almost 10 years ago, and I happened to find a very similar sailor costume second hand! I have no sewing skills, so I was very lucky to find a costume that matched so closely.
    9. I was thinking of something Lolita style. I know it's a bit cliche but it would be so much fun!
    10. That will be cute! I’ve never matched but I like the idea! Just matching by color will be fine too~
    11. I saw a photoshop that on Facebook of someone who creating a matching costume for them and their doll. I really want to try it but sadly I don’t have a concept for a matching outfit:(
    12. I have one matching hoodie on the way!! I think a lot of people in China make those matching outfits.
    13. It can be cute for someone to wear the same outfit as their doll, but I would never want to do it. I went to a tea party for a friend's birthday when I was little that had a parade of girls where matching outfits with their American Girl dolls. The idea didn't appeal to me then, and it still doesn't.
    14. I think it would be really cool and I hope one day I will be able to.
    15. Absolutely! If I could wear what Abraham is wearing in my profile picture, I'd be very happy!
    16. For a while Kit and I had the same Ramones t-shirt. Sadly mine wore out and I haven't found another one, but I do now have the same shirt in MSD and SD size.