Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

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      I finished my Rachel. And made a Santa Claus costume for her...

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      Previsou discussion thread:
      * Part 1
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    2. Oh my gosh!! This is so great, she looks perfect in it...!
    3. Lovely Rachel! I have one too- they have such an enigmatic expression.
    4. @Idoru Thank you! Somehow her body and the way she poses calls for that kind of attire. There's something seductive about that tiny smile.
      @Rosslyn They do, and that's what I love about her. She really looks like a mature woman who knows her own mind and seems to be amused by whoever is looking at her.
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    5. @ResinRapture - What a perfect photo to open a new thread in December! :D
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    6. @vermont chick Whoever split the thread must have thought a seasonal thread would be nice to get in the mood, so to speak. Rachel feels honored.
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    7. Wow, thanks for the update!! Please do keep us posted about how this all goes.

      In other tangentially related news, I have taken my need for tiny shoes into my own hands... I got myself some mold putty and will be making plaster lasts this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to make a few decent pairs for my gaggle! My Limhwa and smaller Xagadolls have feet that just don't fit most 1/6 shoes...
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    8. I have to wonder if some other companies do the 'wait for ten orders to cast a doll' business plan - it would explain why Xagadoll's wait times can be anywhere from two months to nearly a year, right? Eheh.

      Anyway, I'd also love to hear about your experiences with Compassion Doll, @TollTheBell! I do hope to own a Cheng some day. :sweat
    9. @TollTheBell
      Oh that's great to hear~! I'm excited to see how your order goes. If they become more popular then it may change the ordering process for the better. :)

      Oh nice, I've thought about making some custom shoes with some plain sculpty just haven't tried yet. Can't wait to see your progress. I have a bunch of small dolls, but they all have slight feet size variations.
    10. I'm going to try making some tiny shoes as well. I have some cold porcelain (that stuff is like a rock when fully dried) that may work for soles.

      I know some people are curious about dolls that can wear Barbie size clothes. I was taking photos of my Argodoll / Argonautica Doll Little Ifi so I can sell her (she is lovely and can take pretty much any pose you want, but she is too small for me, so I want to buy the same sculpt in the 1/4 size), and I tried this Barbie (?) dress on her. It doesn't quite fit (the shoulders are tucked back) but it could probably be modded to look nice.

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    11. @StellaMarigold
      Oh she looks lovely. I've been wondering about these dolls and I haven't seen many owner pics yet.
    12. @mjtomich

      She really is lovely! It's hard to find owner pics - I should know, since I scoured the internet looking for them before ordering. If it helps, my order was for Normal Pink skin (it is such a pretty pale, slightly cream-pink color!) and the smallest size chest.

      There are some extra photos of her in my flickr album (in my signature), and I'll be adding more soon.

      Her mobility joints and knees don't have locks so they snap out of poses a bit too easily, but I think some glue sueding could fix that (I need to try it). Tighter stringing might help as well - she came with rather loose stringing.
    13. @StellaMarigold This is actually the first owner pic of a doll in normal skin from argodoll I've come across. She looks lovely, what a pity she's not your size. ETA: I just checked your flickr. Your scapulars are beautiful! Great work!

      And more Rachel spam.. I am fascinated by this tiny lady. I am still surprised how an artist can sculpt a face with so much character (and beauty) in such a small scale.
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    14. @ResinRapture - Thank you so much for your kind words about my embroidery! I'm hoping to use some of my skills with doll clothing at some point. Little embroidered roses and flowers would look wonderful on a Russian/Mexican/Bohemian style white dress.

      Your Rachel is exquisite! I love her face (and faceup) and the combination of muted hair and clothing colors. Is her skin paler than the "Dark Normal" Ancient Tales usually sells? I have an 18" Ancient Tales doll and love her joints, delicate hands, etc., but she looks pretty tan so she doesn't really work for my original character.
    15. Alright so quick update, apparently general pre-orders are currently "on hold", but the artist is taking pre-orders via QQ chat (Chinese instant messaging system) for which sculpt/colour you'd like, though the normal wait times aren't applying right now because of this mini hiatus so there isn't a definitive "at most a month" wait time.

      The available colours are basically pink skin, that yellowish normal skin, white skin, and for 200 extra yuan you can ask for a custom colour. If anybody wants to place an order so you get a slot I can PM you the personal shopper I use. While I'm not really thrilled about the nebulous wait time I have a feeling that anybody who wants one should probably get in sooner than later just in case the artist decides to do more extended hiatuses in the future. According to preliminary reports from my shopper there is no deposit required to "reserve" a doll.

      I'll post updates when I get them as per usual. :)
    16. @TollTheBell Oh!! I'm interested... Can you PM that info to me?
    17. @StellaMarigold She is. I asked Olga to make her lighter. But she looks darker with light clothes. Compared to my normal skin dolls she looks tan, though, even if she is lighter. I guess her skin color is similar to Volks normal now. I am sure your embroidery would look lovely on a doll dress!
    18. PMing you both! <3
    19. Thank you for answering my question, @ResinRapture! I like dark skin, but light skin with red/white hair is my favorite!
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