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Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. Well I ordered Feline! I sold off one of my big boys, so she's sort of a little Christmas present to myself... I'm so excited! I can't wait to compare her to my other 1/6 girls... and to try all my CLOTHES on her! :) I have the Hanon Sewing Book, so I might make her something. (Though all of those call for linen... which I definitely do not have! We shall see, I suppose...)

      I also did a quick little review video for my Xagadoll Ken, Mini-Ann, and my Soom Minigem boy... it's not the best quality though, it's rather dark in here. I might want to try again. :p I will post it here when it's done and uploaded! If anyone has any questions they're dying to have answered, let me know. Since I'm probably re-recording, I can answer them... maybe.
    2. Oh, awesome, @Idoru! I actually have a Xagadoll Cyrus on order, but I've never seen a good clean shot of the Red Obsidian boy body - one site had a shirtless picture of it and that was ALL. I'd love to actually see what I'm getting (some day in the far, far future)! :sweat
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    3. Oh THAT I can show you right now! :) I took a few when I first got him.

    4. If anybody is interested in Compassion Doll's sculpts (Flynn, Elvis, SP Boyd or Dil) I would place an order as soon as possible (immediately if you're able to) with whatever service you feel comfortable with. There's no guarantee these dolls will continue to be produced, see below for more info.

      Here's a little more about what is going on. She's discontinuing Cheng entirely, and will not be putting out any more production runs of him despite fans being extremely upset about it. Regarding the other dolls, she's collecting names and if/when she gets enough interest for a sculpt she'll start a batch order for that sculpt. No deposit is required for "reserving" a doll, the only time you'll need to pay a deposit is if/when a batch order is put into production with the rest due upon finish of the production. (Each doll through the personal shopper I use costs around 253USD inclusive of everything but shipping to me, and a doll with a custom colour would be 298USD.)

      It seems as if the future of this company/artist is very unclear right now, so if anybody was thinking about grabbing any of these sculpts it's probably a good idea to jump on this!

      I'd really recommend the personal shopper I use since she's the only one I've seen who explains the full order process (it involves letting the artist know what you want via QQ instant messaging chat) but if you trust another service to follow the process of getting onto QQ chat and inputting your order, use whatever service you're comfortable with, it's just important to make sure the service understands that there isn't an actual "transaction" happening at the moment.
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    5. Thank you!! That's just what I was hoping for. :)
    6. Hi, could you please PM me the information about your shopping contact, too? I had opend a thread about Compassion Doll before but nobody was able to figure out how to place an order with them since they stopped relpying to the questions send to them regarding their hiatus and potential group orders.
    7. Sure, I can absolutely do that! :) I'll get on it in the next couple minutes.
    8. @TollTheBell could you pm me the info too? Thank you so much for the updates I was starting to give up on having one of their dolls!!
    9. Yes I absolutely can! :) Gimme one second.
    10. I've been meaning to mention that earlier this year I worked with Argonautica to create several custom 1/6 mature doll sculpts. Using her female body, I have three different faces: moth, sea creature, and feline. I hope to start selling them later this year. I may just sell off my small inventory full-set, or I may open up nude pre-orders....I'm not sure yet....
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    11. Waaah well I just got an email from Angie saying that orders for Flynn opened up suddenly, today, and there were only 10... so I didn't get him. I'm a little heartbroken... Oh well.

      @tuneful87 That sound so cool?? I really wanna see that moth...!
    12. I didn't make it into the Flynn preorder either, @Idoru. Oh, well. Some day~

      Angie says that Compassion Doll might be opening orders for a NEW doll in March, though, so I'll be keeping an eye on that!
    13. He's up on their Taobao now! (Here--his name is getting translated to "Golden Dog"... lol.) You should go look--he's super handsome...! I don't know if he works for the character I wanted to make Flynn into, but he might? I want him anyway I think... He's got a really great grouchy look. I love it. I'm still hoping for Elvis... I might set up a group order anyway, because maybe if 10 people want in they'll cast one out of cycle?

      So which one of us DID get in--I bet it was you @TollTheBell ? ;)
    14. Aha that was indeed me, I just found out a day or so ago. :sweat Whenever Angie gets multiple orders and something like this happens, she just needs to do it via whoever contacted her first to make it as fair as possible. She was going to try and do more but the pre-order was ridiculously limited and very small, only 10 copies every single one in pink skin (I wanted a custom colour but nope:pout:), she wasn't even sure she would be able to get any. I was going to try and get another copy as well so at least 2 people could get him but the pre-order went up early and I couldn't even get my ducks in a row to try!

      I'll be looking into it for the next pre-order as well though so between Angie and me I'll try to get at least two copies of whatever is coming next. I'm extremely nervous trying to use Taobao's forwarding service versus just using someone who understands Chinese and can deal with any issues that arise, but as you can see Compassion Doll's stuff is a pain to get a hold of.:| If anybody wants me to try and help explaining how to get the dolls via Taobao's forwarding service as soon as I work everything out let me know. It's going to involve getting onto QQ chat and monitoring that chat in addition to joining a pre-order sub-group when those become available, and then using the link that likely gets dropped into that sub-group to order. A pain in the ass without a doubt.

      If you want to ask about a pre-order for Elvis obviously you know I'll join in! I don't know that she'll do it, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask.

      "Golden Dog" is alright, I actually really like his face but I'm not really feeling all the constant re-using of the same muscular body type. :sweat I really wish she would work on getting pre-orders for some of her other dolls out first.:sigh I'm upset how limited this pre-order for Flynn was and that Angie wasn't allowed to buy more than one, I take no happiness in being the only person to get one and I wish it was a bigger order and more fair to people like Angie who would be purchasing for more than one person.
    15. Aw no way! I just came back from my family visit during the holidays and was about to contact Angie when I read all this... Honestly I love Compassion Dolls work but I don't think I have the time and patience to constantly be on edge in case a pre oder opens just to get one. I'll just admire them from afar and work on my own sculpt. ^^;

      Hope you'll post some pictures when you get your Flynn @TollTheBell. I'm really happy for you that you managed to place an order! Congrats! :)
    16. Yeah this all happened super fast.*_* If you want I'll try to keep you in the loop insofar as just shooting you a pre-order link when/if I manage to figure it all out and if you happen to get there in time you could just place an order via the forwarding service taobao provides?

      I'll absolutely post pictures! And thank you. I'm happy but I'm also not, I really wanted everybody to be able to get one. :sorry
    17. Matea (Merrydollround Dango) wishes Merry Christmas to everyone!

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    18. @Air_Dan What a cute picture! Thanks for posting it!

      Also @TollTheBell don't worry! I at least am just happy for you! Your heavy responsibility now is to post a lot of pictures so I can live vicariously through you. ;3 I'm glad someone on DoA got one so I can see them haha. I'm going to try and get in on the next order. I almost feel like this is part of the fun... (I mean obviously the real fun is getting one of these lovely dolls, but the chase is fun too... haha!)
    19. I'll absolutely do that! I take it I'm the only DOA member who currently will own one of these dolls, or at least the only one to post stuff? I'm curious about the construction and the quality. For $250 or so it's no big loss even if the quality is only so-so, but I'll be interested anyway to see about it. I'm unsure but I think they're all hand-cast, I would suspect so especially because of the ridiculously tiny pre-order numbers. Hand-casting can vary greatly in quality depending on the equipment (or lackthereof) the artist uses, so we'll see what sort of quality and defects we're looking at here!

      I'm hoping since Golden Dog is new they'll at least be casting that in a bit larger of an order and also allow custom colours. I'm really not sure if I'm going to get him if all we're allowed to do is get pink skin again.:|That's a bit restrictive.

      If you want to see about asking regarding an Elvis group order or whatever please feel free. Like I said I'd gladly sign onto anything that involved getting more Compassion Dolls!
    20. As far as I know, you're definitely the only one @TollTheBell! If there's anyone else they definitely aren't posting. I found the company by chance!

      I did ask Angie, we'll see what she says. I will post in the proper forum if I get a positive answer!

      I do have some good news on the props front! I found a really great set of baking props for Lori Doll at Target, and they are PERFECT for my 1/6s! The only photo I have right now is with an off topic doll but you can see it on my Instagram. I'll take an on topic picture soon!