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Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. I'll definitely post pics then! I'm excited to see the general quality too. :) I'm curious how he'll stack up against other 1/6 scale dolls. I only have some Volks Neo Goh bodies I have one of their male EB series, some Obitsus (both male and female), and a couple 1/6 scale dolls from a Thai company that makes original half cyborg type characters, but if anybody wants size comparisons I can just send the pic as a PM since it would be off-topic because of the ABS dolls.

      I have a feeling that the Elvis pre-order is probably gonna be a no-go but I'm hoping for the best! In a more likely turn of events we'll likely be looking at mid to late summer for a pre-order of any of the older dolls if we get one. *_*
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    2. @Air_Dan She's lovely. I take it you made the clothes?

      @TollTheBell Maybe you could ask the mods to split your posts into it's own thread somewhere in the ordering and shipping questions section? It might be interesting for those who want to order those dolls.
    3. @ResinRapture Thank you! No, I don't sew, alas. I bought the dress from etsy, it was made for Blythe, I believe.
    4. I could probably do that if the mods wanted! I've just been doing it all here since it's the Mature 1/6 dolls thread and they're definitely that. :) If another pre-order rolls around and people want info from me I'll either make a notice here and ask people to kindly PM me or I'll make a company-specific thread over in the shipping questions section, although probably the first since this isn't so much "questions" as it would be a tutorial for those who want to run the gauntlet of ordering via forwarder. It's not as scary as it sounds, just a real pain. :lol:
    5. @TollTheBell First: Happy New year!
      I thought when you start to show your doll people might want to know how to go about ordering, and will likely search- and the information would be more helpful if it's all in one company specific thread.
    6. I just looked through several pages of the old thread and this one. I REALLY want a mature tiny doll. MerryDollRound is high on my list, as is 5StarDoll Miss S (though completely different price ponts, heh heh...). I think I am looking for a bridge between Barbie and BJDs!
    7. You may want to look at vinyl Azones or Momokos if you're looking for a size/style/price point in between Barbie and resin bjds. All the posability but 1/4 the price...
    8. Haha! Sounds a bit like me! Most of my dolls are mature tinies. They can even wear some of the clothes made for Barbie. Though I did collect off topic fashion dolls in a bigger scale for a while. 5Star Dolls' Miss S is definitly one of the more affordable BJDs available.
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    9. I split off a distinct thread for talking about Compassion Doll specifically... I think the level of enthusiasm can support it! The new thread is here. (So @TollTheBell, you HAVE to share your boy when you get him in the thread and give us the full scoop.)

      Just because it's been a while since I posted a picture... I finished a new skirt for Avery, and got to use these SUPER cute buttons from isewfordoll.com that look like tiny cat faces...! It's a Hanon Satomi pattern, sized for Momoko. This is my second attempt with the pattern.

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    10. It looks super cute!
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    11. @Idoru Good idea, and cute skirt!

      Question: Does any of you happen to own a Kkerrindoll? I would love to see owner pictures of Kim or any other of these tiny beauties.
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    12. Oh I love it! That dress is so charming on her.
    13. Thank you both so much! I designed it, but hired someone to make it for her.
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    14. I got a shipping notice for my Feline! I can't wait to get her...! I want to see how she compares to all the rest of my gaggle. :D I think she might be a bit shorter? We'll find out...!
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    15. Sorry for the double post, but... she's here!! Here's a picture of her next to my Xagadoll Mini-Ann. There are more pictures in the box opening thread!

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    16. Jumping on this bandwagon soon! Well, re-jumping. I had a Soom...something (Mini Gem?) like seven years ago, and I've been mostly in MSD land since then. But...I want something smaller and I'm definitely not a big fan of child-like bodies. A quick search brought me to this thread and Argonautica Little Ifi...and I'm in love! She's just gorgeous, and that body is so realistic and detailed for such a small size! Plus, she looks like a great poser.

      I think I'm going for tan skin, and I can't decide between size 2 and size 3 breasts, so I emailed them to ask if I could buy an extra bust and see which I like better. She's going to be a grumpy little pastel goth :fangirl:

      Does anyone know if Blythe/Momoko clothes will fit her? In looking at measurements, she's a tad bigger in the bust and hips, so maybe looser clothes would fit? I just know there's a huge selection of really cute clothes for them on Etsy and I have a feeling she's going to be very spoiled. It doesn't help that she's in perfect scale for Re-ment stuff...

      Pray for me :sweat
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    17. Welcome to our precious little hell. :lol: