Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. @dotworkdoll She's beautiful! So tiny and cute! I love that color too. * v *

      And I feel you @SteamWitch ... I'm trying to make myself forget that I ordered him but I want him nooooow...!! (She says, when she doesn't even have shoes and a full outfit she likes for her other Granado boy...)
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    2. yep she is a Chibbi Lana!

      I really love how well these dolls pose, even with single joints they are so well engineered.
    3. Thanks for the info @nancy_schroeder_ca and @dotworkdoll! I'll keep an eye out in case the Chibi Lanas are offered again. I'm currently waiting on a Lillycat Amy (marron glace).
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    4. My Bardo Research Deepti (36 cm), ordered October 1st, 2018, finally arrived. I'm working on an outfit for her; I may have made this one for a FairyLand ChicLine years ago. Not sure I like the faceup, but I can always wipe her and try again. I'm still very new to making wigs, as you can tell from the looks of this one. I swear, each new doll is a learning experience.
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    5. I think her wig looks pretty good, especially for a learning effort! She's got a lovely face. ♥
    6. She's lovely! And as you said, if you're not quite happy you can always try again. I really love the colour and gloss on her lips, so pretty and delicate.
    7. Thanks @Idoru and @Sno-Oki. I redid Deepti's faceup today and will have to give her new eyelashes, so no pics yet. I like her much better already.
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    8. Oooh, I can't wait to see her new face up!

      In my mature tiny news, Aeron's new eyes and her first wig arrived a few days ago and she looks so lovely! I'm excited to share some pictures once I can pose her nicely.
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    9. Hi! I am also considering Maskcat doll Inez but hands are really important for me and they seem a bit like robot hands without much expression... (currently feeling meh about my Constantine's old body hands :C). Don't know if they could be changed...
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    10. @Maduixa I mean technically they could be changed, but the likelihood of finding just hands without the body/entire doll for a mature tiny (that also fit and are the same color) is almost impossible. I can't even buy/sell just a body/head for a doll of this size due to people not really hybridizing them like I do, haha. Ah my persistence on something suiting my vision 100% is tiresome..

      If you're feeling adventurous, you might try sculpting hands of your own, or commissioning someone else to.
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    11. I gave my Deepti a new, softer faceup, made a new wig, and crocheted a dress. Now she looks more like what I had in mind when I bought her. With her super thin body she'll be either a model or a dancer. I plan on calling her Manon.
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    12. I love her new look!
    13. Wow, what a pretty face up @vermont chick ! I'm still a newbie at doing face-ups and have a lot of blank dolls to paint.
    14. She's beautiful! Definitely has the soft but strong dancer/model vibe you're after.
    15. Thanks @SteamWitch, @Leo Pheonix and @Sno-Oki ! My first face-up did absolutely no justice to her lovely sculpt. I find I do a better job if I keep it natural and let the sculpt speak for itself. Here's a shot showing the long, lean body--it's hard to believe she's only 36cm.
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    16. What a beautiful faceup, vermont chick!!! And such a lovely girl! And a tantalizing view of her dress. :) What size hook did you use?

      I recently got an Ancient Tales Elva but haven't been able to post pix on Flickr for several months now, as it thinks my internet is out of date on my old Windows 7 laptop! grrr
    17. Thanks @El BJD. We must have posted simultaneously because the full dress is now visible. I crocheted with lace weight cashmere thread, which lets the dress drape more naturally on such a tiny body. The downside is that it makes my hands hurt like crazy--I can only crochet with the stuff every other day, even using an ergonomic crochet hook.

      I'd love to see your Elva. Maybe your laptop would appreciate an upgrade to Windows 10?
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    18. I don't mind crocheting with hooks no smaller than 1m. These old eyes can't take it anymore, lol!

      This old laptop is a stopgap after my Win 8 laptop took a permanent dive a few months back! I'm hoping to get a new one this fall, if no new bjds grab at me! :)
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    19. She is lovely! That is an amazing body for such a small doll!