Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. I have an Elva. I love these shoes on your girl. Where are they from?

      I put mine in a pair of Azone boots, but I'd like a nice shoe like this for her.

      The artist did an amazing job of sculpting her feet. They look so delicate imo
    2. She is lovely for sure! I got these black shoes on eBay. I'll send you the link shortly. :)
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    3. I also have an elva, may I also get that shoe link??? <3
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    4. Links sent. :)
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    5. I traded for a Granado Lucifer and he arrived yesterday. His hands and arms veins are magnificent.

      He is so much beefier than my Soom Kremer. I kept thinking they would be the same size. I'll have to post a comparison pic later

      Does anyone have any pictures of Captivated Dolls 32cm girl? I've tried to find other owner pictures of her and I can't find anything on Google, Flickr, instagram, or Facebook. I searched through the artist's ig feed and only found in progress pics of the the girl.

      I thought maybe someone here might have one?
    6. Got my Granado Napoleon yesterday--and here's a quick comparison with two of my Xagadolls! I'll take some better pictures once he's painted and so on with more of my mature tinies.


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    7. I found a prop for my gang at a local consignment shop today. Its a cabinet that came with two wooden bowls.
      [​IMG]Perfect Scale by Zoe Gold, on Flickr
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    8. So I have a Mini-Gem Uyoo (that I scored for a great price!), and I'm starting a layaway on another Soom Mini-Gem. Does anyone have tips for male Mini-Gem clothes? There isn't a ton as far as shoes/clothes for a male, though I'd *hopefully* assume that he fits into Ken clothes, since Soom guys tend to be thick-chested and hipped?

      Any tips/information would be appreciated, especially shoes! I'm looking at 1/6 action figure clothes but I'm thinking the pants may be too large...
    9. @Leo Pheonix That's so cute! What a great find!

      You should check out the Minigem thread @NekoMida! But I have a Minigem boy, and here's what I've discovered so far as far as clothing goes:
      • Ken clothes only kind of fit! Pants absolutely don't. In my experience they're often too short, and they don't fit well in the hips if they're not elastic-waist. Tops can work but sleeves will be short and it can be a weird fit in the chest and shoulders.
      • Ken shoes are a tight squeeze but fit; action figure/"soldier doll" shoes are a great fit.
      • In my opinion the best fit I've found for tops is Fashion Royalty homme-sized tops! FR pants are the right length but they're HUGE in the hips.
      • Obitsu 27cm Slim Male clothes (like from Parabox) are hit and miss as well. Length is usually the biggest issue.
      Here's a picture of my boy in all Ken clothes from a fashion pack. I've scrunched the pants up here because they only come to his ankles:

      And here's the full length of the pants:

      I hope this helps?
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    10. @Idoru I have been looking at it, but there seems to be a lack of male things there. Lots of female options, but hardly any male! At least, from the pages I'd seen.

      Thank you for the photos, those really help! Action figure clothing it is. :D Thankfully I saw a set I really liked, so I'll be investing in those in-between payments on my lil guy.
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    11. @Idoru I was also wondering if you had any suggestions as far as the shoes go? I've been looking for lace up sneakers (and pants, seems like my old stretchy jeans will live again), but ebay's kind of funky about the types of shoes. Anything in particular that you really like for shoes?

      I'm still looking through the mini-gem thread as well, to see if I can find some suggestions there too. I was going to ask how you did the tattoo on his chest? My gal needs her tattoos and I DID see a tutorial or two on youtube, from DIY hand-painting them on with watercolor pencils to a really interesting temporary tattoo-esque deal. I've done things like this on small-scale vinyl, but never on resin this tiny.
    12. Oh yeah! His tattoo was fun but hard... I probably shouldn't have started with something like a circle for my first try. I just did it the regular way, a watercolor pencil sketch and paint over top (I actually used watercolor gouache for it). I have been thinking about getting some printable water slide decal paper though so I can do it that way and get a cleaner shape.

      As for shoes, I haven't found anything that I LOVE yet. My favorite have been a pair of boots made for Obitsu men that I bought from Parabox (that I can't find on their site anymore) but they're a real pain to get on and off because Obitsu have less foot and they don't zipper or anything. I generally try to buy shoes made of something flexible (or at least with bits that wiggle independently), vs the molded shoes like Ken has. The slit up the back of Ken shoes is helpful for wiggling fit though. I'm going to be getting some new shoes for my Granado boys and I'll try them on Sitri, my Rick, as well. I'll be sure to update this thread and the Minigem one when I do!
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    13. My KKeRRin Alice arrived today. She's lovely, but OMG painting makeup on such a small face when you have cataracts is no walk in the park. I had hoped she could share clothes, wigs, etc. with Magic Mirror May but Alice is just that much larger than May that nothing fits her. The only thing she has at the moment is sandals that were too loose for May. I'm going to order a wig or two today. My size 3 wigs don't stay on her head. I think I need size 4.
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    14. I have a pair of Vans made by Magic Cube that fit both my Soom men and Xagadoll Ken. I really like the quality and have another pair on pre-order from
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    15. Melian Dolls is accepting limited pre-orders this month, her dolls are very willowy and tiny (20cm, with 2mm eyes), if anyone is interested... I think Olga's sculpt is really elegant, especially for such a small doll.
    16. I think Red River Road dolls are on topic, so I wanted to share a guy I was lucky enough to get second hand. I was really excited to see him come up, because I remembered him from when the artist originally posted him on their instagram. He's really gorgeous work to see in person, I feel really lucky.

      [​IMG]IMG_2396 by Ella Tron, on Flickr

      He's so petite and beautiful, I'm completely obsessed with him!

      [​IMG]IMG_2363 by Ella Tron, on Flickr

      The freckles, the eyelashes, the skin blushing... I'm totally blown away by the artists talent! I need to improve my photography skills so I can capture him better.
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    17. @ella_tron I've never heard of this doll creator before, I'm really digging what I see from their work, and your little man is quite fetching. I love it when noses have character!
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    18. Oh man, I follow this artist on Instagram. They make lovely centaurs, too! :3
      They put so much detail into every part of the doll, it's really impressive.
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    19. My KKeRRin Alice is finally done. The size 4 wigs I ordered were too big; I went back to my size 3 wigs and made one of them fit. She has two crocheted dresses: this one is cotton, the other is wool (and it's finally too hot for her to wear it). She borrowed boots from my Magic Mirror May. And I bought her a fabulous prop: a Vespa scooter made for Barbie. It's a little big--so is the helmet--but Alice doesn't mind leaning far forward to reach the controls.
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