Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. Oh my gosh, they're so cute!! I want Erin so badly...
    2. For shoes you can also try Ruby Red Galleria.

      Has anyone else seen the new Asleep Eidolon girls? I'd like to be able to get a basic version of Erin... Though I'm trying my best not to order any more dolls until my Dollshe Hound arrives. And I have no idea when that'll be...
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    3. I want Erin too @Leo Pheonix!! She'd be so tall and beautiful... * v * You have my sympathies with the Dollshe wait. I'd be hard-pressed to stick to such a resolution haha!
    4. So I can tell you guys I have an Erin on order from back when they came out as mermaids! I have the fullset arriving (minus faceup because I didn't want one, and with the wig switched out). I don't think anybody will have gotten Erin yet, it hasn't quite been long enough for the mermaids to go out. However, I am hoping that it won't be too much longer, and I'll definitely show you what Erin looks like when she arrives!
    5. Asleep Eidolon and Xaga appear to be the same company like Neo-AngelRegion and Soom. Here is the logo that is one the top of my 80cm Calandra's box:
    6. They are sister companies, just like Doll Chateau and Doll Zone!
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    7. I wish that I'd known that AE was about to release such pretty 1/6 girls! I just ordered mini-gem, Verna. I hope that AE will re-release in a non-limited, when my budget has recovered!
    8. :bcupcakeHoly cupcakes, I did not need to know this little snack exists. How adorable he is!
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    9. Look at the Xaga girls! I especially like my Lara!
    10. @nancy_schroeder_ca response from BJDivas! :) Apparently the pose plus body in that size isn’t finished prototyping yet so they are not for sale, but this gives hope for the future, I thought they were discontinued but it’s the opposite!

      In the meantime he can live on an OT action figure body lol
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    11. That's great information!
    12. Oh, wow, I didn't know that Xaga and AE were related companies. That's so cool! I'd love it if they did some kind of neat crossover with the Red Obsidian boy body in the future.
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    13. Yeah they are!! I think AE actually designed the "less mature" girl body (the girl body I have my Mini-Ann on actually). I'm not clear on how PRECISELY they overlap, but they share on the mature tiny lines at least! It's really great. I would LOVE for them to do some more with the boy body. That'd be so cute.
    14. I have fallen for the tiny boys and ordered Soom Auber with faceup. I ordered him with faceup because I am at my very limit as far as eyesight and steady hands with these tiny guys. He will make my 5th mature tiny guy, to go with my 2 Granado Lucifers, Napoleon and Lumedoll Kiran. I'm also expecting an OT 1/6 synthetic human sometime soon.
    15. @SteamWitch congratulations, I’ve always admired the SOOM tiny’s. Auber is gorgeous! I too have reached eyesight limits and had to finally go get an eye exam and bifocals.
    16. Thanks! Yeah, eyesight went a while ago and multifocal lenses work pretty well with one of the lighted magnifying lamps but even with that my hands are shaky and tiny paint brushes are just too finicky for me to handle. I cringe at closeups of some of my tiny boys faceups but overall they look nice at a normal distance.
      I can't wait to get him!
      Edit: Since there isn't an overall "Soom mini Gem" thread I will be posting about him here.
    17. There was a Soom Faerie Legend thread at some point, but since they're on topic here, this is where I share mine. My mostly Soom mostly blank elf-eared gang. The one with a little girl on his lap is a Lume doll.
      All my Elf-ear Dolls

      The white guy has a company face-up, and the tan one has a novice one I did.
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    18. Quite the tiny family you have there <3 I'm looking forward to enlarging mine by 1 then I think that will be it. (famous last words):fangirl:
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