Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. Famous last words indeed! Brave of you to say that. ;3

      I got a few things for my crew while I was at Resin Rose! Horns for Sitri, and eyes for Avery and Graves. They're looking good I think!

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    2. Those horns are so fabulous.
    3. two days ago I've got my Deepti... Still has no any good pics of her... but she is simply amazing...
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    4. Has anyone ordered or know of Miracle Doll’s YanXi? I was trying to find owner pics but I’ve been unsuccessful.
    5. I just got YanXi dragon version but I an still deciding on eyes. I have an accetable pair but I'm having trouble getting them to stay where I want them. DH is sick but he may go to bed early.
    6. I'd love to see pictures of your dragon YanXi, since I have the elf eared version on my wish list.
    7. My mother sent me a link to these 1:6 props and clothes. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing measurements listed. Has anyone tried outfitting their dolls from the super macho "They're not dolls, they're action figures" clothing? This is the set I'm interested in, but there are others that look really fun too. Star Man

      I will have a Soom mini gem, and my mother ordered a Xaga doll.
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    8. The main problem with action figure outfits isn't that they don't fit, it's the made for pop off and on feet, heads and hands problem. You would need to open the cuffs and neckline to use with a BJD, which I have done. Mainly they are a bit too big but that is better than too small. Sometimes you can ease open the seamline on pants to make it fit over feet.
    9. I've gotten a few pieces of clothing and most of my guys shoes from Cotswold Collectables. Less fitted things can fit without alteration. The "Sk8" brand Vans fit my Xaga doll perfectly, and my Soom Mini Gem boys well. Their clothes prices are pretty good, too.
    10. As I said famous last words. I found a Metato :chomp::chomp::chomp: *dead wallet*:chomp::chomp::chomp:
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    11. They look adorable from the posts in the news but I am having a terrible time getting to the Myou site!
    12. Alan is cute, like a teenager and I like that body. :whee:
    13. Alice's Collections has them up now!
    14. I'm not sure but it look like they're downsized version of their 1/4 dolls Carr and Martha?
    15. @Flortune I think you're right! I love both Carr and Alan. <3
    16. I also agree that the boy looks like Carr, and the main reason why I'm having such a hard time resisting getting him (I love Carr's face)! I don't want more resin dolls, but it's hard for me to resist 1:6-ish dolls. If I were to give in to temptation, I would love to order directly from MYou, but I wonder if shipping or communication is better from a dealer? I don't suppose anyone on here has had any experience dealing with them?
    17. I have ordered from Myou and the communication was very good. I will check the shipping a bit later but it was reasonable.
    18. Oh noooooo they're super cute!! I love Alan... and in tan...! I'm in danger, oh no.