Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

    1. Cool! I won't be ordering any time soon, although I wish I could (I have a lot of semi-expensive OT pre-orders coming out until February). However, I would really like to know if shipping is more expensive from them or from a dealer. Although, I'll probably order directly from them anyway. I don't speak nor write any language other than English, so I wanted to make sure we could understand each other, since they don't have an automated ordering system. I am glad that they have good communication, thank you for confirming!
    2. I just got a reply from Lawrence at Myou. They are offering 15% off and free shipping before the 22nd of September. If you are not in the USA, check to see if your country is included inthe free shipping offer.
    3. That's so cool! It's really too bad I have so many darn expensive pre-orders due out on September. I hope they are indeed planning on keeping these two as standard releases, I don't like paying on credit nor putting stuff on layaway, it stressed me out, so I'll have to wait until I have less stuff due out at the same time. Here I was so sure I would never again be tempted to purchase any other BJD, after ten years of not purchasing anything new... shows how much I know. DX Thanks again nancy_schroeder_ca. (:
    4. I'm trying very hard to talk myself out of ordering Myou's 1/6 Gina but she's so cute and perfect. :pout: Mature tinies are my weakness! :...(
    5. I'm glad the Myou tinies are not limited. Gives me a little breathing room. I'll be saving up for Gina, possibly (unless Maskcat comes out with a 1/6 that fits). There's a specific project in mind that I've been looking for a 1/6 to fill - basically a replacement for a childhood 18" doll that was destroyed ages ago. There's an aesthetic that Myou and Maskcat both have that would be perfect. I'd been looking at Zuzana from Myou, as she's perfect down to the fullset, but she's too big and I'm running out of space. Gina is really close and the ballerina look for her fullset is definitely acceptable.

      It's funny that now there are so many 1/6 dolls releasing that are so cute! I'm just happy that most are not limited, so it makes it easier to plan out.
    6. Question: is anyone else having trouble accessing the Myou site?
    7. Though I'm not personally interested in the Myou dolls, I've had no problem accessing the site. I agree with @ohsi about the growing number of 1/6 scale dolls making me happy, since that's most of what I collect.

      Of the 12 I've gathered in the 6 years since I joined the hobby, only one is currently available. They have a tendency of being discontinued or only offered for a limited time. :| Though that maybe starting to change?:eusa_pray
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    8. I managed to score a nugget I didn't even know existed until last month. I received a Soom Metato today.
      He has a few problems but I'm sorting them out one at a time.
      [​IMG]Soom Metato and Granado Lucifer 30cm by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    9. Wow that top is amazing.
    10. I will be joining the mini soom faery crew with Auber in grey. I have wanted one for a while.Been searching for wigs as I hope he will be on his way after I finish my last layaway payment.
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    11. Congrats! Spam us with pics when he arrives.
    12. Congratulations! (One of us, one of us!) XD
    13. Congratulations!
    14. Thank you.I mostly collect larger sizes. Most of the tiny and mini dolls I saw were not mature.I wanted a more adult style and he was it.
    15. I ordered Myou Gina today fullset! I couldn't resist her beautiful face and the outfit she has is stunning:)
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    16. Awesome! She's really lovely!
    17. His name is Gray for now. Wild hair to go with the costume I'm making him. Soom Metato
      [​IMG]Gray by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. Vitamagica does open eyed dolls now - the Lusin sculpt boy with two different head sculpts ( a more human slightly elf ear and a deer like ear) in 4 resin colours - white, grey and two skin tones a cream which is about a normal caucasian and a coffee (light tan), human feet and or hooves. They also offer sleep faceplates too. There is also an anthro fox and hare in 16cm.
    19. There is a Korean artist making 1/6 dolls: To The Moon
      It's nice to see more tiny dolls with asian features.
    20. @Flortune They are very interesting dolls!