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Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2

Dec 3, 2017

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    1. [​IMG]
      My Planet Doll Miniriz. ❤️
    2. @Violetx0x Wonderful list, I think it deserves a sticky!
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    3. Sorry to intrude, but I have a merry doll round Dango I'm buying accessories for, and was wondering: is there a search term for mature 1/6 dolls on taobao? I figured this thread would possibly know. I just want to find her well scaled accessories. Please and thank you!
    4. Thank you x3
    5. I can't help with accessories specifically, but I usually have some general luck searching for 'obitsu27', 'momoko', or 'blythe', since these are all mature 1/6th dolls that Taobao shops produce outfits and items for. I'd say 'momoko' is your best option, just off the cuff, but you're still going to need to page through a lot of search results. I hope you manage to find what you're looking for!
    6. Hi! That excel sheet of mature tinies is invaluable! I've been adding to a word document for years, but it is a complete mess lol. I've noticed so much interest in mature tinies in online social media groups lately. I don't know if it is just me, but it seems like doll artists (especially on etsy) are making more dolls in the range of mature tinies.

      I wanted to post a quick comparison picture of my tinies. I'd love to see comparison pictures of any others. I really only have well-known mature tiny sculpts. I posted them next to an Azone for reference ;) I'm going to take another comparison pic when my MerryDollRound Mousse comes in this week.

      Soom Kremer, Lillycat Chibbi Moon, Limhwa Yume, Limhwa Sara (I should have excluded her), Mishi's Doll Dreamy, Little Monica Gloomy Sarubia, Ancient Tales Elva, Azone

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    7. @maboroshi Your dolls are beautiful, I especially liked Mishi's Doll Dreamy.

      Today I want to show the community one more doll from Helga (Olga) Reinhard, this mold is called Anika, but her body is the same as the previous doll Rachel. My doll is still looking for an image, she still needs a faceup and blush. I want to see her as a forest elf because this mold has sharp ears which will perfectly fit into the elf's image.
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    8. Her facial structure is so beautiful and elegant!
    9. @Troublingjokers, Thank you.
      Yes, the face is very unusual and attractive, although it is not photogenic from all camera angles.
      I like her profile.
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    10. Awe she’s still gorgeous, very mature looking her profile is stunning
    11. I just sold the Mishi's Doll Dreamy, but the artist did a great job with her. I loved the curves of her body, and all the different head sculpts.

      I love your Anika. She has great style~
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    12. I'd love to see another pic when you get your Mousse! You don't see the little MerryDollRound girls included in the lineups very often. I think I've only seen her with Limhwa Sara. I think she'll be more along the lines of Azone and Ancient Tales size.
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    13. I have MerryDollRound Mousse! Here's a comparison: Resinsoul Bei (Zi body), Maskcat Feline, Atelier Momoni Momonita, Lillycat Chibbi Moon, and MDR Mousse.

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    14. Love it!!! Thanks for this pic!!!
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    15. Oh I love your blue Soom girl, she's so pretty!
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    16. That blue is really pretty actually! I hadn't considered it because it appeared grey on my monitor, but it looks lovely compared to the other dolls. Thank you for the picture @Leo Pheonix
    17. I was inspired and took a lineup picture myself!!


      Not the best light, sorry, but from left to right:
      (off topic) Mudoll Apple Biki on Obitsu24 body, Soom Minigem Rick, Xagadoll Ken, Xagadoll Mini-Ann, Xagadoll Sylvia, Limhwa ToYou Sara, Maskcatdoll Feline, Batchix Clever Little
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