mich3647 - problem transaction - RESOLVED

Feb 16, 2011

    1. I purchased a pair of pants from mich3647 recently and had a problem.

      I paid for them on 1-27-11 and received them on 2-15-11 (they arrived 2-14 actually, but had to wait till next day to pick up from post office b/c I wasn't home at time of delivery), so delivery time was decent enough from Singapore to US.

      But when I got them, I discovered they are dirty, had little stains all over them, all the grommets have green/white corrosion on them, and the rings holding the chains on are rusted. Nothing about this was ever mentioned in their description when I bought them.

      I contacted mich3647 saying I got them, but was unhappy because their condition was not something she had mentioned and would like perhaps a partial refund since I will have to do a major over-haul to fix them or if they wanted them back I offered to ship them back. I got a prompt reply (considering world time zone difference) and they said they would not refund anything because (and I copy & paste this) "I sold the pants at a very low rate alrd cos I paid nearly 50 usd." But they did say they knew about the damage. I asked why they didn't describe the damage when selling them and the reply, also prompt, was pretty vague, just telling me again they knew about damage and that I should just try washing them (which is how the rust & corrosion happened in the 1st place, mind you). I have not replied to their last response because, well... I'm just not sure what to say now.

      I can't even open a paypal dispute since I paid by personal payment (which I'll never do again). So, I'm out $20 for the pants and $7 shipping... and I'll have to put more money into them just to see if I can fix them.
    2. mich3647 was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. What sort of resolution are you suggesting?
    3. i have you a pm please go check it and see what you want to do about this.
    4. I was asking for partial refund - half of the cost of pants without shipping (which is $10 usd b/c they were $20) - so it will cover the cost of me buying new grommets and a tool set them and new chain rings, so the pants can be mostly nice again. I'll try spot-removing the stains but the pants can't be washed - that's how they got rusted & corroded to begin with b/c of all the metal. Or if they want them back, I will ship them back.

      They have PMed me and I guess we are negotiating.
    5. i replied pm and send you the refund u wanted

      problem transaction done on my side.
      check your pm.
    6. I did receive a partial refund like I asked for. Thank you.

      Problem resolved.