mikiko_doll? Please Help!

May 22, 2006

    1. Hey guys! There's this beautiful Miyu on ebay right now, with a seller called mikiko_doll. She as of current, has no feedback, however I really adore the doll! The face up is beautiful, and has really drawn me in.

      However, I am a little weary of bidding on a doll from someone with 0 feedback. Has anyone done business with her before and just not left feedback? Or has someone encountered her elsewhere? Any help is appriciated! Thanks guys :D
    2. her Kun ended with one bid a few days ago, maybe try to contact the highest bidder for the doll? (i deleted the auction link, doh!)
    3. thanks for the imput Monica! <3
    4. I have been on eBay since 1996, way back when it was a safe place to play. (Much like AOL back in the day....) Anyway, I have a feedback of over 1200 and I NEVER Bid on 0 Feedback Sellers. No matter what. I can keep on looking for the item and get it from someone more established.

      Ever the cynic,