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Mini-me! A doll just like you...

Apr 15, 2007

    1. I don't think I've come across a thread like this before so here goes.

      My sister and I were talking about BJDs and she said, "Wouldn't it be cool to have one that looked like you?"

      Now, well I don't agree with her (personally, I think that would be kind of creepy or narcissitic. I mean, I don't even particularily like looking at pictures of myself so a dollified form haunting my every waking dream might freak me out a tad:sweat ) I was curious what people thought about it?

      Do you have a doll you model after yourself? Would you want to?
    2. Actually there is something called Minime (I think?) that will sculpt a doll head based on your appearance? XD

      I personally wouldn't want one, though.
    3. Ohh, thats kind of weird in my opinion ^^;
    4. It's a cute idea but there's no way I'd want a doll that looks like me. My dolls are all young, beautiful, expressive & interesting. I'm just a boring fat old lady. LOL!
    5. Denny offered, and I jumped at the chance. I think it's a wonderful idea. :fangirl: Now I can really wear all the clothes I wanted to, but in small-scale.
    6. I'm having such a thing done with the MiniMee. XD

      I think it's spooky and fun.
    7. I would do it to have versions of my children. That would be something I'd treasure :D
    8. Yeah, I'm having mine of my daughter.
    9. Well, I think thats a bit different then doing it of yourelf :)
      It'd be a neat and unique momento!
    10. Ummm, if I wanted, I could make my Shushu look almost exactly like me. I noticed the similarity between me and Shushu after I took my girl out of her package. It's quite disturbing, really. I didn't want to have a mini-me in my room, but Shushu surprised me totally. No matter what kind of face up she has, she looks more or less like me :|
    11. I wouldn't have myself. But a Yamapi doll sounds good ^^
    12. Until now I have 4 outfits that I've made for me and for Kimiko, so that we both (almost) look the same.

      * Sweet Angel Lolita: Kimiko, me
      * Xmas-Lolita: Kimiko, me
      * Jedi: Kimiko, my outfit
      * Cheergirl: Kimiko, but now pic of me yet.
    13. I can tell you I'd rather have gotten a doll made of someone else than me, but being (at the time) without children and all of my family being far away, pictures of myself were all I had to offer when Denny was taking candidates for the sample MiniMee.

      I can also easily say that the sleeping head IS creepy. I opened the package and my first thought was "Its like a little, detached, dead me head X.x"

      As rarely as I look in the mirror, though, its easy to forget that it looks like me at all and she's become "One of the dolls".

      She does look really old in the face compared to the others, though, despite being a mini.
    14. I dont want to have another me. thats kinda selfish...I already have myself. And also, why take away an opportunity for a doll to have her/his own personality, something unique maybe.
    15. to have a doll look like me would be creapy....

      then again a friend keeps saying how shes gonna model a doll after her mother.. and when her mother does and get cremated shes gonna put some of her ashes in it. (which is beyond creapy to me)
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    16. nezume - Ok, that would just... Well, that would freak me out to the core. But everyone has their own things, I suppose :)
    17. If I had the money, I would have dolls made of my two daughters at their ages in a heartbeat. (They are 16 months and 3, maybe a 27 cm and 22cm?)
    18. Now that's something I think would be a good idea. That would be so cute too!
    19. I saw a doll that looked like me, down to the haircut in the marketplace once, it was too weird to look at her I don't like myself that much.

      The one of a kind aspect of the DIM dolls is very appealing though.