Minifee head size chart

Dec 18, 2019

    1. Little backstory before I start: I've been looking into buying an old minifee head that I can experiment on and abuse as much as I want with wig making without destroying my nice heads. But that made me realize--- minifee heads come in about as many sizes as a there are stars in teh sky. It feels like no single head is the exact same size to another, while still being labeled simply 'minifee size'. (I have an Altis and Human Hwayu head which I was looking for similar sizes for to complete the backstory.)

      Now, what I have been wondering, is there any good way to compare the heads online ? It would be seriously amazing if there was a way to compile info, pictures and measurements of all / most of the heads just to compare. Make a chart, from smallest to largest, side by side you know. It would be incredibly handy for many reasons, my personal one being able to buy the right size of wigs because you can't convince me every minifee wig fits every head. (especially hard caps).

      A lot of people have minifees so if we all could somehow come together for a little project like that, that would be so neat.
    2. If you buy a hardcap wig you must give the exact measurements to the wigmaker (meaning you take the measurements of the head using a seamstress ruler). You can buy round stitched wigs that can cover all MNF heads.
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    3. Maybe it’s just the two that I owned, but I had a momo and an event head and they seemed the same size to me, I would mistake them for each other when they were broth in my floating head drawer (from the back or by touch), but I didn’t measure them. If there does happen to be a difference it must be pretty small, and for most wigs a tiny bit a variation isn’t a problem. But again I’ve only had two of the many heads, and both were from about the same time period, so, grain of salt
      If I remember right Fairyland has all the heads pictured on the my choice option. I know it’s not the hard measurements you were looking for, but that might be the easiest/quickest way to get an idea on which heads are bigger, atleast until you can put a measurement group together
    4. oh no /I/ want to be the one to make the wigs but all offers I got so far are heads that are widely in different sieven on photo comparison. :( that's where the whole idea came from
      Yeah, a lot fo the newer or more 'popular' heads are very similar luckily ! But trust me, a lot of the older ones, at least from what I've seen, are so completely different I doubt most of them could share a wig :'( I guess I'd just have to look for newer heads but those are hard to find cheap on the second hand market.
      But yeah I also rely a lot on the fairyland picture or pictures online, sadly they don't always shoot at the same angle and so on. But at least gives me a rough idea !
    5. @Ginnomme I can only sort of help here. I don't have specific measurements and all of my dolls are currently packed up so not readily available to measure, but I can say that I currently have 25 minifee heads, and have owned others in the past as well. I can say for certain that some of the sculpts definitely have bigger heads than others. For example the MNF DES I used to own had a pretty big noggin and when finding wigs I found she worked best in 7/8 wigs. I also had a Rheia in the past that wore a 7/8 wig albeit with a wig cap. A 6/7 would never have fit. Meanwhile even with a wig cap I can't keep a 7/8 wig on my Rendia or my Spring 17. That size wig is just far too large for them so they need 6/7.

      If I had to guess I would assume Altis and Hwayu would be on the smaller end of the scale, since the newer minifee seem to have smaller heads from what I have seen. I'd say maybe when looking for a head to use stick with ones that were released after Chloe. Anything prior to that might be too large. And of the ones that came after Chloe be a little bit cautious of some of the event heads. Juri 13 is a bit larger than most others from what I have seen. I don't have one personally but I have seen the one @Zavrinas owns and she has a surprisingly large round noggin.
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    6. I have a Rin head sculpt coming in soon, what wig size would you recommend for that? A 7/8?
    7. I only have the event elf Rin but she wears a 6/7. Her head is pretty small.