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Paging Missed user fuminshouneko

Mar 6, 2012

    1. It's sad but I can't finish my transaction with this girl because she's missing.
      She bought to me a doll in layaway and the last payment never arrives. It's a high amount that she's already paid.
      I tried to contact with her by paypal, e-mail and private messages but since a year ago she never have answered. And I decided to wait and wait and wait...

      What can I do? My last notice form her was on 01/02/2011


    2. Fuminshouneko is missing from the forum. It has been almost a year since she last logged in - 17MAR11.
    3. I linked her to this thread on her deviantART but she hasn't been back there in forever either.


      That's her dA just in case I have any luck, I'll send her your way. Good luck finding her!
    4. FYI, there was a paging thread opened for fuminshouneko about this time last year that was never resolved. I was part of that page, and until today I've never heard from her. :(