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Missing item from bebop845 - RESOLVED

Jan 14, 2010

    1. On 12/08/09 I purchased a striped hoodie from bebop845, the total coming to $7.00 with shipping. She told me she would ship in a "couple of days"

      on 12/18/09 bebop845 messaged me saying that she had not yet sent out the hoodie becuase she had forgot about it and would send it out the next day.

      I still have not received anything.

      I sent her a message on 12/29/09 asking if the item had been shipped and a message on 1/04/09 with a read receipt that came back confirmed. So, she is reading my messages asking i the item has been shipped and just flat out not responding to them.

      This morning I filed a paypal claim. I hope she can answer me and we can resolve this without the claim having to go through against her.
    2. sent a PM. so sorry! been a busy few weeks...
    3. Bebop84 gave me a bunch of excuses and told me that the item was sent today. I'll cancel the paypal claim once I receive it.
    4. was this received yet?
    5. I got a notice from paypal stating that the dispute was resolved. did you receive this item yet? if so please let me know
    6. Sorry I've been without internet. I got the item and a refund from paypal. I will send the $7 back to you. I consider this resolved.