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Missing thread during layaway and trying contact Padriacsleeps - RESOLVED

Oct 3, 2010

    1. Hi,

      A couple months ago I negotiate with the user Padriacsleeps about a Bluefairy Deer Dear Louis she is selling.
      We decided that she's selling the doll to me with 5 months max layaway with possibility of it finished sooner. She has been nice and friendly but doesn't reply ASAP. It never bothered me as far as the transaction and communication go.

      I am supposed to finish the last payment end of last month, so I tried to contact her but she hasn't reply to me nor been online for the past 10 days. Also, the thread where she is selling the doll has been missing. I literally can't find it anywhere. The last time I checked, it was labeled ON LAYAWAY. I know she, as a user, can't delete the thread herself so I am not accusing her of any fraud, but since I can't get in contact with her, it concerns me a little since she hasn't been replying to any of my PMs.

      I am not by any means saying this is a fraud. I just want to know where the thread went as the transaction was never finished and I can't get in contact with her.

      Thank you in advance. I hope to hear from Padriacsleeps soon.
    2. I hope I'm in the right place. I got back to her as soon as I got the message. I discussed with Ebisima that I was a very busy person, and sometimes communication was going to be a bit slow. She gave me two days before she contacted you.

      I am more than willing to continue with the transaction... but I'm honestly a little frustrated myself.
    3. Ebisma and I got everything sorted out I believe. I replied to her last message and the transaction should be completed by later tonight.

      Thank you.

    4. Ebisama has yet to reply to my last message, regarding the final payment.... Not sure what to do from here.
    5. Same status... I have heard nothing back from her.
    6. Ebisama was last on the forum 8OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    7. Hi,

      Padriacsleeps replied to me and I have paid the rest of the layaway.
      Please keep until I receive the item.
    8. hi, the item supposedly arrive by today but I wasn't home so I missed the package.
    9. I picked up the package today and it arrived safely. I thiink this problem is resolved. Thanks