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**mlindaph** / Starignite_47 Mutual Feedback

May 8, 2006

    1. I purchased my first doll in the Marketplace a March 2006. I was so excited! I immediately made payment and the seller responded that my new friend would be on my doorstep on 3-5 business days. The days were ticking down. I was dying with anticipation. The day before the date of arrival, I could not stand it... I sent an email to ask for a tracking number. What I got was an email stating that she was SORRY, but she just could not part with SOOAH.. WTF!!!! She had my $$$ for 7 freaking days before she came to this decision.

      I finally got a refund after inquiring about the shipping status.

    2. did you get your refund atleast?
    3. Strange....
    4. I feel it's a bit extreme to post a "buyer beware" message about me. It's obvious that you were very emotional about the whole thing. You have your refund, and Sooah is not rare, so you can buy her directly from Elfdolls, from a U.S. dealer, or from someone else.

      I apologized in my message to you. An apology and a refund is all I can do, and I did both. That's all I have to say.-_-
    5. This person is very immature, quick to judge, and has no understanding. She posted an unfair negative about me even though I gave her both and apology and a refund. I wouldn't deal with her unless you're a robot with no life and can jump at the snap of her fingers.
    6. But you never informed her that you weren't sending the doll, and didn't refund until she asked when she would recieve that doll. That's not being emotional or overreacting.
    7. Why did you keep her money for seven days and wait until she contacted you to give her the refund and tell her you wouldn't sell, though?
    8. You should have let her know as soon as you knew you weren't selling. There was no reason she should have had to contact YOU to find out you didn't send the doll and weren't going to. I agree you did everything you coul, after the fact, but you shoul have let her know instead of getting her hopes up and leaving her thinking her doll was arriving any day.
    9. I dont know if another thread should have been started for this dispute. it probably could have been settled in the other thread and maybe the mods will merge it.

      However, I would probably have had the same emotions as Starignite_47 because you waited 7 days without letting her know you decided to keep the doll and not only did you not tell her but she was the one asking where the doll was and that's when you told her you decided to keep it. I dont mean to take anyones side here but i think starignite was justified in the way that she felt and not to mention that you decided to sell a sooah again after the fact and that had to add a little salt to the wound. People get really excited in the anticipation of waiting for their doll to come home (especially their first one). I know I get really excited. If i know the postman is coming i pace by the door, so getting let down like that after waiting and then asking where the doll was and realizing it was never going to come would have been a really big blow.

      I'm glad that you refunded her money though.
    10. I do not feel that it is extreme to post a BUYER BEWARE about business transaction with mlindaph. However, I do feel that it is important that a buyer be aware of the risks (financial or emotional) that they are about to take when conducting business with you. I think the members of DOA would appreciate this information. You created your reputation and now you must live up to it.:roll:
    11. i agree, if you were unsure it should have been posted as a feeler and no money should have been taken until you were sure you wanted to sell.
    12. Please only post feedback for sales that actually went through...ie, payment was received and goods were promised.

      Since this didn't, both threads on this topic will be locked.

      If you find yourself in this kind of situation, please take care of it privately. Feedback for "sales" that never went through will be removed from DoA.

      Thanks guys for keeping feedback a valuable resource.

      EDIT: The Mods have decided to re-open this thread because of the 1 week wait for the refund.

      Please keep all posts factual though -- on both sides. Name calling and comments from people not involved will still be removed as is the rules in Feedback.