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Resolved mosaicwolf versus Red_Silvia and Vice Versa

Nov 26, 2011

    1. I sold Red_Silvia a Volks White Rabbit fullset with everything but the original eyes. She put it on a short layaway, and insisted that it be sent marked at $50 value. I told her that I would only do that with the understanding it was at her own risk. She paid as agreed, and the doll was shipped EMS as agreed.

      Everything seemed okay until she received the doll. At that time she told me that the doll was missing its headplate and wig. I assured her that the doll had been shipped with the headplate attached. After checking, I realized that the wig was still in my wig drawer and immediately offered to send it to her at no charge.

      She wanted to return the doll, and I said I would only accept a return of the doll in the condition I had sent it out. She became very agitated, called me a liar and demanded a $100 refund. I refused, reminding her that she had requested that the package be sent without insurance at her own risk. She said the package was delivered, but the headplate was missing, strongly implying that it had never had one to begin with. Unfortunately I could not immediately locate a picture that clearly showed the headplate, which she requested repeatedly, and said she wouldn't ask for any refund if I showed her one. Obviously not taking a pic was a mistake on my part I shall not repeat. In light of that, I offered to refund $50 (roughly the cost of shipping) for the damage.

      She then filed a Paypal claim for $100, attempting to threaten the other $50 she felt she was owed out of me. Please keep in mind that I sent out a doll in excellent condition, missing only the wig which I immediately offered to send at my cost. Irritated and upset with myself for not covering my bases, I finally offered a compromise of $75, which she grudgingly accepted when I made it clear I wouldn't budge from that. That was Weds the 23rd.

      Over the T-day holiday, I checked the pictures on my phone and found a photo of the doll's head with headplate intact taken shortly before putting him up for sale. I showed it to her, told her that if she wanted the wig that I wanted the $75 back. She told me she had changed her mind and that wouldn't do and that she abandoned the wig.

      I don't know why Silvia chose to take such suspicious action, but I will definitely not be dealing with her again, and I encourage anyone else to think carefully before doing so.
    2. What can I say...currently I feel very disappointed to see back to this unpleasant transaction...

      As Jenn said, I was on a short (about 10 days) layaway on the white rabbit, because I have had many pleasant transactions in DOA and Jenn's feedback was good, so I didn't ask too many questions or extra pictures. I paid off on Nov.11th and received it in the afternoon on Nov.23th. The package arrived in perfect condition, no any damage or retape, I was happy and assured it was not inspected by customs (if the customs inspected, the package should be retaped and there should be another label of the inspection). But after I opened the box, I found the wig and headplate were missing. I immediately sent an message to Jenn to see what happened (also send pictures after I arrived home), she said the wig was still at her place, but the headplate should be sent out together with the doll.

      Since the package was intact, and she missed the wig, so I hope she could double check if maybe the headplate was also lost somewhere, and I explained I didn't suspect her, if the package was retaped or damaged, I even would not borther her anything, but she just ignore my request, what she insisted was I didn't ask for a fully insurance, she did put the headplate in the box. Never said one word of she would try to check again for me or something. Maybe I was enraged, but I have to say, at that time, I was just unhappy with her attitude, not suspected her at all. I asked if she had any pictures of the headplate before sending the doll out, as I know, many sellers including me have the habit to take some detailed pictures before sending a doll, Jenn just got irritate by the request , said she never had this kind of picture and then be very hard to talk with. After some unhappy arguments, she finally suggested to give me refund of $75 and send the wig to me. I accepted, so the case was close.

      Now 3 days later, she suddenly sent a picture of a headplate to me, actually I feel very strange, if you took this kind of very clear picture of the headplate not very long before sending the doll, how can you absolutely forgot it when we were arguing, if you just fogot where this picture was, why didn't you mention but just said you haven't ever took this kind of picture? Then Jenn said if I want the wig, I must return the $75 to her. I've just hardly passed through the passive emotion of this unhappy transaction, I don't want to argue anymore, so I said you can keep the wig. Then Jenn was angry, said I was dishonest and then give this feedback.

      That's the whole story, I have clear conscience, but next time, I will be more careful for the details of any transaction even the seller or buyer have very good feedback.
    3. Bought a full set Volks White Rabbit from Jenn, but didn't receive the headplate and wig, Jenn said the wig was still at her place but no headplate, after discussion, she suggested to give me refund of $75 and send to wig to me, I accepted.
      But 3 days later, she sent a picture of a headplate, regreted and threatened if I want the wig, I should return the $75 to her first, I don't want to argue anymore, so I abandoned the wig, but she was still unhappy and give me negative feedback...

      I have stated the whole story in following thread....

    4. A note, I didn't offer $75. Silvia demanded and attempted to extort $100 from me even though I offered to send the wig at no charge, and AFTER she filed a Paypal claim against me, I countered with $75. She also said more than once that if I could provide photographic evidence that the doll had his headplate, she would refund me. Once I did that, she went back on her word.
    5. Sorry, but I said on that day was if you can provide the photos, then I won't ask for refund, only need the wig, but you confirmed you didn't have that picture, so I accept the refund, and the claim in PP was close.

      I can't accept suddenly you give a picture of a headplate 3 days later, then threaten that if I don't return money, you won't ship the wig...I can't find out why I should bear this threaten, but I don't want to waste more time on this issue and make myself unhappy again, I abandon the wig to stop this argument.
    6. A note. There was no reason to 'offer to look for the headplate.' The last time I saw it, the plate was glued to the doll. Her insistence that I look for it was kind of ridiculous to me in that light. The wig I had incorrectly thought was in the bag with the outfit, but found it tucked in my wig drawer instead.

      I do not always take super-detailed pics of every inch of a doll unless there is damage or unless requested by the buyer. I have several Volks dolls, but this is one of the first times I've sold one, so I am not used to people being so focused on the headplate. There was no request for a pic of it prior to the sale, so I didn't take one. The picture I sent to Silvia yesterday was actually taken shortly before I put the doll up for sale, and was so a friend could compare the headplate to her Lorina from the same dolpa. It was because the picture was unrelated and on my phone instead of my camera that I forgot about it.

      Bottom line, if Silvia is going to keep my money even after I satisfied her request, then I will be using the wig to recoup some of that.
    7. $75 is more than the value of the wig. Please consider yourself more than compensated.
    8. Do you think we should continue arguing in thread?
      If you insist, I will return you $25 which above the value $50 in the invoice, but you should send the wig to me.
    9. No thanks, I'm done with you.
    10. Is this resolved?