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My SD16 Yukinojo was stolen through eBay fraud, do not trust 1hotsteelersfan

Feb 10, 2006

    1. I was auctioning an SD16 limited Yukinojo doll on eBay.

      In the auction I said that the only thing I would accept in trade is an Ainomori Tan Jun Custom House doll. Ebay user 1hotsteelersfan said her friend had one that she would like to trade. I revised my auction and added a line at the top saying she could use her doll as payment. So I agreed to the trade and we agreed to mail our dolls to each other at the same time. I was very nervous about it and she said I could mail my doll without his clothes and other items, including the replacement hand Volks sent me for his broken one.

      Unfortunately, the doll I recieved is NOT the doll she said she was sending. It is a much cheaper Souldoll, I think it might be a Paris that certainly isn't limited. She also didn't send her doll at the same time that I sent mine like she said she would. Instead, she waited until mine arrived before she sent her doll. Neither she nor her friend are currently responding to my emails. But in her last email she actually claimed that she is moving to Thailand. (WTF? Like I belive that!) I have contacted the police and I have an appointment to file a police report against them Monday, February 13th, 2006. I have not yet left bad feedback.

      I have emailed her and her friend warning them about the police report. I said they either need to pay me the full amount for my doll or return him and that I would return her Souldoll. I have also sent them a Paypal money request for the auction's payment. I have also filed a complaint with eBay Square Trade and paid the $30 for a mediator.

      Never ever trade with 1hotsteelersfan on eBay. Add her to your blocked bidders list like I have. Stay away from anyone using these address, names, or emails:

      ***UPDATE***The mods removed the mailing addresses. They are all in Erie, Pa. PM me if you want them. ***
      Nicole Hayford

      Hailey Roberts


      The serial number inside his head is 42.
      ***Update*** I have since learned that the "42" is actually a head mold number, and not a serial at all. ****

      If you ever see an SD16 Yukinojo on eBay or anywhere else that has is missing a right hand, his soul patch and all of his default clothing and wig, please PM me immediately. Especially if you live in Pennsylvannia...or Thailand...

      If you happen to buy him from someone someday, I'm not going to make you give him up, but I still want you to email me so I can know what these thieves did with him.
    2. Why on earth haven't you left bad feedback? ^^;; That really sucks, I'm sorry it turned out that way.
    3. OMG you poor thing!

      Unfortunately, eBay might not cover exchanges....thats why I now only accept paypal.
      Im afraid this buyer spotted an oppurtunity to get herself an expensive doll for free and took it. You should have arranged to either meet and exchange the dolls, or acted through a member of DOA you both know and trust. Trades with strangers just DON'T work, as there has to be a large degree of trust, more so than when selling on eBay.
      You have no idea where this girl lives, or even if she gave you her real adress.
      Good on you for contacting the police-this is straight theft and should be treated as such. It would be great if eBay and Paypal released ALL details to the police, as I worry about the anonymity rules a bit...

      Im sure this experience has left you wary of such fraud, and Im so sorry for the loss of your doll. This girl played a dirty, underhand trick on you and think's she can get away with it.
      I hope you get your doll back, or the police at least bang her head on the door while flinging her into the back of their patrol car.

      *edited for dyslexic keyboard typo's*
    4. When I did the eBay Square Trade thing, there was lots of stuff about its the only way to do negative feedback withdrawal. So I wonder if I should leave feedback after the case is closed. I guess I'll see if I can ask the mediator.

      I tried to get this girl to use an eBay consignment store as our 3rd party for the trade, but of course she wouldn't do it.

      I wonder if I can take her to small claims court.
    5. Could you post pictures of the doll she sent you? I'm curious to see if I can identify him - several of the SoulDoll limited tan dolls are actually worth considerably MORE than Yukinojo is.

      I'm not saying what she did is right, at all. But there is the possibility that, if you end up not being able to recover your Yukinojo, this will at least not be such a total loss for you.
    6. Weird... I've dealed with nicole before, and the ebay id I know is queenjuda.
      well, it's unregistered now...
      She sold me a sd13 heath, but that auction went well for me.
      I'm really sorry that this happened to you.
      I hope she contacts you promptly.
      I had troubles contacting her also, and she said she had problems with her

      Best of luck to you..!
    7. Wow. I'm so sorry!
    8. I'm sorry this happened to you, I hope you get a satisfactory resolution.

    9. Oh, I didn't make that clear. The SoulDoll she sent me is NOT tan, it's just a normal skin regular doll. He'd only be worth 500 or so if he were new.
    10. Hisuida: Thank you for that information. Ah hah, so she's an even bigger liar than I thought, saying she'd never used eBay before.
    11. thats terrible, i hope the police/ebay/paypal can do something about this.. =/
    12. Did you ask for pictures to see her doll (to see if she even had it, condition it was in, etc.)?

      I know it's hard to take such a loss. (I would be devistated!) I hope everything works out for you.
    13. Wonder if this is the same person as the "eBay seller ttan12 / Kenishi / Kenneth Snyder" that we have a bad trader notice about. They both live in Erie PA and have a long history of switching dolls/bait tactics.
    14. Oh Riversoblodd, this kinda makes me feel sick!
      To know someone woudl take advantage of you like that!
      It scares me and makes me want to trust no one!
      I will keep an eye out for your dollie and this person.
      I hope that the police can catch them!!!
    15. Oh? I'm still interested in pictures, so see if we can tell is he's been altered in any way, or anything like that.
    16. Omg, Erie, PA, eh? *dies*

      NabeeRain: It makes me feel sick too. I get all nauseated and horribly stressed whenever I think about it.

      1hotsteelersfan actually emailed me just now and said if I left bad feedback she would do the same thing to me. That horrid bi-atch!

      Leadora and Kiyakotari: It's just a regular Souldoll, not modifed, not tanned. When I got it I opened it, saw what it was and slammed the lid back down on it. I haven't opened it since because I intend to surrender it to the police on Monday. I doubt they'll dust it for fingerprints or anything, but I don't want to tamper with it. I can take pictures tomorrow, but I'm not sure I should mess with the darn thing.
    17. I bet she sent the paris she bought on ebay with her other id, queenjuda.
      This is just horrible..
    18. No one wants negative feedback, but I'd take it on the chin with this one if I were you. It'll stop her from at least using the 1hotsteelersfan ID to cheat someone else. And I'd wager that after some more investigating, ebay will remove any negative she might make in retaliation.

      FWIW, even if the negative is left in your feedback, most doll people eventually make their way to this forum, where they'll be able to read all about this transaction. I don't think one negative will destoy your rep.

      I'm not sure where you're from, but in addition to calling your local police, you should also contact law enforcement in her area. Best of luck getting this resolved.
    19. Actually, you should forward that email to your mediator because that will be another strike against her as far as trying to "manipulate" the situation. If she leaves you negative feedback you can respond & it shows up right under what she wrote. Good luck, I'm sorry for your misfortune. It makes me sad, dolls should always make us happy.:(
    20. The only feedback this user has is 3 pos. for buying used pants.
      I am really sorry this happened to you sweetie.
      I swear, these people have to be stopped.