MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    1. I hope it's ok to start this discussion although I don't have mine yet.
      MYou is a new Chinese doll company, and they offer three 45cm sized dolls so far.
      I went ahead and ordered a blank WS-Ailsa and an NS SD-sized body (through Alice Collections, the website only offers email orders for now). The girls come with two breast sizes and in white, pink, normal, yellow, coffee and tan. The boy looks like the Ailsa sculpt with a different face up, but I might be mistaken. They've added a second girl since they started. There's not much clothes-wise yet, but they can be ordered with the clothes they are wearing in the promo pics.

      Company website:
      Also availiable via reps like ACbjd or Stacy's Pink Ocean

      -Eyes : 14mm
      -Height: girl 44cm / boy 45cm
      -Head Circumference : girl 18cm / boy 18.5
      -Neck: g 7cm / b 7.5cm
      -Shoulder Width: g 8.5cm / b 9.3cm
      -Chest: Small-18.5cm, Large-20cm / b 18cm
      -Waist: g 14 cm/ b 14.5
      -Hips: g 18.5 cm / b 19 cm
      -Thigh Circumference: g 10.5cm / b 11cm
      -Leg Length: g 22cm / b 22.5cm
      -Foot Length: g 5.5cm (Iplehouse and Minifee Shoes fit) / b 5.6cm
      -Foot Width: g 2.1cm / b 2.3cm
      -No Highheels


      I was interested in her range of motion, the dolls are double-jointed and have a tigh-mobility joint as well as a waist joint (optional). I expect details (hands e.g) and quality that matches the affordable price, but I will update this with more information once I get her.

      I am curious who ordered one as well?
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    2. I haven't ordered from them but I am very interested in their minis (especially Ailsa). That coffee resin looks beautiful! I hope you'll post photos of your dolls once they arrive! :daisy
    3. I will. And a body review, I think she'll be able to pose in ways my other dolls can't. None of mine can lean forward- they can't even really sit upright. Or crouch.
      I like the coffee, too, but she is going to be a ghost-girl, so it needed to be WS. I already made a white wig for her :). The SD body will be for my natrume head, and I hope it fits proportion-wise.
      Pity nobody knows how fast they'll ship yet.
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    4. I ordered Ailsa in coffee skin with the default face-up around the beginning of December. Predicting she'll arrive around February?
      But anyways, I love their sculpts, especially Ailsa. She definitely fits the OC I created.
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    5. I ordered Ailsa in normal skin, with a two part small bust body, the default faceup, and a wig. I was told in an email that she should be ready in about a month. I look forward to seeing her, as she is my first 1/4 size doll.
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    6. Congrats to @Eskka and @nahkriin on your orders! Please share photos of your Ailsas when they arrive. :D

      Do you have any wigs/eyes/clothes/etc. planned for them yet?

      And @ResinRapture, your ghost girl sounds awesome!
    7. Congrats to both of you, I'd love to know if the default face up is as detailed as it looks in the promos, @nahkriin and @Eskka. About a month sounds good. I like the second girl as well, but she wasn't out yet when I ordered.
    8. I impuls bought the Wind sculpt in tan. With that price plus it being a nice looking sculpt I just couldn't resist. Eventhough the doll is going to come with a boy body, I will make it a girl character. So excited to see what the quality is like. I'll probably make a video review on it. :3nodding:
    9. Yep, I bought a chocolate brown alpaca wig and these pretty aqua/blue shimmer eyes. (Going with an edgy/street style.) Can't wait for her to come home! :D I'll share pictures for sure.
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    10. Her face up is gorgeous, and I keep noticing more details when I go back to the photo. I'll be sure to take a few close-ups when she arrives.
    11. I ordered a Ailsa in NS at the beginning of December and I just got a shipping notice - I'm so excited!!! I can't wait until she gets here! I liked the promo pics so much I ordered her with the default face-up AND wig, which I normally never do - I just liked her so much as she was! She looks a pretty good standard MSD size too, so I think most general MSD clothes and patterns should fit her.

      She's going to be a new version of a doll I had years ago - her name was Tuesday, and she was a Kid Delf Bory, but she just looked far too sad to me, so I ended up selling her - but I've been wanting to get her in a new form ever since, and when I saw the pictures, i knew this doll was the one! So I am very much looking forwards to having Tuesday back again. :)

      I'll definitely post pictures and a review when she arrives, too! Also, I have a lot of different Mini and Yosd sculpts, so if anyone wants to see comparison pics with any other company or sculpt, let me know, I can do that too while I'm at it. I'm pretty sure all my dolls are in my profile info.
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    12. Congrats! That was fast :). Yes, please do post pictures and a review- did you get her with the 3-part torso or the normal one? If you have a lot of different minis you'll be able to tell what fits, I guess- that's great. I just have Iplehouse dolls, and their clothes are usually too wide for other msd sized dolls, but the shoes might fit.
    13. The measurements seem very close to my Doll Leaves girl-so I assume slim mini clothing will fit. Which is what I am hoping for... I am waiting now for someone to post a body review and maybe some resin comparisons. I am considering buying the 45 cm female body with small bust for my Doll Leaves Amara head :)
    14. Congrats on your girl's shipping notice, @morganatron! :D I wish her a safe/speedy delivery. Can't wait to see photos!
    15. I bought Wind in NS in December. I can't wait for him to get here. Congratz to everyone who has their shipping notices already- makes me hopeful that I'll get one soon, hehehe!
    16. I was going to order their 44cm Girl Body with the small bust.. it seems like the wait time is about a month? Did you all order from their website or maybe ACBJD? I really like the look of it and it seems like the normal pink will match the head I have. Thanks in advance for the info!
    17. @DollyBillz I don't particularly like ordering via email-order (there wasn't any other option), so I ordered mine from Alice Collections. I know I can rely on her communication and I never had a problem ordering stuff from there, so I felt a little better ordering from a company without any reviews and feedback.
    18. I just received my two dolls (A blank Ailsa in ws and a 1/3 girl body). I didn't expect them this fast- I just saw the shipping notice and an hour later the doorbell rang. :)
      Didn't have much time to really examine them, but they were packed well enough - both in one box (a second box was in the package, but folded). Each wrapped in a plush bag, legs, arms and head wrapped in bubble wrap). They came with random eyes and a face mask, certificate card and manual.
      All the seams are sanded, they are less defined than Iples, but I am very happy to say that the quality is much better than I expected. They stand very well on their own, and hold the few poses I tried without problems. The stringing is tight enough, and I guess they'll be fine without sueding.

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    19. Oh wow!! Congrats on your dolls' safe arrivals! Love the photo and can't wait to see more! :D
    20. Great to hear that the quality is good. I'm excited to see more pictures! I hope I will get mine soon too >w<