MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    1. Thank you for posting this! She really is lovely! I kind of like the long neck, personally.
    2. Thank you! I am getting used to it. I was so worried the Doudou head would look funny on the slim body but I am happy with it.
      They always do such a nice face up too. She has a very young look.
    3. Wow, Oliveoil, she's beautiful. I've been looking for a tall slim girl body for one of my floating heads; I will be taking a closer look at this one.

      Is there something wrong with her hip joints, though? They look like one of them is upside down.
    4. Oh wow, it's really interesting to see them together, thanks for taking the time to do this. I had wondered if the V3 body was simply a slimmed down version of the V1 but it has very different legs going on. I do like the new hands, I think they have more character than the original ones. I'm also curious about the V3 feet, they look like they might be smaller than the V1 ones? If so, have you noticed any shoe fitting problems? :)
    5. Thank you! It is a great body. No nothing wrong with hip joint. There is a gap upper and lower. I noticed that in photo and checked. Will take more photos tomorrow..

      I do prefer the V 3 body. It has more curves rather than straight torso. The feet are smaller. I will try MNF shoes with socks. Later I will take pictures of feet.
    6. Oh, yeah, I realize they have a top and bottom slot too, after looking at the company's photos. Does anyone have a picture of their pink skin? Is it super pink or just pale pink? I may have to get this body for my DIM head.
    7. Here is a photo taken last year.
      Normal, white, pink
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    8. It's a bit sad to say this, but I knew I'd already been falling out of love with my Delia during the wait :(
      I still really, really love her body though, I'm just going to have to replace her head.
      Delia is a sweet sculpt, just not the sweet sculpt I need. I just already know, bonding with her isn't going to work.:atremblin
    9. Thank you Oliveoil, for the comparison. I think that will probably work with DIM resin. This body has moved to the top of my list.
    10. Thinking hard about ordering Martha before the winter event ends, but I'm not the biggest fan of her default faceup. Does anyone know if MYOU would be willing to give her head one of their other dolls' faceups (ie, Martha's head, the 1/4 Doudou faceup)? Would I have to order directly from the company for such a request, or could I order from Alice's Collections?
    11. It is worth a try. I always buy direct unless Junkyspot has something in stock that I want. Myou has great customer service. I have been very happy with them. Let us know if you pursue this. I like Martha too but lips bother me.

      @Look(ing)UpNorth I am sorry to hear you are not bonding with Delia. She is my favorite sculpt. I do understand about wait time and not bonding. Hope you find a head that will meet your needs. :)
    12. I shot MYOU an email and they said that yes, it's possible to order a doll with another doll's faceup. It just has to be an MYOU doll's faceup you're requesting (fair enough). So as soon as I get by the bank to deposit christmas money, I shall order Martha. I'm torn between coffee skin (so pretty!) and pink skin (love those blonde promo photos).
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    13. Thank you very much ^^
    14. That is great news! Which face up will you get? I like that they answer so quickly.
      I am trying to decide if I want to leave DouDou's (need to change that name) face up or get a custom one. I really like her youthfulness but wonder if she needs a little more pizazz..
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    15. She is cute! I think she looks like a DeDe!
    16. Don't know if this is off-topic but..
      Does anyone know an appropriate price to sell a tan delia head?
    17. It's a slightly more difficult sell than lighter skin heads, because its harder to make different tans match nicely, but someone who is handy with dye or an airbrush could make it work :D Non-limited heads from most companies probably shouldn't go for more than $100 or so. At least, in my opinion. Good luck selling :)
    18. Thank you!
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    20. Thank you Nancy! I may just add darker lashes. :)

      Wow! She is really pretty. I like the pink wig on tan resin.