MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    1. I think she might look good in a red or strawberry blonde wig.
    2. Yeah, me too! She's a pretty little thing, just sadly not for me ^^
    3. If the head doesn't sell on its own you could try to sell as a whole with the body, but it may sell fine since MYou doesn't sell heads separately. Maybe she just needs a new face-up? Which head do you think you want instead?

      @Oliveoil She is beautiful!! I was very curious about the new Ver 3 body, thank you for the photos. I, too, was disappointed with my Ver 2 body poseability, but it is much better now that I wired her. Its a gorgeous body, so I'm glad I worked it out. Ver 3 looks like it would be a much better fit for people looking for a curvier body with good poseability.

      Here is a current pic of my girl:
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    4. @Oliveoil I'm thinking Dou Dou's faceup. It looks soft and delicate enough that I think it would really make Martha complement my Delia. :)

      @whisperwolf That's a lovely photo. However posable the body may (or may not) be, the blushing on it is very pretty.
    5. Thanks @rebeccag12363 It came out a little pinker than I planned, but its already fading just a touch. BTW, I did what you are asking with my Sally back in the day. I bought her through Alice's and requested her lips be like XiaoYou. She turned out perfect! So you can request the face-up change through Alice's if you prefer. You pay a little more for bjd thru Alice's than if you buy direct though. I've done both and it is just as easy to do it direct thru email to MYou. You can also request a different outfit if you like, or wig. We have pretty much come to the consensus that the wigs aren't very good quality, though.
    6. She is lovely! I can see why you are happy with body now. It is a beautifully sculpted body. V3 is less curvy than V2 but more so than V1. I like the tall lanky look.

      You have given me an idea! I like Martha sculpt but not face up. She would be pretty with Delia face up too. I have Delia but the sculpt difference would make her different.. thanks! :)
    7. Does anyone have Ling Mei? She has a pretty face.
    8. I was thinking that too, but I'm scared to wipe hers off just in case I still am not taken with the sculpt after that, which would mean I'd have to lower the price for the head if I tried to sell it after because the company's face up is gone.

      I was actually thinking of getting a minifee Mio, but keeping the body and trying to colourmatch because I really, really love myou's version 2 body.
    9. Also, your girl is super pretty!
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    10. Oooooh! I love her!
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    11. Hello lovely MYou thread! I was wondering if anyone might have any input on the 45cm Boy Body v2, either 2-part or 3-part torso? I have a floating head badly in need of a body, and I like the slender proportions, but wanted to know if anyone has any insight on its posability?
    12. What a lovely photo, @whisperwolf . That is a seriously pretty doll :D
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    13. Shes my favorite, too :) Im hoping to get her later this year, possibly in tan.
    14. I would love to see a photo of her face. :)
    15. Hello, I just got my Myou Carr on a v2 body with 3-part torso. I'm not the best when it comes to reviewing, but I would say the body does hold a pose better than many of my other msd. It's feels sturdy even though he is so slender. I think for the price it is a good choice if you like a slender body.
    16. I did a little work on my Coffee Carr and I figured I would post a current photo of him just to have more owner photos floating around! I gave him a temp wig and a little tooth mod, which worked out great since his mouth is open really wide lol

      @lavalunar , I've been messing around with this body (2-part torso) for a while and I feel like its posability is a solid OK... The legs are quite weak, and his hip joints make it difficult for him to do much with them. He has a little trouble sitting, crossing his legs, standing, etc. I've found that his knees always want to buckle if I have him in pants and I can't visually correct the orientation of the hips. Having said that he still CAN do those things... just not as easily and naturally as my Dollzone and Cloverdoll boys.

      The aesthetic and price point are really great though, so I think if you're in love with how it looks you should definitely go for it! The 3 part torso may improve his posability drastically (especially sitting)
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    17. I'm quite excited to be joining this thread, as I have just placed an order for a coffee Ling Wei on the type three body :dance I am hoping that her resin might prove a match for my tan Volks girls so I can then add a big baby body later this year.

      I have loved looking at everyone's photos, does anyone have any photos of Lin Wei to share to tide me over for the probably long wait?
    18. Hey everyone! I also have placed my order a couple or days ago. Delia on ver 2 body. The body is lovely but the hands are not very graceful. Has anyone tried getting her different hands and is it possible? Also what would you say her wig size and eye size are? I like my wings snug and as for the eyes I do want the whites be visible quite a bit. Thank you!
    19. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying Ling Wei with the version 3 body- two part torso. if anyone has any reviews or information on that body and/or any photos of ling wei's face that would be amazing. Thanks in advance :)