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Dec 22, 2015

    1. Hiya, if you look at page 35 of this thread, @Oliveoil has posted some bits on the V3 girl body :) I would also love to see some owner photos of Ling Wei, especially with eyes & wig that is different from the company's phortos, to see how the sculpt looks when dressed up differently :3nodding:
    2. I have Delia 1/4 girl body. Haven't enjoyed the quality of Myou wigs so far, both were crispy crunchy and so thinly covered you could see the wig cap, I have bought her the For my doll m size which is silky smooth, thickly covered and perfect fit. If that is of any help

      I'm considering adding a 1/4 boy to the resin family. So far I have Delia 1/4. Fen linger 1/8. (and Blue Fairy TF Sarang) and I'm looking at Myou boy options. So far the shortlist is
      Ben, his hypnotic eyes, a face with such presence (although a little too intense perhaps).
      Zimo now this boy I've been looking at for 7 months. I am crushing on him, BUT no option for his clothes in the set. I also love the stylin of his hair in company pics (haven't loved Myou wigs so that isn't so much of an issue) Zimo is nice but I'm not sure if its the sculpt or the styling that I'm in love with. I've had this dilemma for a long time.
      Arthur he has the softest gentlest of faces.

      I don't have the funds or space for them all, so I need to choose 1 boy.
      Who is the character I'm aiming for? Kind, gentle, good listener, into books, painting and drawing, philosophy, enjoys walks in the park with Delia and Holly the beagle dog. Doesn't have to be a romantic connection for any of the dolls, could be a brother or just a friend. That said, I have noticed that the dolls bring their own character when they arrive and its not always what I thought it was. So far that's been ok, but looking for a gentle energy from this boy doll, not rowdy.

      How do I know which is a crush on the face or the styling? I haven't been able to find any owner pics of these dolls for comparison.

      Does anyone have these dolls? Have you any pics you would like to share of them? Who do you like from this list and why? I'm not in the biggest rush to order, the next order date is late feb.

      Were you on the fence about adding boys to your resin family? If you chose to add them, how did it go for you?

      Thanks for reading, look forward to what you think of these boys.
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    3. First choose the face you want! Remember that eyes are random so you might not get those hypnotic blue eyes for Ben, If you order though Myou, you can request the clothes set from another doll. You could also request an eye color. I've never done that with them but it never hurts to ask.
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    4. Arther Aced it. I went with Arther. You wouldn't believe how I chose, this might make you laugh. Now I'll be honest if the dolls ever did come to life that would be 1. unlikely and 2, unnerving but I looked at the shortlist and thought, if they were here and they came alive which one would I like to be around and that's how I chose Arthur. Ben is still nice but felt a bit intense, n I'm not convinced the styling is what is drawing me to Zimo.
      Arthur is on order :) (does happy dance)

      Sittin on my hands now because I just fell for Junuao, and I thought if I went SD it would be older Delia. Couldn't shouldn't mustn't can't. She would be hard to place somewhere let along all these boxes! So much for reducing my 'stuff' to move to somewhere smaller in a couple of years!

      This sure is addictive, I can see why some people have rooms of these dolls. Every time I think, I'm happy with who I have then BOOM the love eyes :love hit on someone else.

      Why do we have to eat? I could use those funds for dolls ;)

      Thanks, so far I've been very lucky with Myou ordered through Angelesque, they have sent the eyes I asked for. No clothing included with Arthur so I've added some simple pjs. I have styling ideas above what is listed on my chosen site. Trying to learn how to sew for them.
      I want a black waist coat and white shirt.

      Anyone know if Doll Zone clothes would fit 3 part boy body, or are they just for skinny dolls?

      Thanks x
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    5. I like hearing your thoughts and motivation. Arthur seems very gentle, great choice. I'm not sure about the Doll Zone clothes, especially the boy clothes. I only have girls in the 1/4 size (but I have a partner for Zuzana on order from Doll Family-H). Hopefully someone can you input on good fit!

    6. Thanks, I'm really excited about him, funny how you see a face and a whole back story just pops into your head n you think, yeah, this doll fits that. My other dolls are all girls too. I'll come have a look on your profile to see your doll fam.
      Here are a couple of things I have my eye on but not sure if they would fit Myou Arther MSD on the 3 part body. he's 45 cm tall, but the Myou's are more solid bodies than dolls like fairyland etc aren't they.
      Coat n trouser set
      Jumper and cords
      Waistcoat set and I adore this, this is so his character.

      He's not even here yet, its just clothes take SO long to arrive as do the dolls, 3 months each so he wouldn't get clothes till autumn otherwise. tricky isn't it.
    7. Has anyone ever placed an order with Myou Doll that consisted of accesories only? I'm wondering how long I can expect to wait if I just bought an outfit or two. I remember it took about 5 months for my last order to ship but, that order was for a 1/4 Delia doll and everything that came with it, except the faceup.
    8. Haven't ordered accessories on their own, but my Delia full set and face up ordered in July in the UK arrived October. Guess it depends on how busy they are at various times of the year,plus any delays at customs.
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    9. That could be. The company was particularly busy when I ordered from them in January 2017. It had received more orders than expected during that winter sale, I think.
    10. Also February is the new year so they close for a while
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    11. I was lucky to find a set on Ebay, the set C45-011 fitted my MSD Delia and she is on the sturdier body 3 type body so they should be great for Myou Arthur. Just replying in case anyone else is wondering about this same question. MSD Delia is 44cm tall.
    12. Do Volks MSD-sized doll clothes fit myou 1/4 dolls with a type 1 body with a size S bust.?
    13. I will try a Volks outfit on and get back to you. I am thinking it will be too big and short.
    14. Thank you.
    15. Hi guys, it's been a long time i didn't visit DOA, I'm just wondering do any of you try to search some hands part that will fit MYOU 1/4 body?
      like may be some other company hands part that will fit myou body...
      I know Myou already have some hands part for their big baby, but I think they didn't produce any hands part for 1/4body yet...

      for the high heels part, I already own their heels part in normal skin and tan skin, the tan skin color just have slightly different color from the 1st body, but since you can blush or put shoes on it so it will not become a big deal…

      Here's some bonus pic from my girls
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    16. Hi, does anybody have photos of Martha? Or even better, a photo comparing Martha and Delia? I am really struggling to choose one of them as my first doll. They both look so beautiful but I'd only like to have one doll (for now haha).
    17. Please tell me what you think of Myou tan resin. Does it have a yellow or pink tone? Thank you.
    18. i can't say it was yellow or pink, it's more brown tan skin looks…
    19. Does anyone have the girl type 3 body yet? I'm dying to see some owner photos.
    20. I had the type 3 body. I love the slim body but struggled with long neck and finding clothes and shoes that fit her.
      Picture..left to right... Myou type 1 body ( my favorite), Myou type 3 body, and Minifee
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