MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    1. @Oliveoil that is a great comparison pic, thanks!
      The girl on the left is Delia, who is the one in the middle? :)
    2. Oh, that's right, I remember your pictures now. Thank you for posting them. How did she pose? Since you are using past tense, I assume she moved on?

      I really love that tall, skinny body for my supermodel-in-training character. It doesn't matter to me if she's hard to find clothes for, because I sew them myself.
    3. Thanks! It is Doudou

      Posing was great, like ver 1 body. :)
    4. @Oliveoil Thanks for the pics!! I have Myou type 1 body and I'm thinking about buying type 3. It's great to see them next do each other. Type 3 looks slimmer but the hips looks as wide.
    5. I love the shape of type 3, but not the elbows and knees. I've been eyeing out Ailsa. If I get her I think I'll chose type 1.
    6. @Oliveoil this photo is very helpful, thank you!
      Can you tell the names of both your MYOU dolls sculpts, please? I like the left one!
    7. @Jordana Your welcome. I think you are right about hips a little bigger on 3.
      I liked the slim body but prefer #1. I wish they would offer different hands. I am not fond of #1 hands.

      @angelcake Alisa is very pretty. Junkyspot has one in stock. I am attaching a photo of Alisa.

      @silent You are welcome. Delia (my very favorite) left side of photo, Doudou in the middle.

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    8. @Oliveoil thank you for sharing the pic! Ailsa sure is beautiful! I must say Delia is super pretty too (I read she's your favorite). MYou dolls are great and very affordable. :)
    9. @angelcake She is pretty but yes, Delia stole my heart. Myou dolls are great. Nice posing and beautiful face ups. If you look at Alisa's lower eye she has these pretty tiny white dots.
      Here is Delia with Oscar eyes...

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    10. @Oliveoil, what a beauty!! I love the wig and eyes! She has such a lovely face!
      I was searching Instagram for more pics of Delia and she seems to be the favorite MYou doll.
    11. Oliveoil, she is a stunner. That's a company faceup? Wow.
    12. Question for everyone. I have a Carr on the type 3 boy body, and I'm having issues with pants that work for him. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    13. @angelcake Thank you! She really has an amazing face. I have many dolls but her face is the prettiest. :)

      @thessalyrose Thank you! Yes, default face up. :)
    14. I love your face-up. Here’s my Doudou MSD size. The lips need work. Yours are much better [​IMG]
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    15. What's the wait time like from MYou? The body I want is on sale at Alice's Collections and I'm trying to talk myself out of spending the money......
    16. I actually just asked alice collections this a few days ago and they said three to four months is the current wait time.
    17. Hi, I wondering has anyone tried to hybrid a MSD MYou female body with Unoa Head and if so how does it look and does the head fit okay?
      Thank you in advance for your response(s)
    18. Thanks, Xyuemoto!
    19. I have tried hybriding body type 2 with a minifee head. I assume unoa has a similar size head. Minifee looks like this. The skin color is very different however. Myou has a very light pink skin. Unoa as far as i remember is a bit more yellow and is a bit darker.

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    20. @thessalyrose I ordered her in the beginning of january and got her in the end of april. So quite a long time.