MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    2. I rarely do box openings but I will see if I have time when she arrives.
    3. Congrats on your shipping notice!!! :D
    4. I have never heard of this company, it will be fun to explore and learn about what someone else has to sell.
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    6. She is gorgeous, I want to get her but going to wait till end of this year, thank you for doing box opening, please post more pics of her later on :)
    7. @nancy_schroeder_ca I've just seen your box opening! Thanks for posting!! She looks so great - I'm so excited for mine now!
      edit: OOH i just got a shipping notification! so cute they said she is "frying to me now" >w<
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    9. Seems like Myou are the first company to sell the Baby Mini size bodies separately?

      I'm trying to find info on resin matches but the company is too new ;_;
    10. Well, I think Loretta will get a sister first! I think Sally is calling to me!
    11. Uh oh. Every thread I join is an inactive, dead thread. xD I just bought a Wind from Junkyspot and currently waiting for him to get to me. I wanted to get him before the sale ended. :D
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    12. Congrats on ordering your Wind! He's a handsome sculpt. :D

      Do you have his wig planned yet? Or his eyes? I don't own a MYOU doll yet, but I have one on my wishlist so I'd love to hear more about what you have in store for your incoming boy. :XD:
    13. Thanks! There's actually a wig on the marketplace I've been eyeing but I'm also not sure if it'll fit properly. The Wind's head circumference is so close to 7" but not quite there, and the wig I like is a Crobidoll 7-8". Not sure about the eyes yet. I sometimes try to keep the original eyes because it feels like the doll was... "born with them" or something, haha. But I'm also picky and like smaller eyes so if I change them, I'll probably go for a super light blue. xP I'm really excited because I haven't had a doll larger than a tiny in years.

      Also I did a little creeping on your wishlist. Bohe is so pretty! Is she a "I will get someday" wishlist add or a "If the wind blows that way" wishlist girl? Either way, she definitely has a place there. :3
    14. Hey, I have a Crobidoll wig on my wishlist, too... but it's for my Xagadoll May. :XD: One of my dolls with a 6-7" head wears a 7-8" wig. Fits fine as long as she also has a wigcap/rubber band underneath it, so that wig you're eyeing could work with luck. :thumbup

      Oh, light blue eyes are lovely. :D What color resin did you order your Wind in?

      As for my wishlist, I'm torn between Bohe and Ailsa, preferably in coffee resin. :D I have every intention to buy one of them someday----I just keep getting distracted, it seems. :lol: Right now, Bohe is winning, but next month? Who knows. :XD:
    15. I think Crobidoll wigs are pretty true to size so here's to hoping! I ordered Wind in the normal pink skin and I gotta say the color is quite nice. Did I mention he came in today? :DDDDDDDDD
      Ahhhhh, you have unstable wishlist syndrome... I see. -nods head- There are just too many great dolls out there, right (not that I'm complaining)?
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    16. Hi everyone! I hope it's okay for me to join the discussion, I'm currently saving for my first doll, and Bohe is one that I have been eyeing for a while, but I am also considering one of MYou's large girls. So far I haven't seen any owner pictures of either, but based off of photos I've seen on here of Wind and Alisa I'm thinking either one would be stunning in person. Anywho, I just wanted to say hello!
    17. Your Wind arrived already?! Awesome! CONGRATS!!! :D

      Welcome to the thread! :daisy I like Bohe a lot, too. :whee:
    18. This thread needs some more life breathed into it. Since I never showed my newest doll to you guys, here's a quick picture I took yesterday (and then edited mercilessly). xP MYOU doesn't have a whole lot of sculpts so you can probably tell but he's a "Wind".

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