MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    1. Thank you so much for the reply. The Unoa head is almost the same size as the fairyland heads. My Unoa is in WS skin so skin matches are pretty easy. I really like the proportions of the Myou body but does the Minifee head have a lot of mobility? I have found that some hybrid you cannot move their heads.
    2. @KaramiahS Minifees have a neck mechanism so i installed it on the myou body and didnt notice any difference with her normal body in terms of neck mobility.
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    3. Okay thank you. I might actually just get a MYou body for my minifee too. They look amazing on the Myou body.
    4. @KaramiahS Honestly they really do, I regret now i traded my Sircca, she would have been perfect for this body!
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    5. I love Sircca she is one of my favorite fairyland sculpts. I have the 2018 Halloween Event head (Human Hwayu) I have been putting off getting her a body because I really don't like the single jointed knees on the fairyland bodies. I was going to buy one and make a new knee joint but I definitely prefer the atheistic of the Myou body, not to mention the price. Lol. It was a very pleasant surprise to see your minifee.
    6. @KaramiahS To be honest with you i think Hwayu might not work perfectly with this body, it is very kardashian esque so it needs a more mature face imo :) Also the head looks very very proportionate. I tried ria as well and she looked better than alicia :)
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    7. I think Hwayu will be fine I have seen pictures were she look very mature when painted, but to make sure I like it I am going to order the body first for my Unoa then I can try it without committing to it for Hwayu. Thank you :)
    8. I was wondering if any Myou MSD doll owner could try this for me?
      I really love my doll (I decided to have just one doll and have been sticking solid with this idea for 2 years now) but I find her hands to be so.... boring! Like, no expressive hands whatsoever. So, I was wondering if someone could try on other dolls hands on a Myou MSD and see if it fits? I’d love to try this before giving up on her entirely and purchasing another doll just because of the hands.
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    9. (I have the same question but for MYOU SDs. )
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    11. Actually, the last doll I bought was from Loongsoul and it took five months, so that doesn't sound too awful. Not fun, of course, but tolerable. Anyone seen any DIM/Myou hybrids?
    12. Can anyone tell me if the myou boy body ver 01 that is the three part body, is there a notch or any sort of locking feature for the lower torso joint?
    13. I had! Actually I absolutely don't know if I can share it here because I only saved photos on my PC, I don't remember where I took them so I can't put a link to the source. But it has a watermark, so I hope I won't be judged :cool:

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    14. Thank you, Silent! That resin match is really good, and I love the long legs. I wish I had bought hands with my DIM heads, though.
    15. My new Myou Arthur arrived last week. OH WOW I love my Delia but this new 3 part double jointed body that I ordered for Arthur is incredible, Yes he has the classic Myou Squeak when you move him but he is forgiven. Still silky smooth resin, wow he is skinny!!! but the posablility is incredible, the new style peanut joints give him complete posablilty. He can touch anywhere on his face and head, not just in the general area as other bodies have had.

      I am in love with this doll, beatuiful sculpt. He will be posing for sketching practice as well as being a companion to the other dolls and their stories.
      I purchased the normal colour but notice he is whiter than the Delia that was ordered in July last year and arrived in the winter. I ordered Arthur end of January from Angelesque and he arrived last day of May.

      Myou MSD 1/4 size Dou Dou. Please does anyone have the MSD size of this sculpt? I'd love to see some owner pictures, she has just become a wish list doll.

      Will be BFF for Delia sculpt. Does anyone know if 1/4 size DouDou would be available in the V3 girl body with the super posable joints? These joints were even better than the classic double jointed peanuts that were in Delia, I have just had Myou Arthur arrive with the V2 boy body n to get those joints for girls seems to be V3.

      Still super silky smooth Myou resin, absolutely delighted with him (Arthur).

      I know this 1/4 Dou Dou was only available from last April, but can only find makers photos so far. Would like to see her in 'at home' style of casual dress too.

      Thanks so much
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    16. I had Dou dou with new version 3 slim body. I may have posted this already.
      The long neck bothered me and finding clothes to fit was not easy but she has a cute face.

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    17. Has anyone here ever contacted MYOU? I tried contacting them over the last couple of months on ordering heeled feet, but I haven't heard anything back from them. :(
    18. I haven't contacted them in a while but emails to the email on their contact page always worked.

      [email protected]
    19. It was almost an year ago, but I wrote to this mail, and the answer was immediate

    20. I bought Myou doll body-1 1/4 in this spring and I want to say that I was surprised. Good quality, good mobility, without any smell.