MYou 45cm

Dec 22, 2015

    1. I have not problem with Myou contact, only in Chinese Spring festival. They made order during one month after Festival and answered to all my questions.
    2. Any recent photos of Ling Wei? Thinking about jumping on this sale, but hoping to see some photos with more wig options.
    3. Hello ladies and gents. I second the question just above me. I've been dormant in the BJD world for a few years, all my dolls packed away. I resurfaced briefly to take a peak at what was new and I have fallen for 3 molds and I'm DEAD and I WANT them.

      I adore the Ling Wei sculpt. If anyone has owner pictures of the version 2 fullset that would be great. Is the only difference between 1 and 2 the skin color in the official pictures and the fullset clothes? Because the molds look very much the same to me?
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    4. I found a few images on Instagram under #myoudolllingwei
    5. Ah! Thank you, it's great to see some owner pictures of her.
    6. Thank you, I will try again and see how it goes :)
    7. Anyone have owner pictures of coffee Martha ?
      I have seen her in tan but not coffee skin yet :)
    8. Has anyone tried a MNF boy head on the Myou boy body? :)
    9. Does anyone have a Myou Bella? I’m trying to find owner pics so I can get a better idea of her potential, but I can’t seem to find any anywhere! :o
    10. Starstone finally home after a long journey.
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    11. Starstone in autumn.

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    12. @xyuemoto Starstone has such nice outfits! I like the plaid shirt. Which Myou is she? Very pretty.
    13. @Oliveoil - Thanks. He is a Myou Wind with the Carr faceup.
    14. Hello :) Do you remember which skin color it is ? Normal or normal pink ? Thank you :hug:
    15. sorry, I don't (
    16. I found the thread. The skin color is normal pink :)
    17. Just wanted to pop in here to see if anyone got Martha at all? I read that some of you have already got the Ver 3 body but haven't been able to find very many photos of her. I'm interested to see her outside of her stock photos. I have an Ailsa on the Ver 2 body which I love. She feels incredibly solid. But now I'm interested in Martha but my concern is how difficult it would be to find clothes for that super slim Ver 3 body. Can those who have this body shed some light on the clothing situation? Thank you.
    18. Hi! I’m new to the thread, because I just bought a secondhand Martha on the ver 3 body. She should be here sometime this week, I’ll be happy to take photos for you. I currently have a slew of Volks SDC girls and a Harucasting Maji so I have a lot of MSD sized clothing to try on her. I even have a couple pairs of pants meant for Minifee but based on her measurements I’m pretty sure they’ll be a no-go. The previous owner has assured me that regular MSD clothes should fit just right. I’ll report back when I can :)
    19. @RamenDoodles That would be great if you have the time to take some photos of your Martha. Congratulations on the new doll! Her body looks so slim that I'm unsure if she would fit a lot of clothing I have here as female clothing here is mostly Minifee size.
    20. Love her, such a cutie, how are you finding the posing/standing alone on v3?
      I love my Delia on v1, double jointed and very stable
      Arthur on boy body v2 is super skiny very posable but not stable to stand or leave un attended. He mostly sits so its not a big deal and you can put his hand to anywhere on his face or head which is great for drawing him.