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MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. I have ordered a Lorina on the new 30 cm body and thought is was time for a discussion thread for these tinies!

      Does anyone have one yet?
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    2. No, but I've been admiring them. <3 Lorina is probably my favorite thus far..

      Congratulations on your order. :)
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    3. Did you see the Junky Spot review of Fayne on you tube? He looked much cuter than the pictures!

    4. He is really cute! :o The body seems great, honestly.

      I've been admiring quite a few MYOU dolls and will get one at some point.. Deciding on which will be rather difficult.. :( I like two of their MSD boys a LOT, and I like two of their BBs, and of course, Lorina. :o
    5. I have Loretta in the big baby size and Wind. They are both beautiful! Loretta is WS and I love the white. Wind is normal skin. While there is nothing wrong with it, I don't like the normal as well. It just seems a bit flat. I ordered Lorina is WS also, but I would like to get a pink skin doll!

      Both of my dolls are beautifully finished and painted!
    6. Aaah Wind <3 He's one of the boys that I really like. I've been going back and forth between him and Arthur. Argh!

      Does MYOU have a pink normal?
    7. Hello !
      Nice to meet you all ~
      I'm interested in buying a cute tiny MYou this year or maybe after christmas haha...

      I know that MYoudoll have a Pink skin tone. Here the resin colors of MYOUdoll (Thanks to Alice's Collections) :

    8. I'd be really interested in seeing a pink skin with face-up, eyes, and wig!

      My Ellowyn (BB Sally) got her MSC body spray today, and I'll try to blush her now, then spray a sealing coat. She also got her custom wig! I can't wait to get her altogether and take pics!
      The Myou white skin is so beautiful, I'm glad I went with it!
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    9. Ooh @nancy_schroeder_ca! I look forward to reading what you think about the new body when you get it.

      I have my eye on the 30cm Loretta, myself.
    10. I ordered a Lorina on a 27cm body in Normal Skin yesterday. I love her little face and can't wait to get her.
    11. I fell in love with MYou Doll's Bixuan and Lorina and hope to get either of them in the future :XD:

      Congrats!! Can't wait to see photos of her when she arrives! :love
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    12. Oh cool, there is a forum for these guys! :D I'm going to be getting two MYou 27cm dolls as soon as I save up enough money! Right now I'm pretty stuck on Bixuan and Zhuozhuo! I actually just saw the junkyspot video on youtube a few days ago, it's the main reason I'm so interested in these guys! It was so nice being able to see them like that!

      I really can't wait to see more pictures of the MYou Tinies around!
    13. I ordered My 30cm Lorina when they were released recently and She arrived today! Much sooner than I expected. Her body is wonderful and the resin is very nice and solid. She stands perfectly right out of the box and came with nice glass eyes and a 'gift' wig. I hope to get photos of her very soon.
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    14. Oh congrats! Lorina is so pretty, Can't wait to see more photos of her around! : D It's awesome to keep hearing these dolls are so nice too!

      EDIT: By some stoke of luck I managed to scrape up enough cash to buy my doll before my birthday tomorrow! Guess working hard paid off! I just ordered my 27cm Bixuan today! I can't wait to get her, so excited! Going to get to really practicing sewing now! : D
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    15. How long did it take to get her? Can't wait to see pictures of her.
    16. I just received Loretta on 30cm body. I am pleasantly surprised on the quality of these dolls. Nancy recommended them to me. I ordered on September 12th. She would have come earlier but was returned to sender at customs in China. My only concern is the heavy blush. I am hoping they honor my request for Lorina so soften the color. I am very happy with Loretta.

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    17. She's absolutely adorable :D
      I've been stalking this thread for a while now in hope of owner pics xD
      How well does she pose? Can she slouch/bend backwards, and does the pose stay? I think she's single jointed too?
      Does she wear normal yosd clothes, or it needs to be custom?
    18. Calphedoll My Lorina came in about a month and a half. Fast!

      I have already found that some of the larger size yosd dresses fit but are a little short. Haven't gotten shoes for her yet.

      Oliveoil Your Loretta is a little darling! Congratulations. Are those the eyes that she came with?
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    19. Thank you!
      She poses wonderfully. She is a little squeaky when posing but I love how she can hold things and her arm stays. The pumpkin she is holding is heavy. The body is sturdy. I will check the slouch and bending backwards tomorrow. She can wear some YOSD clothes. She can also wear some Iplehouse KIDS. Loretta wears YOSD shoes.
      The eyes are from Safrin..14mm. I am excited to have a doll that can wear all my 14mm eyes and 7/8 wigs. :)
      I highly recommend this company. I purchased from Alice Collections. They have excellent service.
      I am considering Delia MSD but will wait for a sale. :)
    20. @Oliveoil your Loretta is lovely.

      I ordered my Lorina from Alice Collections, they are wonderful to work with.

      @theresa 226 Thank you.